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Facebook Conversion Tracking Setup

Facebook Conversion Tracking Tool helps marketers keep track of ads running on Facebook. Here are the steps to monitor Facebook lead generation.

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Facebook Conversion Tracking Setup

  1. 1. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps Setting up Facebook’s Conversion Tracking to help marketers/small business owners measure Facebook ad performance 2
  2. 2. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps What is Facebook Conversion Tracking Tool? See when an ad displayed on Facebook leads to sale or action. Action can be Registration, Coupon Redemption, Page pots sharing, Adding to Chart etc. Helps advertisers measure return on investment of Facebook ads. 3
  3. 3. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps Conversion tracking explained in three steps Create conversion tracking pixel - javascript code snippet (Facebook creates one for you) Identify/Create Check out page: Add pixel to the page where conversions will happen. Place Conversion Pixel on that Page: Place the pixel on the last page which users will see. 4
  4. 4. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps How does Facebook Conversion Tracking work? When a user loads a page with the code on it, the code tells Facebook that conversion process has occurred. Facebook then matches conversion with the set of visitors who have already viewed or clicked on the ad. Then, the ‘Ad Manager’ gives the final report on ad clicks. 5
  5. 5. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps Step-by-Step guide to Facebook Conversion Tracking Step 1: Log in to your ‘Ads Manager’ tab, click on the Conversion Tracking button on the left side bar. Step 2: Then click on the ‘Create Conversion Pixel’ tab to begin the process. 6
  6. 6. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps Step 3: You will be directed to this pop-up, which will ask you for: 1. Name: To remember what you are tracking. 2. Category: To decide what action you want to track on your site. It can be: • Checkouts • Registrations • Leads • Key Page Views • Adds to Cart • Other Website Conversions 7
  7. 7. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps Step 4: You will be see a pop-up window with a JavaScript code. This is the code that you add to the page where conversion will happen to track conversions back to ads running on Facebook. Here is the tricky part. The code should not go on all pages. The code should be placed only on the page that a user will finally see when the transaction is complete. 8
  8. 8. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps How do you confirm your conversion is working properly? Check that javascript snippet has been placed on the correct page. Visit the page where pixel has been embedded, right click & go to ‘View Page Source’ to get pixel. If conversion tracking pixel has been successfully implemented, it will be reflected in the Pixel Status column. Go to the conversion tracking tab in Ads Manager to get the final report. 9
  9. 9. Facebook Landing Pages in 5 steps Finally, when you create your Facebook Ad, check the track conversions box under the campaign, pricing & schedule tab to enable tracking. A word of caution here: If you delete the Pixel Code, you will loose all activities related to that particular ad. You will have to create the pixel and then an ad all over again. Do also go through my blog for a better understanding. 10
  10. 10. Generate, Nurture and Follow your Leads Software for Marketing and Lead Generation teams Creating Facebook Landing Pages was never this EASY!! 5 Steps to Create Facebook Landing Pages