Project Outline

  1. Project Outline Submitted by Lawrence E. Coffee
  2. About Us Thank you for your time. I am a Principal Consultant for Pen To Pad Co., an IT and technology consulting firm founded in 2005. We have been providing leading edge business, management and technical consulting services to a diverse clientele base including: Startups, IT Management, Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. Industry experience include: Energy Sector, Engineering and Land Surveying, Government (NASA, DOD & DOE), and Banking & Finance. What sets us apart is our diverse background and approach, which helps us provide innovative insights. 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Freelance Technology Tree Group NextTech Technology Lipps & Associates GWR Research Calpine Endeavor Exchange Executive / Management Business Technical SERVICES: = Available Service = N/A
  3. Project Outline Project Status | Page 2 of 7 Risk Assessment Long Document Business Case Long Document Initiation Worksheet Opportunity Business Case (Summary) Known Stakeholders Proposed Project Team Estimated Schedule Basis Estimated Budget Known In Scope / Out Of Scope Known Dependencies Assumptions Known Constraints Risks (Summary) CompletePlanningInitiation Execution
  4. Project Outline Project Status | Page 4 of 7 CompletePlanningInitiation Execution Approve Charter (Now Project Plan) Project Charter Priority Business Case Mission WBS Scope Approach Executive Summary Project Schedule Analysis Schedule Critique Risk Assessment Review Task/ Resource Analysis Identify Acceleration/ Optimization Demand Management Analysis Identify Proposed Resources Review available hours for Project & Schedule Design Design Workshop Interviews Workflow Analysis Wireframe Design Follow-up meetings Design Chosen Requirements Gathering Interviews Req. Workshop Follow-up meetings
  5. Project Outline Project Status | Page 6 of 7 CompletePlanningInitiation Execution Project Performance & Control Review Status @ Regular Intervals Compare Performance to Plan Adjust Schedules to Keep on Track Communicate Adjustments to Stakeholders Project Launch Meeting Teams Informed of Responsibilities Task Assigned to Resources
  6. Project Outline Project Status | Page 7 of 7 Project Close Project Tasks Complete Project Close Report Complete (Highlight Successes & Lessons Learned) Submit for Approval Client Approves Project Outcome CompletePlanningInitiation Execution