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Design - IBM Cloud Object Storage

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Jeffrey L. Harrah —Sr. Director, Systems Engineering

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Design - IBM Cloud Object Storage

  1. 1. #IBMCloudTour16 1 IBM Cloud Object Storage Jeffrey L. Harrah — Sr. Director, Systems Engineering North America & Latin America
  2. 2. #IBMCloudTour16 Unstructured data growth requires a new storage architecture 2 FlexibleHighly Scalable Cost EfficientSimplified • Affordable TCO • Efficient storage • Less power, floor space • Software- defined/hardware- aware • Unified management that is exponentially more efficient than traditional storage • Fewer administrative resources required • Storage architecture that delivers data where and how it is needed • Support for all applications — S3, Swift APIs • Ability to scale to petabyte and exabyte levels • Guaranteed security, reliability, availability at web scale
  3. 3. #IBMCloudTour16 IBM Cloud Object Storage delivers on the key requirements for your next generation platform 3  Flexible Highly Scalable  Cost Efficient Simplified • IBM COS is 80% lower cost than traditional • Lower TCO • Software- defined/Hardware-aware • IBM COS manages 15x more data per admin than traditional • Manage all storage from a single pane of glass with zero down-time • IBM COS offers industry’s only object storage hybrid deployment options • Supports all applications — S3, Swift APIs • IBM COS scales to exabytes+ with: • Enterprise-class security, reliability, availability • Shared nothing architecture
  4. 4. #IBMCloudTour16 A new storage infrastructure that can be deployed in a number of manners 4
  5. 5. #IBMCloudTour16 Learn More 1. IBM Cloud Object Storage Offer Page • 2. CONTINUE THE DISCUSSION — JOIN ME at the DESIGN roundtable: “IBM COS” 5