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4Q15 GPC, Indonesia

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A recap of Leo Burnett’s 4Q15 Global Product Committee (GPC) meeting in Indonesia, including links.

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4Q15 GPC, Indonesia

  1. 1. GPC 4Q 15 1 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E Dear Friends, Last month, at the conclusion of a productive and inspiring week spent chairing the 4Q15 Global Product Committee meeting in Indonesia, I sat with a group of Burnetters from across the world as we watched a captivating performance of traditional Balinese music and dance. Onstage a dynamic group of people was working in perfect sync with each other, the dancers adorned with ornate jewelry and colorful costumes, and accompanied by an ensemble of flawless musicians attuned and responsive to everything around them. When you observe a group of people operating with immaculate precision to achieve a shared goal, you can’t help but marvel at the orchestration of it. There’s magic on display when collaborations come together. I feel that same sense of awe and admiration when I see an agency produce undeniably beautiful work. When you look at some of the stunning HumanKind acts created by our company, what you’re seeing is the fruit of constructive working relationships, and the sum total of blood sweat and tears culled from countless different people playing a small part in much larger productions. No one succeeds alone in our business; our greatest victories are collective efforts, and our strongest ideas often demand an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach. As we step forward into the bright light of a new year, it’s worth reflecting on the fact that we do our best work when we’re marching to the same beat, and when we’re pulling together in the same direction. I want this kind of cohesive teamwork to be a focus in 2016. When we push each other to excel, we all win. A Letter from Mark
  2. 2. GPC 4Q 15 2 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E I want to thank our hosts from LB/Jakarta for insisting that the 4Q15 GPC take place in Bali, a unique island with rich and vibrant traditions that left a deep impression on all of us. Brian Capel and Anne Ridwan were consummate hosts who organized an immersive experience for all of us, ensuring that we were exposed to Bali’s inspiring cultural heritage. Over the course of our week, we also had the opportunity to share the GPC experience with a large number of observers from LB/Jakarta, who used the meeting as a creative training program. There’s an enormous amount to be learned for any creative professional who is immersed in hundreds of campaigns from across the planet, and who is asked to evaluate the merits and flaws of each idea and its execution. What makes the GPC such a valuable tool for so many is the opportunity to listen to the probing debates around the work, and to bask in the exchange of a range of opinions and perspectives. This is what makes the GPC a game-changing experience for many first-time delegates. We were delighted to open up the 4Q15 forum to so many people. The backdrop helped, of course. Bali is a lush green volcanic island that’s been home to deeply creative people for millennia. Some call it a magical place, and there’s clearly truth to that. The island feels flush with energy, and the people who live there have cultivated a spiritual worldview that fuels their lifestyles and has shaped their aesthetics. There’s an apocryphal story about the Balinese people in Marshall McLuhan’s classic book “Understanding Media: the Extensions of Man.” Before making his now famous assertion that “the medium is the message,” McLuhan noted that the Balinese infuse their everyday lives with a clear sense of devotion, that manifests in an intense and unwavering zeal for craftsmanship; in Bali, the cultivation of beauty is a way of life. This idea is expressed in the Balinese saying that McLuhan references: “we have no art; we make everything as beautiful as we can.” This statement reflects the culture of people who for hundreds of years dedicated the bulk of their creative endeavors to beautifying their temples as an ongoing devotional practice. Today in Bali, everywhere you look there is immaculate beauty, deliberately laid out for maximum impact. In recent years the island has become a haven for intrepid craftsman and traveling artisans from across the planet, who appreciate the creative climate instilled by generations of locals who wholeheartedly embrace the classic mantra repeated so often by today’s designers and art directors: God is in the details. Bali: Where Art Becomes Worship
  3. 3. GPC 4Q 15 3 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E I encourage all of you to spend some time poring over the 4Q15 7+ collection. There’s some really fresh ideas here, across a lot of different communication channels, and these ideas are inspiring examples of well-crafted HumanKind acts that will resonate with people and have an impact on our brands and clients. Some of this work builds on campaigns we saw earlier this year, which is what should happen when we’ve got solid strategic platforms that have strong foundations and are rooted in real human insights and truths. I’m proud of this work and of the teams that produced it, and this collection is a worthy conclusion to a very strong year for LB/WW. The new calendar year gives us an opportunity to refuel and reboot. We performed well in 2015, earning awards and praise all over the world for outstanding work we’ve produced for our clients. Even amidst uncertainty, and a business environment that’s transforming at a rapid clip, we continue to deliver creative business solutions that help brands and business grow to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Creativity will always be the strongest asset we have, and I’m deeply proud of the way our global network continually demonstrates how creativity has the power to transform human behavior. Over the next few weeks, I urge all of you to spend some time with your families, to rekindle your inner fires, and to seek out and find fresh inspiration and new insights that we can use to help propel us forward into 2016 with the wind at our backs. Congratulations on everything we achieved together this year, and I look forward to seeing what comes out of the hopper next year. Thank you all for your creativity, your passion, your drive, and for all your hard work. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and best wishes for a happy and successful 2016! Kind regards, Mark Tutssel Chief Creative Officer Leo Burnett Worldwide
  4. 4. GPC 4Q 15 4 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E We are the ultimate people watchers.
  5. 5. GPC 4Q 15 5 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E Contents The 4Q15 Global Product Committee 6 The 2015 Leo Burnett Agency of the Year 7 The 4Q15 8-Balls 9 The 4Q15 7+ Gallery 16 “Ideas take shape in the brain of man alone. Ideas can come into being without a roof, without lights, without heat, without food-without any condition for their production except the presence of a human brain. Ideas alone enable man to survive and flourish. Man, without ideas, would still be living in caves and tearing at raw meat. Everything we call ‘wealth,’ everything we call ‘comfort,’ indeed everything we call ‘civilization,’ is the product of ideas.”
  6. 6. GPC 4Q 15 6 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E The 4Q15 Global Product Committee Kat Limchoc Manila Bechara Mouzannar Beirut Mark Tutssel Worldwide Jarek Ziebinski Asia Pacific / China Nancy Hannon Chicago Rosalie Geier Chicago Jason Williams Melbourne Sompat (Kae) Trisadikun Bangkok Rajdeepak Das Mumbai Nigel Tribe Singapore Jennifer Skidgel Chicago Anna Meneguzzo Milan Garret Fitzgerald Melbourne Brian Capel Jakarta Victor Manggunio China Ethan Yeo Singapore Anne Ridwan Jakarta Chris Chiu Singapore Tan Kien Eng Kuala Lumpur Trevor Kennedy Colombo Shunsuke (Kaki) Kakinami Tokyo Beri Cheetham London Karen Lim Singapore Sanpathit (Golf) Tavijaroen Bangkok Joe Hill Melbourne
  7. 7. GPC 4Q 15 7 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E At Leo Burnett Worldwide’s 2015 Agency of the Year celebration, multiple agencies across the world were recognized for their contributions and stellar achievements over the course of the year. Congratulations to Leo Burnett Worldwide’s 2015 Agency of the Year: Leo Burnett Melbourne. In 2015, LB/Melbourne generated a 22 percent growth rate while successfully retaining all the agency’s clients and becoming the agency of record for four major new clients. Their work also earned a record number of shortlists and awards in international shows. Congratulations to LB/Melbourne! Congratulations also to the 2015 Bright Star winners, the agencies whose performance ranked them amongst the finalists for LB/Worldwide’s Agency of the Year. LB/Beirut, LB/Buenos Aires, LB/Chicago, LB/Sydney, and LB/Toronto are the 2015 Bright Star Winners. The annual LB/Worldwide Pencil Awards recognize outstanding creative achievements in traditional or non-traditional media. Congratulations to the teams that produced the following amazing campaigns: LB/Chicago – Allstate “Social Savvy Burglar” (Gold Pencil Winner) LB/London – Karma Nirvana “Suffocation” (Silver Pencil Winner) LB/Dubai – Du Telecommunications “du Tuesday” (Bronze Pencil Winner) LB/Madrid – Spanish Christmas Lottery “No Bigger Prize Than Sharing” (Bronze Pencil Winner) LB/Paris – Atlantic Group “The Cube” (Black Pencil Winner) The HumanKind Communication Award recognizes the best HumanKind idea in the network. The 2015 winner is: LB/Buenos Aires – Samsung “Safety Truck.” The 2015 Leo Burnett Worldwide Agency of the Year
  8. 8. GPC 4Q 15 8 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E
  9. 9. GPC 4Q 15 9 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E Atlantic Heaters - Thermor - Sauter The Cube Leo Burnett / Paris Category: Case Study Earlier this year, LB/Paris’ stunning film “37 days” for the Atlantic Group earned 2 Gold Lions and 2 Bronze Lions at Cannes. The film chronicles the passage of 37 days inside a heated Cube placed high in the mountains of British Colombia during the winter, where the Cube is the only sign of life amidst a frigid and barren landscape. Inside the Cube, plant seeds encased in ice begin to melt when the Cube’s heaters switch on, and over the course of a little more than 5 weeks, a lush green cornucopia takes root and blooms within the Cube. The film concludes with the line “Heat Is Life,” after vividly illustrating its point in an unforgettable and visceral way. The widespread success and popularity of this film has completely changed the business of Atlantic Heaters, breathing new life into a staid and invisible category. This case study documents how LB/Paris has built a larger campaign around their film, with online components and direct mail pieces culled from the Cube’s bountiful visuals. This case study documents the creation of one of the best ideas Leo Burnett Worldwide produced in 2015. ‘Heat is Life. Atlantic Group. Thermor. Sauter.’ ballgallery
  10. 10. GPC 4Q 15 10 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E Leo Burnett Melbourne - Anti-Bullying Initiative Reword Leo Burnett / Melbourne Category: Interactive Online bullying is a rampant problem affecting youth in new and unforeseen ways. With the advent of the Internet and the omnipresent role that mobile phones now play in the lives of young people, kids today are dealing with bullying in ways no generation before has ever experienced. LB/Melbourne devised a simple and ingenious tool that helps to prevent cyberbullying. Given how incredibly easy it is for kids to write and post hurtful comments online on platforms like Facebook and Twitter or with SMS messages, the agency worked with programmers to craft an app called Reword. Parents install reword on their children’s digital devices, and the app functions as a sort of “bullying spell-check,” that automatically detects hurtful comments and strikes a simple red line through them while asking the person typing to reconsider what they’ve written before posting it. This simple act of striking a red line through hateful text has been proven to lower rates of cyberbullying, and the agency believes it will help emphasize ethical behavior in children’s online interactions. The app is available for download from: ballgallery
  11. 11. GPC 4Q 15 11 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E Chicago Ideas Week Put The Guns Down Leo Burnett / Chicago Category: Online Film Gun violence in Chicago is at epidemic levels, with the city enduring a record-breaking number of shootings over the course of 2015. In an attempt to counter this troubling trend, LB/Chicago enlisted some of the city’s leading hip hop artists to launch a campaign entitled “Music vs. Gun Violence.” As part of an ongoing conversation and dialogue at Chicago Ideas Week, the agency helped produce an interactive music video called “Put The Guns Down”, which invited anyone to add a verse to the music video, which was housed on a website containing poignant testimonials from people whose lives have been affected by gun violence. Currently, this interactive music video is over 1 hour long, as new lyricists continue to add fresh verses to a song whose message grows more urgent everyday. The artists featured in the video include Grammy-winner Common, along with local Chicago icons like King Louie, Katie Got Bandz, Saba, Nick Jr., Tree, Mic Terror, Lil Herb and Noname Gypsy. How Can You Support the Movement? You can add your own verse to the video at, and join the discussion on social media using the hashtag #PutTheGunsDown. ballgallery
  12. 12. GPC 4Q 15 12 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E Stabilo Boss Stabilo Note Leo Burnett / Jakarta Category: Interactive (Mobile App) Stabilo highlighters have been used for decades to draw attention to specific words and passages in printed text. Challenged to find a way to make this highlighter brand relevant in today’s digital world, LB/ Jakarta launched Stabilo Note, an app that lets people scan, high- light, and save passages of text on their devices, which can then be converted into text files that can be edited and shared. The app also encourages sales by keeping track of how much “ink” each user is using, and asking them to purchase more ink to refuel their app after hitting a certain threshold of usage. This simple and brilliant idea takes a traditional reading tool into the 21st century. ballgallery
  13. 13. GPC 4Q 15 13 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E Tourism Authority of Thailand Pray for Anna Leo Burnett / Bangkok Category: Online Film A narrator describes the cautionary tale of Anna, an attractive young woman traveling to Thailand who after a mere 24 hours in Bangkok now lies bedridden and seemingly in a catatonic state. How did this happen to this seemingly healthy and vivacious visitor? A stern-faced doctor explains the symptoms of Jawbone Syndrome, a paralyzing food coma induced by Anna’s voracious appetite that is described by the Thai people who witnessed it as “monstrous.” Footage shows Anna devouring an astonishing array of food from street vendors, boats, restaurants, until finally her body simply cannot process any- more. The doctor warns: “Tourists must be aware at all times, this is Thailand. Tasty foods are everywhere.” This brilliantly counterintuitive film for the Tourism Authority of Thailand went viral online immediately upon its release and captures the infinite array of delicious foods available to anyone visiting the Kingdom of Thailand. ballgallery
  14. 14. GPC 4Q 15 14 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E McDonald’s - All Day Breakfast We Hear You / Celebration Leo Burnett / Chicago Category: Film On October 6th, 2015, McDonald’s rolled out its All-Day Breakfast menu in restaurants across the USA. The move to make some of McDonald’s most popular breakfast items available all day comes after decades of people complaining, pleading, and lamenting about the fact that McDonald’s has traditionally stopped serving breakfast after 10:30 am. To publicize this crowd-pleasing move, LB/Chicago used actual tweets and social media posts from real people as the source material for a TV campaign celebrating the public’s new ability to buy an Egg McMuffin at 5 pm in the afternoon. These tongue-in-cheek commercials and the success of the All Day Breakfast launch helped McDonald’s shares reach a new all time record high in October 2015. Congratulations to LB/Chicago for helping usher in a new chapter in McDonald’s storied history in the USA. ballgallery
  15. 15. GPC 4Q 15 15 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) Just Leo Burnett / Sydney Category: Design & Packaging Leo Burnett Sydney worked with the World Wildlife Foundation to craft a brilliant, eye-catching campaign that encouraged people to consider their dependence on toxic chemical cleaning products packaged in plastic bottles. To dramatize how easy it is to utilize natural alternatives to chemicals, LB/Sydney launched the “Just” campaign, which centered an entire product line of organic cleaning items (like lemons in lieu of dish soap). The agency then placed these items on supermarket shelves in eye-catching recycled packaging, and promoted the idea through visually arresting outdoor executions and a series of online films featuring a quirky and entertaining spokesman. By teaching people how to be more responsible caretakers of the planet through conscious shopping decisions, the WWF initiated a nuanced national conversation about plastic, chemicals, and sustainable organic solutions that can replace our dependence on synthetic products. This beautiful eye-catching design work earned an 8-ball from the 4Q15 GPC. ballgallery
  16. 16. GPC 4Q 15 16 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) Just / Just - Glass Cleaner Leo Burnett / Sydney Category: Film The film component of LB/Sydney’s “Just” campaign for the World Wildlife Foundation features a quirky and lovable hipster scientist in a lab coat demonstrating how organic everyday items can replace the toxic chemicals found in the cleaning products that people commonly use. In a series of humorous spots, this man shows how to use the WWF’s “Just” products, and the simplicity of his solutions underscores the campaign’s larger point; it is easy to be a more responsible These films and their understated humor underscore the point that it is possible to be a more responsible consumer simply by embracing natural alternatives.
  17. 17. GPC 4Q 15 17 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Just - Lemon / Cinnamon / Cucumber Leo Burnett / Sydney Category: Outdoor These eye-catching outdoor pieces promoting the WWF’s “Just” campaign captivated the Australian public. Akin to art installations, these billboards containing actual lemons, cinnamon sticks, and cucumbers invited people to interact with them and did a fantastic job of articulating the cam- paign’s core idea. These impossible to ignore pieces showed how ordinary organic items can easily replace synthetic chemical products, while encouraging people to develop a more conscious approach to their chemical usage.
  18. 18. GPC 4Q 15 18 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Comunidade Vida e Paz 365 Leo Burnett / Lisbon Category: Promo & Activation (Experiential / Event) During Vogue’s “Fashion Night Out” in Lisbon, a hugely popular outdoor event, Leo Burnett launched a provocative and unique urban wear clothing line called 365. Unlike any other fashion brand in the world, the 365 clothing collection was not created by designers, but curated by the agency, culled from clothing worn by someone homeless and by people without a residence or shelter. In the weeks leading up to the event, fashion celebrities and cultural influencers helped build interest in the 365 line through their social media accounts, so that the actual launch proved was well-attended and highly publicized. The 365 fashion line showcased clothes that told rich human stories; each garment was labeled with a tag documenting how many days it was worn outdoors by a homeless person. The event generated positive PR coverage in the news and also collected a large amount of donations directed towards an organization dedicated to helping the homeless in Portugal. This beautifully crafted and strategically compelling campaign is a fantastic example of a HumanKind act that forces people to rethink how they view and issue, while giving people an opportunity to engage and help address an ongoing social problem.
  19. 19. GPC 4Q 15 19 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Procter & Gamble - Tide A Small Change Leo Burnett / Ho Chi Minh City Category: Promo & Activation (Experiential / Event) This brilliant stunt documents the difference a clean white shirt can make in the lives of ordinary people. This case film examines the everyday lives of two street vendors and a motorcycle taxi driver in Vietnam, and documents their sales over the course of two days. On the first day, these participants wear their normal clothes, and go about their lives conducting their business. On the second day, each wears a clean white shirt. The three participants see a marked increase in their sales and a definite change in the attitudes of their customers, who are more positive and generous towards them. This simple and beautifully captured stunt concludes with the line, “trust the power of a white shirt.”
  20. 20. GPC 4Q 15 20 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Karma Nirvana - Day Of Memory #RememberShafilea Leo Burnett / London Category: Promo & Activation One of LB/Worldwide’s most highly awarded print ideas of 2015 was the stunning ad LB/London crafted for Karma Nirvana in January. A blurry image of an unidentifiable young girl was placed on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine in the UK, accompanied with the following text, evoking the horrific honor killing of Shafilea Ahmed, who was suffocated with a plastic bag by her parents for embracing western culture and bringing ‘shame’ upon her family: “Shafilea was suffocated by her parents in front of her siblings.” This dramatic image was wrapped in the ubiquitous plastic cover commonly found on women’s magazines, which forced readers to rip open the plastic to read the magazine, driving home the horror of her murder. This brilliant, award-winning magazine cover helped raise publicity around Karma Nirvana’s successful lobbying campaign to create a national Day of Memory for “Britain’s Lost Women,” the victims and survivors of forced marriage and honour-based abuse. The inaugural Day of Memory took place on the 14th of July, Shafilea Ahmed’s birthday, and in the lead up to this day LB/London worked with Karma Nirvana to launch a social media campaign that generated supportive messages and engagement from across the planet. The agency used every tweet with the hashtag #RememberShafilea as fuel to help create a 3-D printed image of Shafilea that would ensure that her memory would endure, refuting the dark intent behind her murder to erase her existence. On July 14th the final 3-D printed image was revealed to the public, and the reveal generated widespread publicity for Karma Nirvana’s work and the Day of Memory. Since this campaign began, the group’s impact has increased dramatically, and given hope to many people at risk.
  21. 21. GPC 4Q 15 21 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Ontario Women’s Directorate #WhoWillYouHelp Leo Burnett / Toronto Category: Integrated Campaign The Ontario government hired Leo Burnett Toronto to craft a PSA with the intention of raising awareness and addressing the behavior underlying the deeply troubling statistics that indicate that 1 in 3 Canadian women will experience sexual harassment or assault at some point over the course of their lives. Rather than taking a traditional PSA route and trying to address the victims of this sexual assault, or shaming the perpetrators, the agency focused on speaking to bystanders. The resulting PSA puts the viewer in the uncomfortable position of watching a man at a bar slip something into a woman’s drink, and encourages you to take action if you see behavior like this. The gut-wrenching film was a component of a larger activation campaign, which spread the idea and message in print and social media across the world. #WhoWillYouHelp
  22. 22. GPC 4Q 15 22 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Procter & Gamble - Always Saudi Women’s Online March Leo Burnett / Beirut Category: Promo & Activation (Social Media) In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where a strict religious government enforces an ultra- orthodox version of Islam, women must adhere to a unique set of laws governing their behavior and appearance. In this context, it is considered taboo for women to show their faces on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Always wanted to rewrite these rules. In a country where public demonstrations are illegal, Always orchestrated the first “Saudi Women’s March”, an online campaign that let women participate by filming their steps towards the kind of world they want to inhabit, and then posting the footage of their feet marching on Always’ Facebook page. The campaign empowered Saudi women by giving them a platform to express themselves, and used the hashtag #MoveForTomor- row to encourage women to join the movement across multiple social media channels. 5000 Saudi women participated, and the campaign generated new followers for Always on social media and a large number of media impressions in a country where traditional channels are strictly regulated. Always also provided funding for three of the most inspiring marchers to help them achieve their goals as they #MoveForTomorrow. Always. Rewrite the Rules.
  23. 23. GPC 4Q 15 23 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ AIA BHD Health Report Card Leo Burnett / Kuala Lumpur Category: Online Film This popular online film documents a thought-provoking stunt in Malaysia, where children were given special exams that contained questions regarding their parents’ health. Their parents were then shown the dismal grades their kids received, without being told the subject matter of the tests. Once the parents realized the low scores on this report card were about the state of their own health, they realized the need to change their behavior. After a series of adorable confrontations between the parents and their concerned children, the film concludes by noting that “we often do not notice the state of our health, but our loved ones do. Send your loved ones a health report card today.” This widely shared film helped the AIA deliver a wake-up call to all Malaysians encouraging them to take better care of their own health.
  24. 24. GPC 4Q 15 24 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Samsung - Smart TV Birthday Leo Burnett Tailor Made / São Paulo Category: Online Film A young boy wakes in the morning flushed with excitement, eager to prepare for an imminent birthday celebration. Turning on his family’s Samsung Smart TV, he finds a chef who walks him through the painstaking process of baking a birthday cake from scratch, and then follows an interactive lesson that helps him design custom decorations for his party. When night rolls around the boy falls asleep after an exhausting day of preparation, only to be woken by his mother at night when his absent father joins the family by Skype through the Samsung Smart TV, and is delighted when his young son presents him with a birthday cake complete with candles and banners strung throughout the house. The gorgeous film is an elegant showcase demonstrating the countless benefits of a Samsung Smart TV. Connect with what you love the most. Smart TVs Samsung. Feel More Connected. Samsung Keeper Alert Leo Burnett / Jakarta Category: Interactive (Mobile App) Over 100 million Indonesians own more than one digital device. Samsung wanted to help people keep track of all of their devices, as it is incredibly common for people to accidentally misplace one of their phones. With this in mind, LB/Jakarta created the “Keeper Alert” app, a personalized app that lets you sync your devices, so that if you happen to leave one behind somewhere, the other devices vibrate and deliver an alert notifying you that you’ve forgotten something important.
  25. 25. GPC 4Q 15 25 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Freeview - Freeview Play Set Yourself Free Leo Burnett / London Category: Film This impeccably crafted animated film from LB/London tells the riveting story of a lone TV which finds itself surrounded by a hostile army of authoritarian screens. Unwilling to obey the restrictive dogma of a thousands of conformist screens demanding that viewers “subscribe,” this one single TV breaks ranks and flees in search of a place of his own. This lone Freeview TV eventually finds a happy home amongst curious people who have been looking for programming that doesn’t demand that a subscription. Stunning art direction and poignant sound design turn this spot into a sensorial feast, a triumph of film craft and storytelling that does a fantastic job of contrasting Freeview’s programming with competing subscription services. Freeview Play. #SetYourselfFree
  26. 26. GPC 4Q 15 26 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Mobinil #AnonymousGiver Leo Burnett / Cairo Category: Integrated / Branded Content Egypt has been in deep political and social turmoil since the Arab Spring Revolution of 2011. Deep currents of mistrust have divided the country into competing camps, and the ongoing upheaval has made it difficult for Egyptians to find common ground. In this context, LB/Cairo launched a HumanKind act during the holy month of Ramadan which was intended to bring the country together. On behalf of Mobinil, Egypt’s largest Telco company, the agency launched an unbranded campaign called #AnonymousGiver, filling Egypt’s streets with free items intended to be shared with people in need. Toys for chil- dren appeared, along with free books on makeshift shelves for anyone in need, and food appeared in public refrigerators for anyone to claim. The only markings on these items was the hashtag “#AnonymousGiver,” and the public quickly adopted the campaign as its own, resulting in a wave of generosity as people contributed all sorts of things to their fellow citizens without asking for anything in return. Only after the campaign was widely embraced by the public did the agency reveal the brand behind it, and by then the good- will earned by Mobinil had made this one of the most beloved brand acts in Egypt. An accompanying song that featured the musical talents of a wide range of Egyptian artists from diverse genres perfectly captured the magic and universal appeal of #Anonymous- Giver to the Egyptian public.
  27. 27. GPC 4Q 15 27 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ J&T Bank Play Dow Jones Leo Burnett / Bratislava Category: Interactive J&T Bank wanted to encourage Slovaks to invest more of their money. The bank understood that the public needed more than just simple encouragement to begin investing; they also needed a primer on the Dow Jones Index, and an orientation that would make the com- plex world of financial investing more accessible and appealing to everyday people. Working with Leo Bur- nett in Bratislava, the agency mapped historical Dow Jones data points from 1895 to 2014 onto a timeline, and then used these linear charts as the basis for craft- ing an original music score that was created by a highly respected composer. Thus, the fluctuations of the finan- cial markets were transformed into music, which could be experienced online by any visitor to playdowjones. com. This astonishingly rich website is full of immersive visuals and compelling music that tells the story of the last 120 years, while tracking the impact of important events on the rise and fall of the Dow Jones Index. This gorgeous visualization of data was also projected onto building facades in Bratislava’s central square using 3-D mapping technology during a highly publicized event. The sheer size and scale of this spectacle received news coverage in Bratislava and the unique immersive quality of the website has led it to win awards in local and international shows. Rarely has investing been pre- sented in such a visceral and vivid way, accompanied with original music and potent imagery that captures the experience of investing in a constantly changing market. This brilliant campaign does a fantastic job of educating, informing, and teaching people about investing through captivating visuals and a unique attention-getting idea.
  28. 28. GPC 4Q 15 28 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Bonds 100 Leo Burnett / Melbourne Category: Film Bonds is an iconic Australian clothing line famous for its underwear and casual garments. As part of the brand’s 100 year anniversary campaign, LB/ Melbourne shot a high energy TV spot filled with an assortment of dancers getting down to a clas- sic infectious INXS rock track. The total age of each group of dancers onscreen adds up to the number 100. For instance, a quartet of 25 year olds in Bonds socks and briefs moonwalk across a floor, followed by twenty 5-year olds in active wear, and then a smiling 99 year old man paired with a 1 year old toddler. Bonds = 100. Easy Buy Boxing Leo Burnett / Bangkok Category: Film This film tells a compelling story about the divergent paths available to a young boy with a bloody lip; he can take his anger out on the world at large, picking fights with a series of increasingly sketchy characters until his fate is sealed, or he can choose to channel his inner drive into competition with real boxers and champions, pushing himself to excel beyond expectations. “Picking the right path is a choice only you can make.” Easy Buy Financial Institution. We invest in you.
  29. 29. GPC 4Q 15 29 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Amazon - Kindle Paperwhite We Are The Readers Leo Burnett India / Bangalore Category: Film This evocative homage to the literary-minded Indian reading public doubles as a vivid and effective product demonstration for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. Over a series of beautiful and emotionally-compelling shots, a voiceover with a heavily poetic cadence details the inner workings and undeniable virtues of “the readers,” while championing the ease and joy people find in their Kindles. NSPCC Astronaut - Alfie Leo Burnett / London Category: Film This beautifully shot film juxtaposes a rich visual story of a joyful young child preparing for a mission in space with a haunting boy’s voiceover describing how his new stepfather has begun to beat both him and his mum. The contrast between the delight on the face of the aspiring astronaut and the heavy burden carried by the young boy resolves the voiceover notes that the NSPCC has helped his family to find a solution to their problem.”My name’s Alfie, and I’m an astronaut.” “When a child is free from abuse, they are free to dream again. We help to keep 1 million children a year free from abuse and neglect. Your donation can take a child anywhere.” NSPCC. Text Alfie to 70111 to donate 3 pounds. Every childhood is worth fighting for.”
  30. 30. GPC 4Q 15 30 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ United Healthcare Services Lab Partner Leo Burnett / Chicago Category: Film A lush cover of Sam Cooke’s classic paean to schoolboy love serves as the soundtrack to this beautifully filmed story of a teenager’s crush on the girl of his dreams. He watches from afar as the object of his affection goes about her day blissfully unaware of his aching heart, until by chance one afternoon his chemistry professor assigns his beloved Maria to be his lab partner. As he approaches, he notices with shock that Maria has a vicious case of pink eye, but after only the briefest of pauses, he lowers his face to look through the microscope she was just using. Because young love will not be hindered by something as mundane as conjunctivitis. “There are thousands of ways into the complex healthcare sys- tem. Choosing United Healthcare can help make the system simpler for your family, by talking to a registered nurse day or night.” Procter & Gamble - Downy Parfum Collection Romance Leo Burnett / Bangkok Category: Film This quirky commercial from Thailand chronicles the evolution of a couple’s relationship, from the first throes of doting young love to a less romantic later chapter characterized by benign neglect and overfamiliarity. The only thing that seems to elicit the old magic is the nostalgic scent of Downy on fabric, that brings out feelings that have long since grown dormant. Downy Romance.
  31. 31. GPC 4Q 15 31 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Cotton Collection Shree Leo Burnett / Colombo Category: Design & Packaging (Corporate Identity) Tasked with creating a new visual identity for Sri Lankan fashion retailer the Cotton Collection, LB/Colombo created a gorgeous new brand called Shree around a unique cultural insight; the Sin- hala language native to Sri Lanka is constructed around a written alphabet that contains no straight lines, as the letters were origi- nally written on leaves. The agency used the beautiful curves of the Sinhala characters as the design motifs central to the Shree brand. Elegant and gorgeous Shree visuals were then used to adorn clothing, purses, and other items, and the agency enabled potential buyers to customize their purchases with letters from the design palette they created. This gorgeous brand identity sets the Cotton Collection’s products apart from competitors.
  32. 32. GPC 4Q 15 32 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Calbee Opening Good Times Leo Burnett China / Hong Kong Category: Direct Calbee has been the leading snack brand in Hong Kong for two decades. Tasked with finding a way to celebrate and grow the brand’s success, LB/Hong Kong created a unique activation campaign called “20 Years of Opening Good Times with Calbee” that leverages the joy people have always felt opening a bag of Calbee snacks. The agency cooperated with express delivery companies to create oversized pack- aging bags for their shipments, so that when people finally got their hands on that long-awaited package they’ve been tracking, the delivery was wrapped to resemble a giant bag of Calbee snacks. This stunt and the corresponding online campaign components that document these deliveries per- fectly captures the joy and anticipation people feel when they crack open a bag of Calbee snacks. The campaign resulted in a large amount of free PR and media coverage.
  33. 33. GPC 4Q 15 33 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Diageo - Bundaberg Rum Mutiny Leo Burnett / Sydney Category: Design & Packaging To celebrate the launch of Mutiny, Bundaberg Rum’s first Caribbean Spiced Rum, Bundaberg asked longtime partner Leo Burnett Sydney to craft unique packaging that captured the unique rebellious attitude of this distinct rum. This gorgeous illustrated packaging work sets Mutiny apart from its competitors and raises the profile of this iconic Australian brand at all points of sale.
  34. 34. GPC 4Q 15 34 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ 7-Eleven - Slurpee Slurpee Sound Cups Leo Burnett / Melbourne Category: Case Study Building on the global success of 7-Eleven’s Slurpee BYO Cup campaign, LB/Melbourne ran a promotional drive this year highlighting a new limited edition line of Slurpee Sound Cups, a series of unique receptacles that were produced by 3-D printers using blueprints sourced from the audio waveforms of Slurpee radio ads. Fans could obtain the design files and print out their own Slurpee Sound Cups if they had a 3-D printer, or they could win one of these limited edition collector’s items as part of the brand’s activation campaign.
  35. 35. GPC 4Q 15 35 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Go-Jek - Go Mart Beef Broccoli / Chicken Risotto / Fruit Salad Leo Burnett / Jakarta Category: Radio This marvelously crafted radio campaign for Go-Jek grocery delivery services features talented voiceover artists making motorcycle noises using the words for “Beef Broccoli,” “Chicken Risotto,” and “Fruit Salad.” At the conclusion of each spot, an announcer asks listeners who have cravings for food to call GoJek, who will dispatch a delivery bike im- mediately with any groceries you may need. Beef Broccoli (Radio) Chicken Risotto (Radio) Fruit Salad (Radio) Leo Burnett Milan The Speech Leo Burnett / Milan Category: Film This moving announcement makes great use of Leo Burnett’s famous “When to Take My Name Off the Door” speech. The film overlays the audio of the iconic address over footage of workers removing the Leo Burnett logo from the agency’s office in Milan. Only at the conclusion of the speech does a slate appear noting, “don’t worry Leo, we just moved.” This announcement of the opening of LB/Milan’s new office space makes great use of one of Leo Burnett’s most memorable speeches, while highlighting the brand essence of our agency.
  36. 36. GPC 4Q 15 36 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E gallery7+ Fiat Chrysler - Safety Don’t Let Go Leo Burnett / Istanbul Category: Print / Outdoor ‘Don’t Let Go. Both hands on the steering wheel.’ This safety message from Fiat uses a striking visual image to remind people to stay focused on the road. While you’re driving, you might think you’re alone, but your loved ones are with you in spirit, and they would want you to refrain from answering calls, texting, or putting on makeup. We risk more than just ourselves when we drive dangerously. Posten - Bring The Loyalty Knot Kitchen / Leo Burnett Oslo Category: Design & Packaging (Logo) The Loyalty Award is given annually to a Scandinavian brand that has cultivated a deep relationship with its customers and core audience through targeted marketing. Asked to design a visual identity and logo for this award, Kitchen / LB Oslo struck upon the idea to create a unique knot that symbolized togetherness, loyalty, and the unbreakable bond shared be- tween a brand and it’s most ardent advocates. The agency collaborated with a master knot-maker to design the “loyalty knot,” which was then used to craft the visual identity and logo around this award. Beautifully executed and rich in symbolism, the “loyalty award” knot is a case study in smart thinking and exquisite craftsmanship.
  37. 37. GPC 4Q 15 37 A Q U A R T E R LY N E W S L E T T E R F O R T H E G L O B A L P R O D U C T C O M M I T T E E