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The State of Women

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The State of Women at Work
The State of Women at Work
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The State of Women

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This presentation is a snapshot of the most recent research on women’s rights. Divided into three categories––the Bad, the Ugly, and the Good––it explores women’s global experiences, setbacks, and achievements.

This presentation is a snapshot of the most recent research on women’s rights. Divided into three categories––the Bad, the Ugly, and the Good––it explores women’s global experiences, setbacks, and achievements.


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The State of Women

  1. 1. The State of Women International Women’s Day 2018
  2. 2. This is a snapshot of a big and complex story.
  3. 3. We’ve organized it into the Bad, the Ugly, and the Good (to end on a hopeful note).
  4. 4. ly. The Bad. The Go ood. The Ugly. The e Bad. The Good. T y. The Bad. The Goo Good. The Bad. Th
  5. 5. Men still run the world
  6. 6. Source: UN Women Women lead 11 of 195 countries Worldwide
  7. 7. The UN has never had a female Secretary-General Worldwide Source: Council on Foreign Relations; Image: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images News
  8. 8. Source: UN Women; Image: Carl Court/Getty Images News Women hold 23% of seats in parliaments Worldwide
  9. 9. 4 of 113 Supreme Court Justices have been women Source: Rutgers; Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Entertainment United States
  10. 10. Women hold 20% of seats in the U.S. Congress Source: CAWP United States
  11. 11. Women of color hold 7% of seats in Congress Source: CAWP United States
  12. 12. Source: Rutgers United States 6 states have female governors
  13. 13. Only 1 is a woman of color Source: CAWP United States
  14. 14. Source: NPR And only 1 is an openly gay woman United States
  15. 15. Source: Deloitte; Image: Hero Images/Getty Images Women hold only 12% of corporate board seats Worldwide
  16. 16. 1 in 5 C-suite executives is a woman Source: Women in the Workplace United States
  17. 17. Source: Women in the Workplace And fewer than 1 in 30 is a woman of color United States
  18. 18. da d Source: Women in the Workplace; Image: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images d Nearly 50% of men think women are well represented when 1 in 10 leaders is a woman United States
  19. 19. There’s a gender imbalance across nearly every major industry in the United States
  20. 20. Teachers Superintendents 76% Education Source: NCES and Ahead of the Heard 23% United States
  21. 21. 43% 75% Nonprofit workforce Nonprofit CEOs Source: NCGS and Chicago Business Nonprofits United States
  22. 22. 12% 61% Accountants and auditors Fortune 500 CFOs Source: Catalyst Finance United States
  23. 23. 19% 57% Food prep workers Chefs Source: Data USA Restaurants United States
  24. 24. Consider how this power imbalance plays out in one industry: the media
  25. 25. Source: Box Office Mojo; Image: Hero Images/Getty Images 1 of the 10 largest movie studios is run by a woman United States
  26. 26. Source: Statista; Image: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images Advertising agencies: 2 out of 10 United States
  27. 27. Source: Investopedia; Image: JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images Media companies: 0 out of 10 United States
  28. 28. The people in power shape our culture
  29. 29. Source:; Image: Yellow Tail, Super Bowl 2017 United States 91% of women say advertisers don’t understand them
  30. 30. Source: WMC and USC; Image: Uconn Today Women’s sports get 3% of TV coverage United States
  31. 31. Source: WMC; Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images News d d Far more men report the news United States
  32. 32. All this inequality is having an impact on our girls
  33. 33. Source: BBC; Image: Maskot/Getty Images At 6, girls start to see themselves as less talented than boys Worldwide
  34. 34. Source: The Girls’ Index; Image: GeorgiaCourt/Getty Images 46% of girls do not speak up because they want to be liked United States
  35. 35. Source: The Girls’ Index; Image: LWA/Dann Tardif/Getty Images 1 in 3 girls are afraid to lead United States
  36. 36. When women rise, companies are stronger and safer
  37. 37. Source: WMC; Image: Matelly/Getty Images d d United States Sexual harassment is 2X as common in male-dominated organizations
  38. 38. Source: WMC; Image: Hero Images/Getty Images d d United States d When more women are in leadership, company profits are higher
  39. 39. Tremendous amounts of talent are lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt.” Shirley Chisholm
  40. 40. ly. The Bad. The Go ood. The Ugly. The e Bad. The Good. T y. The Bad. The Goo Good. The Bad. Th
  41. 41. Too many women and girls are poor and marginalized around the world
  42. 42. d d d 70% of people living in extreme poverty are women and girls Source: PCI and One; Image: Scott Nelson/Getty Images News Worldwide
  43. 43. Source: UN and World Development; Image: Aditya Tandon/Getty Images d d d Fewer than 20% of the world’s landholders are women Worldwide
  44. 44. Source: UN; Image: Image: Philippe Roy/Getty Images d d Women are concentrated in lower-paid, lower-skilled jobs Worldwide
  45. 45. d Source: NWLC; Image: Mint Images RF/Getty Images d d Nearly two-thirds of minimum-wage workers are women United States
  46. 46. On average, women are paid 23% less than men Source: UN Women 16.5% Mexico 21% Chile 16% Brazil 11% Pakistan 26% Japan 14% Australia 24% Russia11% Poland Worldwide 15% Israel 37% Rep. of Korea 17% Botswana 39% Malawi
  47. 47. 130 million girls are Source: The ONE Campaign and UN; Image: Chris McGrath/Getty Images Europe not in school Worldwide
  48. 48. d d d Source: ICRW; Image: Allison Joyce/Getty Images News On average, there are 15 million child marriages every year Worldwide
  49. 49. Women have far too little control over our reproductive health and choices
  50. 50. d d Source: UN, The World’s Women 2015, and WHO; Image: Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images Worldwide d Almost half of all abortions worldwide are unsafe
  51. 51. d d Source: UN, The World’s Women 2015, and WHO; Image: Carlo107/Getty Images United States d 87% of counties do not have an abortion clinic
  52. 52. d d d d Maternal mortality is a leading cause of death in women of reproductive age Source: WHO and NPR; Image: Ian Waldie/Getty Images News Worldwide
  53. 53. d d d Source: WHO and AVERT; Image: John Moore/Getty Images News d Modern contraception is out of reach for 214 million women who want to avoid pregnancy Worldwide
  54. 54. d d d The United States is 1 of only 2 countries with no paid maternity leave United States Source: Huffington Post and Brookings; Image: Ian Lishman/Getty Images
  55. 55. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and violence against women are pervasive
  56. 56. 60% of women have been sexually harassed Source: Quinnipiac 60% United States
  57. 57. 1 in 3 women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence Source: WHO Worldwide
  58. 58. Source: UNICEF; Image: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images News d d d 120 million girls have experienced rape or forced sexual acts Worldwide
  59. 59. Women still lack fundamental rights in many countries
  60. 60. d d d 46 countries do not provide legal protection against domestic violence Source: Global Citizen; Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images News Worldwide
  61. 61. d d In 26 countries, spousal rape is legal Source: World Bank; Image: Allison Joyce/Getty Images News Worldwide
  62. 62. d d Source: World Bank ; Image: Hero Images/Getty Images Worldwide d In 18 countries, a husband can prevent his wife from taking a job
  63. 63. Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.” Hillary Rodham Clinton
  64. 64. ly. The Bad. The Go ood. The Ugly. The e Bad. The Good. T y. The Bad. The Goo Good. The Bad. Th
  65. 65. Women and girls today have a better chance of leading safe and healthy lives...
  66. 66. d Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and UNSD; Image: Uwe Krejci/Getty Images d d Worldwide d d Since 1995, more than 60 countries have made domestic violence illegal, bringing the total to at least 119
  67. 67. d dMaternal deaths have fallen 42% in the same period Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Image: Tara Moore/Getty Images Worldwide
  68. 68. Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Image: Tim Matsui/Getty Images News d d d Contraceptive use is higher than it’s ever been Worldwide
  69. 69. d Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Image: Bartosz Hadyniak/Getty Images Worldwide d dThe global gender education gap has virtually closed for elementary-school-age girls
  70. 70. Slowly but surely, the workplace is changing…
  71. 71. d d 90% of companies report gender diversity is a high priority Source: Women in the Workplace 2016; Image: MoMo Productions/Getty Images United States
  72. 72. d d d 175 CEOs signed the largest-ever commitment to diversity and inclusion Source: Fortune; Image: Hero Images/Getty Images United States
  73. 73. d d Source: The Wall Street Journal; Image: Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images United States d Fearless Girl provoked a debate about women’s representation on Wall Street
  74. 74. d d d Source: Reuters; Image: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images United Kingdom d The UK passed a law requiring large companies to publish pay information by gender
  75. 75. Source: LeanIn.Org; Image: Lean In Kuwait d d Worldwide d d Every month, women in 162 countries meet in Lean In Circles to support each other’s ambitions
  76. 76. d d d Women are negotiating at the same rates as men (a decade ago men negotiated 2-3 times more) Source: Women in the Workplace 2017 and Women Don't Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation, Linda Babcock; Image: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images United States
  77. 77. d d Source: Gallup; Image: JohnnyGreig/Getty Images United States d For the first time, workers are as happy to have a female boss as a male boss
  78. 78. Around the world, breakthroughs happened...
  79. 79. Women got behind the wheel in Saudi Arabia Source: NY Times; Image: FAYEZ NURELDINE/Getty Images Saudi Arabia
  80. 80. d d U.S. women’s soccer team won a victory for pay equity Source: Mother Jones; Image: Mike Hewitt/FIFA United States
  81. 81. d d d For the first time, an all-female flight crew circled the globe Source: CNN; Image: CNN India
  82. 82. The New York Times hired its first-ever gender editor Source: Teen Vogue; Image: Andrew Burton/Getty Images News United States
  83. 83. Source: NY Times; Image: NY Times d d Australia d Senator Larissa Waters breastfed in Australian Parliament
  84. 84. The year’s 3 top-grossing films all featured women in lead roles Source: Huffington Post and Forbes; Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment Worldwide
  85. 85. Source: USA Today; Image: Glamour Worldwide Ibtihaj Muhammad inspired the first hijab-wearing Barbie
  86. 86. Source: NY Times; Image: NY Times d d d A girls’ robotics team from Afghanistan competed on the world’s stage Afghanistan
  87. 87. d d The Girl Scouts announced 23 new badges in STEM Source: USA Today; Image: Steve Debenport/Getty Images United States
  88. 88. Women showed their political power...
  89. 89. Source: LA Times and Roll Call; Image: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images News d d Kamala Harris smashed multiple glass ceilings United States
  90. 90. Source: Mashable and Washington Post; Image: Zach Gibson/Getty Images News d d Maxine Waters reclaimed her time United States
  91. 91. d d Source: CNN; Image: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images News United States d Elizabeth Warren inspired a new rallying cry: “Nevertheless, she persisted”
  92. 92. Source: Washington Post; Image: Drew Angerer/Getty Images News United States 98% of Black women in Alabama made history by electing Doug Jones
  93. 93. d d d Source: BBC, NY Times, The Guardian; Image: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Worldwide d Several countries selected a woman to lead them, including New Zealand, Iceland, and Serbia
  94. 94. d d Source: Vox; Image: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images News Worldwide d d 4+ million people marched for women’s rights across 60 countries and all 7 continents
  95. 95. The silence breakers held men accountable for sexual harassment Source: TIME; Image: TIME Worldwide
  96. 96. Millions said #MeToo Source: CBS News; Image: Business Insider Worldwide
  97. 97. ...and women won big on Election Night
  98. 98. Source: CNN; Image: CNN United States Danica Roem was elected as Virginia’s first openly trans state lawmaker
  99. 99. Source: NY Times; Image: Karen Ducey/Getty Images News d D d Jenny Durkan became Seattle’s first openly lesbian mayor United States
  100. 100. United States Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala became the first Latinas in the Virginia General Assembly Source: NY Times; Image: Elizabeth Guzmán for Virginia and Hala Ayala for Delegate
  101. 101. Perspectives are changing, too...
  102. 102. d d This was Getty Images’ top-selling image for “woman” in 2017 Source: Getty Images Worldwide
  103. 103. d d Source: Getty Images Worldwide Here’s the top-selling image from 2007
  104. 104. Source: CNN; Image: Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images News d d D Worldwide The most talked-about moment on Facebook was International Women’s Day
  105. 105. Word of the year: Feminism Source: US News; Image: samdiesel/Getty Images Worldwide
  106. 106. So far this year…
  107. 107. Source: Fortune; Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images Europe Iceland Iceland passed the strongest law in the world requiring equal pay for women and men
  108. 108. United States Source: The Atlantic ; Image: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport More than 150 female athletes bravely shared their stories of abuse
  109. 109. Source: NY Times; Image: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News United Kingdom Incoming women outnumbered men at Oxford for the first time in the school’s 900-year history
  110. 110. Source: The Huffington Post; Image: Jung Yeon-Je/Getty Images United States Team USA’s women won more Olympic medals than the men for the first time in 20 years
  111. 111. Oprah won the Cecil B. DeMille Award and challenged and inspired us Source: The New Yorker; Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment United States
  112. 112. “Time’s Up” became a global rallying cry Image: NY Times United States
  113. 113. For the second year in a row, millions marched for women’s rights Source: USA Today; Image: Sam Morris/Getty Images News United States
  114. 114. A record number of women are running for political office Source: Washington Post; Image: Roll Call United States
  115. 115. There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.” Michelle Obama
  116. 116. In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” Sheryl Sandberg
  117. 117. Let’s make history. Join us in the fight for equality at
  118. 118. Special thanks to This presentation contains stock photographs, for illustrative purposes only, and does not show persons who have actually experienced the events or situations addressed.