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AS Media Studies: Evaluation Question 2

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Evaluation question 2 for my AS Level Media Studies film.

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AS Media Studies: Evaluation Question 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  2. 2. Protagonist Social Group  Middle Class  Female  Age: 16  Amateur agent Representation The Protagonist is represented as very amateur. This is shown through her simple, ‘typical teenage’ clothing. She is portrayed as terrified through the close ups, her facial expressions and her body language. This makes her seem weak and vulnerable, and also shows her inexperience. She is definitely the ‘lighter’ character and the person the audience are supposed to sympathise with. Conforms to/subverts stereotypes? This character is supposed to be a stereotypical teenage girl to make it obvious to the audience that she is young. I have achieved this stereotype with her clothes and minimal makeup. However, she subverts this stereotype because she is an agent. I did this because it adds interest to her character and makes her stand out from the usual teenage girl. This shows that she is important to the story. Effect on audience As my target audience is teenagers, I think they will be able to relate to this character purely because of the similarity in age. Also, this character is very anxious which teenagers can relate to because of school. Although their situations are different, I think any type of anxiety is relatable for teenagers.
  3. 3. Antagonist Social Group  Middle class  Female  Age: 18  Professional agent Representation The Antagonist is shown to be a professional agent through her black clothing and use of a gun. These things completely contrast with the Protagonist to show that the Antagonist is much more superior and experienced. Black is a very powerful colour and the fact that she is wearing all black shows that she has control. It also shows that she is the ‘darker’ character who the audience are supposed to dislike/want the ‘good guy’ to beat. Conforms to/subverts stereotypes? Generally, in action thriller films, the antagonist wears dark colours, carries weapons and is very mysterious. This character definitely conforms to this stereotype. I wanted to use all of these conventions to make her recognisable as the ‘bad guy’ because there isn’t much introduction to the characters. This helps the audience to understand the premise of the film. Effect on audience The mystery that this character shows makes the audience feel that something is going to happen because of her. She is very ambiguous because you can tell she is going to do something but you don’t know what. Although not much is revealed about either character, the least is revealed about the Antagonist. This makes the audience intrigued. This character isn’t relatable because of her uncommon profession. However, I think this makes the audience more curious about her and gives her a mysterious quality.