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Quick, Useful UI Sketches

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Presented at Lean UX 2014, April 12, 2014

In this fun, hands-on workshop, I’ll lead you through a series of exercises which help you learn to draw good-looking, quick, useful, user interface (UI) sketches.

This class covers:
• Types of sketches
• Why sketch?
• Sketching materials
• Grids, containers and functional groupings
• Developing your personal UI shorthand

This workshop is appropriate for designers, product managers, Web developers, software engineers or anyone else who needs to think about or communicate concepts for digital products. No prior artistic or drawing experience necessary. If you can draw a circle, a square and a triangle, you’ve already got the basics covered!

Learning how to quickly sketch screen layouts and UI elements helps you think through design problems, communicate ideas to other people, collaborate, and reduce the need for pixel-perfect deliverables. Work through the exercises in this workshop and pick up some new skills you can use right away in your own projects.

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Quick, Useful UI Sketches

  1. 1. Quick, Useful UI Sketches April 12, 2014 #LEANUX14
  2. 2. Lane Halley @thinknow
  3. 3. @thinknow • Why sketch? • Types of sketches • Sketching materials • Grids & functional groupings • Your personal UI shorthand Today you will learn
  4. 4. @thinknow “A sketch is a rapidly executed freehand drawing that is not usually intended as a finished work.”
  5. 5. @thinknow • Record what you see • Explore ideas quickly • Demonstrate ideas to others Why sketch?
  6. 6. @thinknow
  7. 7. @thinknow Sketching is a core design skill
  8. 8. @thinknow Many kinds of sketches • Visual recording • Sketchnotes • Storyboards • Concept sketches • UI sketches
  9. 9. @thinknow Visual Recording @thinknowSketchnote by @deanmeistr
  10. 10. @thinknowSketch by @iamctodd Sketchnote
  11. 11. @thinknow Storyboard @thinknow
  12. 12. @thinknow Concept sketches @thinknow
  13. 13. @thinknowSketch by @rayraydel UI sketch
  14. 14. @thinknow UI sketching is a core skill for product teams
  15. 15. @thinknow UI sketches help teams • Explore options quickly • Externalize thinking • Share understanding • Feel ownership
  16. 16. @thinknow “The way to have product team members trust each other and get along is to have them sketch together.” Joshua Porter @bokardo
  17. 17. @thinknow Sketching helps everyone be on the same page
  18. 18. @thinknow Everyone can draw Be fearless!
  19. 19. @thinknow Drawing Tools
  20. 20. @thinknow Surfaces • Printer paper • Grid paper • Whiteboard • Notebook(s) • Sketch sheets
  21. 21. @thinknow The right notebook? @thinknow
  22. 22. @thinknow Wireframe browser Multi-layout Wireframe iPhone Quick Sketch iPad Quick Sketch free downloadable sketch sheets
  23. 23. @thinknow Reverse wireframing • Quickly sketch existing UIs • See and understand UIs better • Separate sketching from design
  24. 24. @thinknow Semantic sketching • Headings • Body copy • Images • Controls • Form elements
  25. 25. @thinknowsketch by @rohdesign Headings Body copy Button Image
  26. 26. @thinknow Personal UI shorthand • Representative (not literal) • Fast • Versatile • Structure, hierarchy, relationships • NOT visual design
  27. 27. @thinknowSketch by @chrisrisdon Another shorthand sketch
  28. 28. @thinknow The pencil has great dynamic range. Your lines can be faint or strong, thick or thin
  29. 29. @thinknow
  30. 30. @thinknow Get your pencils ready! Let’s draw some shapes
  31. 31. @thinknow • Draw a page of squares • Draw a page of circles • Draw sets of parallel lines Warm up exercises
  32. 32. @thinknow You can draw almost any UI using basic shape primitives: circle, triangle, rectangle, line
  33. 33. @thinknow Draw this control panel using only the four basic shapes shown
  34. 34. @thinknow
  35. 35. @thinknow Tip #1: Work “outside in” • Draw the outside box first • Place large elements first • Add details and emphasis last
  36. 36. @thinknow Draw this screen working from the outside in
  37. 37. @thinknow Text Text
  38. 38. @thinknow Basic vocabulary: How will you quickly draw these elements?
  39. 39. @thinknow Headings (big, medium, small) Body copy Images Buttons Links Sketch these elements
  40. 40. @thinknow 12 column grid
  41. 41. @thinknow Containers
  42. 42. @thinknow Containers (responsive)
  43. 43. @thinknow Tip #2: Plan your sketch • Aspect ratio • Grid / guides • Containers • Images / icons • Text blocks
  44. 44. @thinknow Planning exercise: What’s the structure here? How much detail do you need to show?
  45. 45. @thinknow Now you’re warmed up Let’s do a few more...
  46. 46. @thinknow Extended vocabulary: How will you quickly draw these elements?
  47. 47. @thinknow Radio buttons Scrollbar On/off toggle Progress bar Sketch these elements Text input & label Combo box Checkboxes
  48. 48. @thinknow Let’s practice form elements.
  49. 49. @thinknow OK, now it’s time to put it all together.
  50. 50. @thinknow Here’s the last one Focus on the structure
  51. 51. @thinknow Advanced vocabulary: How will you quickly draw these elements?
  52. 52. @thinknow Sketch these elements Accordion Carousel Media player Edit controls
  53. 53. @thinknow Congratulations! Keep sketching and you’ll continue to improve
  54. 54. @thinknow Show and tell Here are some ways I use sketches
  55. 55. @thinknow Talking sketch
  56. 56. @thinknow Show and discuss alternatives @thinknow
  57. 57. @thinknow Designer / developer pairing @thinknow
  58. 58. @thinknow Wireframe walkthrough Text @thinknow
  59. 59. @thinknow
  60. 60. @thinknow #uisketch Share your new skillz!!
  61. 61. @thinknow the pencil fear Don’t