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SnappyBuyer saves time and lowers stress when shopping online

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  1. 1. SMU Classification: Restricted Trailingual Team SnappyBuyer Singapore Management University, 2020 Total # of Interviews: 34 We teach computers to read online reviews, so you do not have to.
  2. 2. SMU Classification: Restricted SnappyBuyer: save your time and stress in figuring what to buy!
  3. 3. SMU Classification: Restricted Hypotheses Machine learning, natural language processing technology for analysing opinions and comparisons in reviews 28 interviews & 16 online survey (Singapore and US) Online Buyers Product Manufacturers Data Science Specialists (5 interviews) Online Marketplaces (1 interview)
  4. 4. SMU Classification: Restricted Customers • 25-50 y/o individuals • E-commerce users (e.g., Amazon, Lazada, etc.) • Buy electronics online • Care about product features • Seek the best value • … but do not want to spend much time on it “Just realised how long I spend to buy my technology” “Time can be best spent on other activities” 75% of survey respondents want to save time on product research: reading reviews, googling, comparing product…
  5. 5. SMU Classification: Restricted Competitive Positioning TechRadar WireCutter CNet FakeSpot Credibility Amazon Completeness Lazada ReviewMeta ConsumerReports SnappyBuyer Speed of Information Consumption Review Analysis Services Online Merchants Review & News Agencies
  6. 6. SMU Classification: Restricted MVP Looking for a Mini Fridge? Head to AI-powered Product Understanding • Summarized Reviews • Red Flags • Insights • Price Indicators • Product Features • Product Comparisons SnappyBuyer Platform “I look for red flags in reviews” - Doan “I shortlisted three phones, but didn’t know how different they are” - Arthur
  7. 7. SMU Classification: Restricted Monetization Strategy Digital Advertising (native advertising) Affiliate Partnership (5% fee) $ $ SnappyBuyer Free
  8. 8. SMU Classification: Restricted US Market Size (in US$) US$ Affiliate Fee (5%) Advertising TAM 222.0b 77.2b 144.8b SAM 4.1b 2.4b 1.7b Target Market 3.1b 75% of SAM Beach Head (US) (Household Appliances) 210.4m 143,892,000 visitors per year (Google Ads & Landing Page Estimates) Beach Head (SG) (Household Appliances) 27.0k 23,800 visitors per year
  9. 9. SMU Classification: Restricted Singapore Market Size (in US$) US$ Affiliate Fee (5%) Advertising TAM 786.6m 19.0m 767.7m SAM 4.36m 3m 1.36m Target Market 3.27m 75% of SAM Beach Head (SG) (Household Appliances) 27.0k 23,800 visitors per year
  10. 10. SMU Classification: Restricted Next Steps Launch SnappyBuyer for Household Appliances & Collect Customer Feedback Grow Customer Base Validate Monetization Strategy
  11. 11. SMU Classification: Restricted Trailingual Team
  12. 12. SMU Classification: Restricted Q&A