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Question 1

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Question 1

  1. 1. CONVENTIONS USED ON FRONT COVERThe masthead thatI have used is amainstay Cover lines areconvention of not conventionsjust music that are usedmagazines and isthere so that to bringpeople can identify attention intothe magazine the features inside theThe main magazineimage is aconventionused to againattract the Thereaders Barcode isattention awhere ever conventionthey see it sothey become that used tointerested in count howbuying said manymagazine magazine
  2. 2. The title is a CONVENTIONS USED ON CONTENTS PAGE convention not only used in magazines butLike I have also in otherused on the forms offront cover writing so thethe main audienceimage is a knows whatconvention the page isin aboutmagazines The contents numberused to itself is convention that is put intoattract the magazines so thateyesight of people can easily seethe audience where things are located in theto the page magazine The editors note is The contact us a convention that I box is a convention of have used to help magazines so make a strong that readers are bond between the able to contact the makers of audience and the the magazine makers of this magazine
  3. 3. CONVENTIONS USED ON DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD Another convention I used ,while not massive but keeps within a professional sense of things is the The article title is yet again a convention credits for the article that you would find in any ive used that is prominent in other professional magazine magazinesThe quoteive used onthe mainimage is aconventionused bymagazinesto highlightan importantor interestingpart of thearticle AThe main conventionimage is a that I usedconvention fro theive used article waslike those the columnson the and thefront cover article itselfand and is acontents commonpage find in Like the article credits the page numbers are a small but useful magazines convention in professional magazines that I adhered to and does