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Georgetown Law School

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The first law school founded in the United States by a Jesuit institution of higher learning, Georgetown University Law Center has offered students the opportunity to flourish as they pursue their law degrees in one of the most prestigious schools in the world.

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Georgetown Law School

  1. 1. Law School ProfileGeorgetown Law SchoolBy Donna McGillThe first law school founded in the United States by a Jesuit institution of higher learning, Georgetown University Law Center hasoffered students the opportunity to flourish as they pursue their law degrees in one of the most prestigious schools in the world.Founded in 1870, the school offers something no other legal institution can: easy access to the U.S. Congress, the Supreme Courtand other agencies, administrative boards and of course, the United States Capitol Building. To be sure, it’s one of the most covetedschools anywhere on the planet; naturally, competition is fierce.With several halls, including the Bernard P. McDonough Hall, offices for Graduate Programs and International and Transnationalthe Edward Bennett Williams Law Library, the Eric E. Hotung Programs. There are also student lounges on this floor.International Law Building and the newly opened Sport &Fitness Center, it’s a campus that offers everything a student Tuition and fees per semester for the 2010-2011 class wereneeds with never having to leave the grounds. The beauty of around $22,550 for a full time JD student. For those wishingthe school in its entirety is breathtaking. to attend on a part time basis, a credit hour is approximately $1,630. Summer courses for 2011 are the same as the currentThe McDonough Hall is named for a 1925 graduate, Bernard P. credit hour fee. The school recently participated in a ‘’LondonMcDonough, and serves as one of the primary buildings that Program’’ that allowed Georgetown law students to studyhouses classrooms and labs. The walls of this grand building abroad in London between July 11 and August 6. The programhave heard thousands of lectures, debates and oral arguments. was a huge success.With impressive and state of the art facilities that house allof the computer networks, the second floor of the building Housing costs at the Gewirz Center averaged around $7,300is where many flock to throughout the year. A moot court per semester for a large single efficiency, while a singleauditorium is the ‘’heart of the building’’ and is named for Philip efficiency runs close to $7,000 per semester. A large 2 bedroomA. Hart, a 1934 graduate. apartment runs $6,570. Of course, there are other layouts available each semester. The school also offers a PremierRefined, distinguished and regal - the five story law library on Student Health Plan, which on average costs $1,750 perthe campus is named for alumnus Edward Bennett Williams, student, per year.who graduated in 1944. It’s the third largest law library inthe country and is home to more than one million volumes. Other fees associated with Georgetown Law include an $80Computerized legal research terminals and access to personal application fee, a $5 per page transcript fee and a paymentcomputers for the students, the library offers more than 1,000 plan application fee of $50 per semester. The website has aseats. The huge atrium is breathtaking as it allows natural light Fees and Costs page for those considering Georgetown.into the library. Georgetown is truly a beautiful campus that offers so much moreOne of the newer buildings, the Eric E. Hotung International than just a legal education. It’s rich in history and tradition andLaw Building was unveiled in October, 2004. It offers 107,000 provides a challenge for all who attend. Honorable, noble andvolumes and both public and private international law as well as truly a once in a lifetime experience, those who graduate thistechnologically advanced lecture halls and classrooms. Modeled prestigious facility are afforded a spectacular foundation fromon the layout of the U.S. Supreme Court, the top floor houses the which the rest of their lives are built from. EmploymentCrossing is the largest collection of active jobs in the world. We continuously monitor the hiring needs of more than 250,000 employers, including virtually every corporation and organization in the United States. We do not charge employers to post their jobs and we aggressively contact and investigate thousands of employers each day to learn of new positions. No one works harder than EmploymentCrossing. Let EmploymentCrossing go to work for you.PAGE