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Mise en-scene planning

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Mise en-scene planning

  1. 1. Mise-en-scene planning rLb pictures
  2. 2. Our song The song ‘Blush’ by Wolf Alice is a typically Indie-Rock song, appealing to audiences who listen to Indie/alternative music. In our music video we want to portray this through the use of mise-en-scene. The song itself centres on a broken relationship, however, we decided to re-interpret the lyrics to make it about a girl struggling with her appearance.
  3. 3. Location/setting We have decided that we want to film in Central London as we feel this will successfully reflect our artists image and create a visually appealing music video. We also feel that this will reflect the Indie genre we are going for.
  4. 4. Location 1: Lauren’s house This will be where we shoot Luna looking through her wardrobe, looking sad and lonely.
  5. 5. Location 2: Oxford Circus We will be filming Luna in London here, surrounded by bright lights and the busy streets.
  6. 6. Location 3: Piccadilly Circus We will be filming Luna on the streets of Piccadilly Circus. We will be filming buses and time lapses of people walking past, as well as filming the advertisement screen.
  7. 7. Clothing for Luna We want our artist to look typically Indie and so her styling is particularly important to us. We want our audience to be attracted to her style. We decided that we wanted Luna’s image to be fashionable, but also quirky.
  8. 8. Leather jackets/fur coats
  9. 9. Sparkly tops/velvet
  10. 10. Black (ripped) jeans
  11. 11. Shoes
  12. 12. Make-up For Luna we wanted her make-up to be a statement. For example, we want to use glittery eyeshadow and bright lipstick colours in order to reflect her unique, quirky sense of style.
  13. 13. Hair For Luna’s hair we wanted to make it big and again make it a statement. We want her hair to be naturally curly/wavy, half-up, half-down.
  14. 14. Original appearance For the beginning of the video we will see Luna wearing boring clothes and little make-up in order to reflect her transformation. With flat hair, her look will be plain and fairly boring.