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Pen camera

Pen camera is your key to the spy world. It is a pen laced with a mini camera & a USB inside its body. It is a wonderful work of technology. Pen camera works as pen as well as a mini camera. One can also store important data upto 16gb in its USB drive. For information on pen camera, you can visit our portal at

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Pen camera

  1. 1. Pen Camera: A Gift of Technology
  2. 2. About Pen Camera Pen Camera is gift of technology to us. It is invented & produced by German Technology. Pen Camera looks like just a normal pen but if we carefully examine it, we come to know that it is a lot more than just a pen. It is laced with a hidden mini camera inside its upper section. Pen camera is a hi-tech video, audio recording device with looks like that of a normal ball point pen.
  3. 3. Components of a Pen Camera  5.2 Mega Pixel Digital Camera.  Battery type:Lithium-ion.  Adaptor type : USB adaptor Charging Cable.  A USB Drive.  Available Colors: Silver/Black.  Weight: 40g.  Built-in Flash Memory (16gb).
  4. 4. Benefits of a Pen Camera  Pen camera can be used as a USB drive to store important data.  Businessmen can use it to record meetings, client names and office going directions. Its picture quality is so clear that you can recognize the person in the video and clearly listen what is being said.  Journalists can use it to do string operations & highlight social evils. Hence it can be helpful in eliminating social evils.  Students can take notes with its help. Moreover they can record classroom teachings too to revise it latter at home.  It has beautiful design & is light weight. Therefore, you can carrry it anywhere easily. It easily fits into your pocket.
  5. 5. Useful Information About Pen Camera  For more information on Pen Camera Visit  About  Place Online Order & Get 10% Discount at  Call Us at 08802287705.
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