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  1. 1. Legends from Bulgaria ов” найот Вол СОУ “Па пичан гр.КасBulgariaKaspichan Date: 10.10.2011
  2. 2. СОУ “Панайот Волов” Rila Monastery was founded in the 10 th century by far fame Bulgarian hermit St Ivan of Rila Miracle Worker. After the death of his parents, he donated all his inherited property to poor and sick. The legends speak about many miracles of St Ivan Rilski. He turned into a bird and flew over Rila.When he reached the Cross Rock and landed on it, his feet printed thereand even today, one can see those footprints. From the rock he wentdown the path were water flowing down. He washed himself in it andblessed it to heal all people. Then he flew as an eagle and that`s whythe place is called Orlitsa (Eagle Place). Afterwards, he relocated toRila mountain. There he devoted himself entirely to a spiritualenlightenment. The fame of the hermit spread among the Bulgarianpeople. Tsar Peter traveled to the Rila 120 km in order to meet thesaint and seek spiritual advice. St. Ivan of Rila refused to meet the inperson. The two men only bowed to each other from a distance. St Ivanof Rila returned all the gold and precious gifts. That action increasedeven more his glory and many followers joined him. That was the Page 7
  3. 3. СОУ “Панайот Волов” Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital celebrates on September 17 St. Sofa Day—the date when the Christian world pays homage to the Martyrs St Sofia and her three daughters St Fait (age 12), St Hope (age 19), and St Love (age 9). At a time when Christians were persecuted, tortured and killed, mother educated her children in the spirit of Cristian faith. It`s not Baldwin`s Tower is a remarkable building in the fortress on the Tsarevets remained hidden for others, and hill in Veliko Tarnovo. Baldwin I was a glorious knight crusader who be-Emperor Hadrian ordered the family to come to the palace. Hadrian came Latin Emreror after the conquest of Constantinople. The Bulgarianurged them to offer sacrifice to the Goddess Artemis. The young girls Tsar Kaloyan defeated his army at the battle of Adrianople. The Emprerorremained unyielding. Then the emperor ordered to be tortured. They was captured and imprisoned in Tsarevets. The for his tragic fate tells aburned the virgins over an iron grating, then threw them into a redhot legend. Kaloyan`s wife sent a love letter to the Latin Empreror suggestingoven, and finally into a cauldron with boiling tar. The widow was that she would discharge him from prison and captivity if he married herforsed to watch the suffering of her daughters. She displsyed adamant and took her with him to Constantinople. Baldwin refused this proposalcourage, and urged her daughters to endure their torments. Finally all and didn`t pay attention to it. That is why she complained to his husbandthree maidens were beheaded. The emperor permitted Sofia to take the telling him that the Empreror promised her that he would take her to Con- bodies of her daughters. She plased stantinople and would crown her empress if she discharged from prison. their remains in Collins and loaded Late one night during a feast Kaloyan ordered to bring the Empreror and to them on a wagon. The mother left the kill him in his presence. Baldwin was sabred by ax, thrown to the dogs and town and buried her daughters on a it was forbidden the citizens to talk about his death. A woman from Bur- high hill. Three days St Sophia sat gundy, who had stayed in Veliko Tarnovo, one night noticed twinklihg hear the graves and finally died. lights hear the dead body and took care that he would be buried with hon- Believers buried the body beside her ours. children. Page 3
  4. 4. СОУ “Панайот Волов” The unique Kaliakra Cape is a narrow rocky The times gone the Gods peninsula which stretches still lived among the peo- about 2km into the sea. Its ple. Then the great Zeus highest parts have 70 m fell in love with the beau- unapproachable sheer tiful mortal woman Se- cliffs. The history of mele. The fruit of their Kaliakra is hidden under love was Dionysus, the the veil of various legends. most vital and joyful One of them says that the among the Gods. He typical red color of the rocks comes from the blood of the defenders of thetaught people to cultivate grapes and make wine , a genuine divine drink. citadel spilled in many battles through the ages. At one time KaliakraThe temple of Dionysus, the God of mirth, is located in the sacred mountain fortress was ruled by Lysimachus, a successor of the famous Alexander theRhodope. Today this place is known as Perperikon. The sanctuary was the Great. Legend describes how the ruler accumulated incredible wealth duringseat of an Oracle. This prophet was as well known in the ancient world as his numerous military conquests. All the treasure was buried in the caves ofwas the famous Delphic. Oracle in the temple of Apollo at Delphi. The ora- Kaliakra Cape. During the Turkish invasion in the 14th century the fortresscles of Dionysus sat in a roofless oval chamber. Wine and fire were used to was subject to an extremely cruel siege. All Bulgarian warriors and citizensdeliver the prophecy: wine was spilt onto the altar and the height of its of the fortress were murdered. Only 40 young maids were left alive as preyflame signified the prophetic answer. According to legends at least two for the invaders. They decided to choose death rather that life in disgrace.prophecies of great significance for human history were uttered in the tem- The girls plaited together their long hair, held their hands and jumped intople of Dionysus. Just before the invasion of Persia Alexander the Great vis- the high cliffs. Then by miracle they survived, turning into swans andited the sanctuary in Rhodopes and the Oracle prophesied that he would people are supposed to have seen them returning to the shore many times.conquer the whole world. About three centuries later the father of the firstRoman Emperor Augustus consulted the Oracle, and the prophets to himthat his don would rule the world. Page 5