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Website Localization – Indispensable for Growing Businesses!

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LanguageNoBar is an ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038 certified translation company in India offering website localization services in over 100 different languages.We work with professional website translators and reviewers to provide high quality and accurate website translation/localization on time.

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Website Localization – Indispensable for Growing Businesses!

  1. 1. LanguageNoBar Traversing Language Borders Localization Services Indispensable For Growing Business! +91-120-4223021
  2. 2. LanguageNoBar Awebsite is the first face of any business. A retail store, a restaurant, an IT company, a Pharma giant, a hospital – all have website. It has become almost natural for any buyer to first visit the website of a company and then make an informed purchase. Being an i m p o r t a n t p a r t o f a n y business, it is imperative that a website must be readable and understandable by the prospectiveclient. The world speaks hundreds of languages and tens of hundredsofdialects.Surveys have shown that a buyer is m o r e l i k e l y t o b u y a product/service from a website that is written in his/her native language (mother tongue). Websites are serving as a very important marketing and sales platform. As such, most businesses that wish to go beyond their local geographical boundaries are recognizingtheneedfora multilingualwebsite. It is but natural, that a reader 'feels at home' when browsing a website written in his/her mother tongue. This process of conversion of websites into multiple languages, more commonly known as website localization has much more to do thanmeretranslation. +91-120-4223021
  3. 3. LanguageNoBar The term website localization refers to the translation of a website into the language spoken by target audience, while integratingthelocalculture,flavour andtonetothetranslation. This demand for website translation services has led to the emergence of many website localization companies in India and rest of the world. Translation is strongly emerging as a promisingcareeroptionforyoungsters who havegood linguistic knowledge of the source and target languages.As for any other translation, high quality contextual translation is a veryimportantparameterforwebsitelocalization. website Indialocalization companies in +91-120-4223021
  4. 4. LanguageNoBar A translator / translation agency must ensure that the content is translated contextually and that the translated content retains the same punch as the source.As website is used as a marketing tool, so many pages of the website contain some punch lines, key phrases etc which convey a particular message very crisply. It must be ensured that post translation, the same punch and flavourisretained. Another important question that many webmasters have is why not simply integrate an API that automatically converts the entire English textoftheirwebsiteintothe language of the target region! Asimple answer to this would be that there is a huge difference in quality between a machine translation and a professional human website translation. A m a c h i n e / s o f t w a r e translation normally uses translation memory to do a word to word or at best a phrasal translation, which is not accurate and is not context based. Human translation (through a native language expert), on the other hand is high quality, subject based contextualtranslation. +91-120-4223021
  5. 5. LanguageNoBar In a nutshell, website localization is almost a mandate for growing businesses. No matter what type of business you are in, a website in the language of your customer is definitely going to giveyouaboostinsales. LanguageNoBar is an ISO 9001‐2008 and EN 15038:2006 cer fied transla on company headquartered in Delhi, India. The company has a strong focus on quality, mely delivery and offers professional document transla on, website localiza on, so warelocaliza onservicesin150+languagesanddialects. +91-120-4223021