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Resume scnc v13


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Resume scnc v13

  1. 1. Leo Tyrrell 1208 Parktop Drive Cary, NC 27513 LinkedIn Profile: 661/373-4571 Objective: To be the driving force of great customer service by creating the best applications. To have a passion to continually improve my skills for the sake of my company and my personal growth. Education: Salesforce Certified Administrator #2532407 + 5 Yr Experience with SFDC -2015 Oklahoma City Community College – Associates in Business (Accounting)– 1986 GPA 3.43 Experience: Cal-Soft Labs (Consultant for Farmers Insurance) 8/15 -3/16 Work with consultants on deployment activities Create/Deploy change sets on daily basis. Maintain over 50 sandboxes Add/Term users Launched Live Agent Personal initiative - created systems to maintain Live Agent users, configurations, skilling Aramark Uniform Services – 11/1988 - 4/2015 Sr. Sales System Analyst - 2004-2015 Migrated from Goldmine System to - 4/2010 Implemented new enhancements including creation of custom fields, workflows, page layouts, approval processes, queues, email alerts and templates Performed all point and click configuration tasks Followed standard update procedures and conventions throughout the update process Created business requirement docs, technical design docs, test cases and training documentation Completed functional testing, user acceptance testing, change set creation and implementation Demonstrated new features to users Monitored Opportunities for duplicates to maintain report integrity Created reports and dashboards to give management actionable reports that bring out business driver metrics as well as monitoring data integrity and data quality Maintained report and dashboard naming conventions Maintained email automation of reports Gave support to over 1000 users - from resetting passwords to escalating the issue if needed Gave immediate response or got back with user within 24 hours Maintained Commission Estimation System in Used CRM Fusion's Demand Tools/People Import to load data in bulk for campaigns Created new Objects in as needed Worked with D&B Data to update records Maintained Production & Sandbox environments of Supported all Sales and Marketing initiatives Created and facilitated data quality projects through ongoing data analysis, to improve record de- duplication and data quality Maintained & implemented the project roadmap and strategic initiatives
  2. 2. Evaluated and implemented third party solutions Developed training materials and conducted training sessions for end users Created and facilitated data quality projects through ongoing data analysis, to improve data quality, reduce record duplication & storage management SFDC Skills – Create custom fields-text, formula, picklist, currency, etc.. Create validation rules to ensure accuracy of data Create new Sandbox instances Create Custom Settings to assist in Approval Process Create Approval Processes, Backups Familiar with Apex Code, triggers, test classes, Visualforce pages Create Custom Reports/Dashboards, Public Groups, Schedule Reports Load data in bulk for Campaigns using CRM Fusion's People Import , Demand Tools Support & Update templates generated with Conga Composer Add/Update data with Data Loader Create Flows to dynamically update fields and allow data entry Manage all aspects of users including profiles, roles, permission sets, roles, role hierarchy, territory management, licensing, Lead Assignment rules, freeze, activate & deactivate users, password resets, sharing rules etc. MS Office Proficient – Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, Access Sales System Analyst – 2002-2004 Managed Territories across the nation Managed Rewards System Created Cost and Sales Reports Migrated from Access base system to Goldmine Sync Model Managed Commission Estimation Process in Goldmine Sr. Purchasing Analyst – 1992-2002 Created Forecast Purchasing System using WordPerfect Macros Maintained Items and Rates in ordering system from multiple vendors Created Standardization Processes Participated in negotiations with vendors Maintained national inventories Purchasing Clerk - 1991-1992 Ordered Merchandise Kept track of rates of vendors & assignments of vendors to our locations Created Quarterly Orders Vendor Add Auditor - 1990-1991 Add new vendors to the A/P System Enforce vendor add rules Consolidate vendor accounts when possible A/P Auditor - 1988-1990 Process invoices for payment into A/P System Audit invoices, verify of accuracy of data entry, approval signatures Process expense reports, Verify compliance of expense rules, Verify approval signatures