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Upping your uq power with linked in v3 for sharing

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Upping your uq power with linked in v3 for sharing

  1. 1. Demystifying Social Media How to boost your brand online Heidi Alexandra Pollard Chief Empowerment Officer UQ Power
  2. 2. HOW CHANGE HAPPENSThe world is changing Every year it becomes: a little smaller, a little more social, a little more connected. We ‘share’ our lives openly. It’s getting to the point where we’re making a statement when we choose not to share or connect.
  3. 3. How small it has become
  4. 4. 2006 2010 2020 % Population Growth 6 Billion 7 Billion 7.8 Billion % Population on the Internet 6% 23% 68%
  5. 5. The online world is a complex tapestry.
  6. 6. Get to know your Social Media Family Aunty Google & Uncle YouTube Cousins Facebook & Twitter Brother LinkedIn & Sister Pinterest You can’t ignore it here’s why…
  7. 7. Closer to home Aussie Stats from Feb 2014 Facebook 13,000,000 users Twitter: 2,500,000 users LinkedIn: 3,700,000 users up from 2,900,000 users in Jan 2014 Google+: 65,000 users down from 70,000 users in January 2014 Pinterest: 450,000 users Tumblr: 4,700,000 users Stumble Upon: 65,000 users Myspace: 180,000 users down from 200,000 users in Jan 2014 Instagram: 1,600,000 users
  8. 8. The Pace of Change Just five short years ago: -Pinterest and Instagram were still in development -Facebook updates were primarily text, not photographs -No one owned an iPad
  9. 9. We are all suffering from
  10. 10. In the online world it is even harder to stand out.stand out.
  11. 11. Social Media adds leverage • Social media is simply another step in the evolution of communication. • The ability for social media to provide a 'one to many' vehicle which can amplify to a 'many to many' communication of ideas and content now means there is scope for businesses (and individuals) to spread their message quickly, efficiently and cheaply.
  12. 12. Who’s looking at you? Whether you realise it or not, you are being researched and accessed online all the time. In this era of social media if you’re not controlling your brand, then someone else is.
  13. 13. Social Media Etiquette • Like any business relationship Social Media is still about give and take. It does take a bit of work (10 minutes every day or so) to get the best results.
  14. 14. Let’s test the theory • Ask the person next to you for their full name • Type their name into Google with the full name in inverted commas eg: “Heidi Alexandra Pollard” • Write down the first 3 links you see about that person – ie: what websites they show up on (eg: 1 LinkedIn, 2 You Tube, 3 Company Website
  15. 15. Clarity is key Which is why it is even more important to have clarity around: 1.Who you are 2.What you do 3.Who you serve 4.What makes you unique – your UQ You can only be a KEY PERSON OF INFLUENCE and get referred if people understand those factors.
  16. 16. Biggest Blunders • If you’re going to use it, do it well • 3 Biggest Blunders: 1 - Copy Cats Syndrome 2 – Eating Humble Pie 3 – Vanilla Bean, Never Be Seen
  17. 17. Why choose • LinkedIn has great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and therefore ranks very high on Google. So, when you search for a name on Google or any other search engine, you will usually come across that person’s LinkedIn profile (if they have one). • LinkedIn is an incredible tool for building visibility and community on the web. • It’s the largest professional network, with over 200 Million members (every second, two new
  18. 18. The Copy Cat Error • Following the lead of every other expert, consultant or similar in your industry. • Copying their marketing, their message and their model. • Result – no UQ Power
  19. 19. Best kept secret • Being humble and shy • Not using all the features • Not accepting relevant invitations • Not sharing news or commenting and being part of the community • Result = No UQ Power
  20. 20. How to make it work for you • It’s not enough to have your LinkedIn profile up and wait for something to happen. • You need to engage in it actively to get results by participating, sharing and connecting. • In business there is a direct correlation between our ability to build, manage and leverage professional relationships. • We prefer to do business with people we know, like and trust - LinkedIn can get you there pronto.
  21. 21. Don’t be vanilla when you’ll get the best results from stepping into your Uniqueness (your UQ Power)!
  22. 22. What’s Your Unique WHY? Please share with us (briefly): • What’s your name and your business name? • What’s the ONE THING you would like to be known for?
  23. 23. 7 Boost your brand
  24. 24. 1. Add a position Create a compelling profile, not a resume rehash! Update your employment history and professional accomplishments. Be sure to include your current position or job title and make sure it is aligned with your ONE THING – your UQ factor you want to be known for. 7
  25. 25. 7 Secret Tip Add in what you do or your tagline – not just your title – it’s a great for keywords. The more skills and job titles that match recruiter or business searches for candidates, partners and suppliers, the higher volume of traffic your profile will receive. In turn, better traffic means you’re more likely to be the target of a new connection or opportunity.
  26. 26. 2. Add a photo A professional looking photo or ‘headshot’ means you are putting your best foot (or face) forward. It also means people will recognise you which adds to the Know, Like and Trust factor. And when meeting up for a coffee with someone you met on LinkedIn you can spot them – avoids awkward approaches with strangers! 7
  27. 27. 3. Add at least 3 skills Let people know what you’re good at, and then get endorsed by your connections. Remember to include your ONE THING – what makes you Unique makes you stand out. 7
  28. 28. Endorsemen ts
  29. 29. 4. Add your education and industry Share where you went to school and university etc this can help you reconnect with classmates and Alumni. Select the industry you work in to get relevant news and learn about jobs and groups of interest. 7
  30. 30. 5. Join and interact in relevant groups A great feature of LinkedIn is its groups. There are literally thousands of groups on LinkedIn where people discuss different topics. A great strategy is to join and participate in group discussions that your target market is part of. Demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an expert. This will build trust and attract more business. Or create your own! 7
  31. 31. Group interaction tips •Answer questions to highlight your subject expertise •Communicate. Show interest. Look for ways to help. •Be your UQ self. Be real. Be yourself. •Don’t always be in selling mode! •Have fun!
  32. 32. 6. Recommend people An extremely powerful feature is that your clients can leave recommendations on your profile, which provides instant social proof and makes you more appealing to prospects when they look at your work profile and history. Imagine searching for an accountant in your area and one has recommendations and the other doesn’t – which would you choose? 7
  33. 33. Give and take To get recommendations remember to also recommend businesses you have liked working with instead of just hoping to be endorsed. It’s all about give and take. Be genuine and bold – ask clients to leave a recommendation for you as part of your feedback process. 7
  34. 34. 7. Create a business page People can find you based on the keywords that you use, and likewise you can search for potential strategic alliance partners, find people and businesses in the same industry and email people directly without having to go through numerous channels. A LinkedIn Business page can act as an extra website so people can find out more about what you do. You can also post updates and information and read reports on the 7
  35. 35. Keep it fresh •Aim to update it 1-3 times per week •Start with an action verb •Include links to articles and presentations •Update status – strictly business (this is not FB!)
  36. 36. Action verb!
  37. 37. 2013 Stats
  38. 38. 2014 Stats
  39. 39. A look into who’s looking…
  40. 40. • Use LinkedIn to do research about people. For example, if you about to meet with the CEO of Goldmine Co. you can look him up on LinkedIn and find out more about him before your meeting. • All recruitment companies use LinkedIn to find and screen suitable candidates. • Remember to link your company website, business card, email signature to your LinkedIn page. • Make contact with potential clients or joint venture partners – remember to follow up and follow through with offline activities too! What else can I do with
  41. 41. BEST TIMES WORST TIMES 7am – 9am 10pm – 6am 5pm – 6pm Best times to use
  42. 42. Steps to Success Be Visible=
  43. 43. • What has been the biggest benefit or learning for you today? • What one thing will you apply and try in building your business and online brand profile using LinkedIn? • Please exchange business cards with myself and everyone else here and send a friend request on LinkedIn today! Final thoughts?
  44. 44. Want more? Contact us: Follow us: UQ TV Twitter @UQPower LinkedIn Facebook Resources: Sign up for our fortnightly tips