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Language Functions

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Language Functions

  1. 1. Language Functions <br>How to communicate with others<br>
  2. 2. Greetings <br>1. Hello! How are you? <br>2. I'm fine thank you. <br>3. How do you do? <br>4. How do you do? <br>5. I'm pleased to meet you.<br>
  3. 3. Asking about the price <br>• How much does this shirt cost? <br>• It costs 50 pounds. <br>• How much did you pay for it? <br>• I paid only 50 pounds.<br>
  4. 4. Inquiry <br>• Where are you going? <br>• I'm going to the library. <br>• Why are you going there? <br>• To borrow some books. <br>• What sort of books are you interested in?<br>
  5. 5. Asking about how to get to a place <br>• Excuse me. How can I get to Tahrir square? <br>• Go along this street, turn left and you will find it on the right. <br>• <br>