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昌骅 TAC003 罐柜认可证书

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昌骅 TAC003 罐柜认可证书

  1. 1. 格式 TAC003 Form 中 国 船 级 社 CHINA CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY 本证书经中华人民共和国政府授权签发 编号 QH13S3014 THIS CERTIFICATE IS ISSUED UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF No. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA 可 移 动 罐 柜 认 可 证 书 CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL FOR PORTABLE TANK 制造厂名称地址 Name and address of Manufacturer 河北昌骅专用汽车有限公司 产品型号 Model of Manufacture J090 ISO 代码 ISO Code 22T8 UN 罐柜导则 UN Portable Tank T50 最大总质量 Max. gross mass 18080Kg 箱体质量 Tare mass 8000Kg 最大载货量 Max. payload 10080Kg 试验压力 Test Pressure 2.34MPa 最大允许工作压力 Max. Allowable Working Pressure 1.80MPa 设计温度 Design temperature 55℃ 安全阀起跳和回座压力 Safety valve opening/closing pressure 1.89MPa ≥1.70MPa 安全阀型号和数量 Type of safety valve and quantity A412F-25-16 / 1 罐体材料及厚度 Material and thickness of shell 16mnDR/δ=14mm 外筒体材料及厚度 Material of outside --- 外部尺寸 External dimensions 6058×2438×2591 内部容积(温度 20℃时水容量) Internal volume(Water capacity at 20℃) 24.0 罐体等效低碳钢厚度 Equivalent thickness of mild steel 技术说明书编号 Specification No. 总布置图号 General arrangement No. J090-00 是否底部开口 Bottom discharge 无 图纸批准号 Approval No. of drawing QH13S3014 罐柜设计规范名称 Pressure vessel code to which the shell is designed TSGR0005-2011《移动式压力容器安全技术监察规程》、《国际海运危 险货物规则》(35-10 版)、JB/T4781-2005《液化气体罐式集装箱》认可试验见附页 The approval tests listed on the attached sheet.充装介质 The applicable holding cargo 液化石油气 / LPG 认可依据/Applicable Regulations 国际集装箱安全公约 CSC 国际集装箱海关公约 CCC/TIR 国际海运危险货物规则 IMDG 国际铁路联盟规则/UIC 兹证明本社对上述可移动罐柜的图纸和技术文件进行了审查,并对样箱进行了检验和试验,结果符合上述适用认可 依据和本社“集装箱检验规范”的要求,特给予认可。 THIS IS TO CERTIFY that this Society has examined the drawings and technical documents of the above-mentioned portable tank and carried out the inspection and testing to the prototype tank, and the results found to be in compliance with the above-mentioned Applicable Regulations and the requirements of the “Rules for Certification of Container”. The Prototype Approval is hereby granted.
  2. 2. 发证日期 Date of issue 2014-5-16 中 国 船 级 社 China Classification Society 发证地点 Place of issue 秦皇岛/QINHUANGDAO 格式 TAC003 Form 中 国 船 级 社 CHINA CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY 编号 QH13S3014 No. 可移动罐柜认可证书附页 ATTACHEDSHEETTOCERTIFICATEOFAPPROVALFORPORTABLECONTAINER 认可试验 APPROVE TESTS 项目/ITEMS 试验条 件/Test condition 结果/Results ×尺寸检查 (Dimensional check) S ×堆码试验 (Stacking test) 192000KG S 堆码试验 (Stacking test)(one door off) ×吊顶试验 (Lifting test—form top corner fittings) 2R-T S ×吊底试验 (Lifting test—form bottom corner fittings) 2R-T S 叉举试验 (Lifting form fork lift pockets) 箱底试验 (Floor strength test) ×纵向栓固试验(Restraint test) R S ×横向刚性试验(Transverse racking test) 150KN S 横向刚性试验(Transverse racking test)(one door off) ×纵向刚性试验(Longitudinal racking test) 75KN S 风雨密试验(Weather tightness test) 底结构变形控制检查 (Control check of base deflections)  底 纵 珩 变 形 控 制 检 查 (Deflections of bottom rails and cross members) ×气密性试验(Air tightness test) 1.8MPA S 漏热试验 (Heat leakage test) 纵向内部栓固试验(longitudinal Internal restraint test) ×横向内部栓固试验(Transverse Internal restraint test) R S ×压力试验 (Pressure test) 2.34MPA S 性能试验 (Performance test) 步道/Walkway 梯子/Ladder
  3. 3. ×撞击试验/Impact test S ×――适用/Applicable ―――不适用/Non-applicable 备注/Remark: 日期 Date: 2014-5-16 验船师 Surveyor WANGZHONGXING