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Hiring for Scale; 13 Hacks in 30 Minutes (Startup Grind Europe presentation)

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13 tips to help CXOs and HR/recruiting teams to hire more effectively as they scale their organizations.

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Hiring for Scale; 13 Hacks in 30 Minutes (Startup Grind Europe presentation)

  1. 1. Hiring for Scale 13 hacks in 30 minutes Leela Srinivasan, CMO
  2. 2. Newsflash: hiring continues to be hard... YoY Change in Talent Acquisition Spending Time to Fill (in Days) Source: Bersin by Deloitte, 2015 Talent Acquisition Factbook@leelasrin @lever
  3. 3. … and we are still in a candidate-driven market @leelasrin @lever Source: MRINetwork, May 2016
  4. 4. Why I’m here talking about hiring Lever exists because our co-founders recognized that hiring deserves better tools I joined Lever because I am obsessed with hiring @leelasrin @lever
  5. 5. Blow up your job descriptions. HACK #1: @leelasrin @lever
  6. 6. Most job descriptions are a combo of depressing and ridiculous. Source: Twitter @_vicksolo via Buzzfeed @leelasrin @lever
  7. 7. What will your new hire: - Own? - Teach? - Learn? - Improve? What will they actually do? @leelasrin @lever
  8. 8. Interview like you mean it. HACK #2: @leelasrin @lever
  9. 9. Instead of this... … try this Depressing, ridiculous job description Inspiring role profile with sufficient context Specific, complementary areas to delve into Little to no guidance to every interviewer Evaluating whether their skills and experience raise the bar @leelasrin @lever Deciding if you’d enjoy having a beer with a candidate
  10. 10. Use technology to create a more consistent process (e.g., Lever interview kits) @leelasrin @lever
  11. 11. Get your candidates comfortable. HACK #3: @leelasrin @lever
  12. 12. Interviewing should not feel like this. @leelasrin @lever
  13. 13. Simulate the work environment “Put your candidates in the position that is most similar to their actual working environment: at home and with a computer, not in front of a white board doing coding challenges.” - Chris Shaw, Director of Talent at Meteor @leelasrin @lever
  14. 14. Source beyond the obvious places. HACK #4: @leelasrin @lever
  15. 15. Hiring has changed quite a bit. @leelasrin @lever
  16. 16. 10 talent sources we like 1. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter 2. AngelList - startup hires 3. GitHub, StackOverflow - developers 4. Dribbble - designers 5. - engineers 6. Xing - select European talent 7. Conference speaker lists - all 8. App stores 9. Quora 10. Personal blogs @leelasrin @lever
  17. 17. Don’t give up on top prospects so easily. HACK #5: @leelasrin @lever
  18. 18. Build relationships, don’t push jobs - and adjust approach based on (non-)responses Scenario 1: no response to email Scenario 2: timing is off ● Try them again (politely) ● And again (politely) ● If you prod politely, you may guilt them into a response ● You may also get a referral ● They decline: Find out why - then follow up in the logical timeframe (e.g., post-bonus or vesting cliff) ● You fill the position: Tag the candidate so you can find them 3, 6, 9 months from now when the next role opens up @leelasrin @lever
  19. 19. Make LinkedIn your employer brand machine. HACK #6: @leelasrin @lever
  20. 20. Make LinkedIn your employer brand machine. HACK #6: @leelasrin @lever
  21. 21. vs. Employee connections on LinkedIn beat Company Page followers by a mile at least 45x@leelasrin @lever
  22. 22. Every profile matters! “At Lever we really walk the talk when it comes to talent. We put a ton of thought into how we hire and onboard people, as well as how we help them grow in their careers @leelasrin @lever “I used to think being a woman in tech meant simply accepting and overcoming aggressive workplaces… At Lever, I am thrilled to be an integral piece of a diverse, inclusive, engaged, and impassioned team.”
  23. 23. Turn your newest hires into evangelists. HACK #7: @leelasrin @lever
  24. 24. It is literally never too early to get your people fired up. @leelasrin @lever
  25. 25. “Call and coffee” your referrals. HACK #8: @leelasrin @lever
  26. 26. Get to precious referrals, fast and in person “Double down on any referred candidates. Don’t take a ‘we’ll get to them if they’re qualified’ mentality. Call and coffee them.” - Jer Langhans, co-founder, Paired Sourcing @leelasrin @lever
  27. 27. Internally, talk about hiring. All.The.Time. HACK #9: @leelasrin @lever
  28. 28. Showcase hiring like you showcase sales wins Source jam in progress Slack erupts with each new hire
  29. 29. Get feedback from people who didn’t make it. HACK #10: @leelasrin @lever
  30. 30. Learn from everyone who goes through your hiring process “We used to run NPS surveys among candidates that we didn’t hire - and then ask follow-up questions to find out how we could improve our candidate experience .” - Kirsti Grant, CEO & Co-Founder, Populate; former VP Talent, Vend @leelasrin @lever
  31. 31. Reference-check your heart out. HACK #11: @leelasrin @lever
  32. 32. Do not under any circumstance short-change reference checking Don’t Do ● Rely solely on references provided by the candidate ● Let the reference drive the call ● Expect the reference to proactively raise negative points ● Find other references who are mutual connections ● Lead the call; probe for exact details on the candidate’s achievements ● Find ways to frame ‘weakness’ questions to get accurate answers Recommended reading from Josh Hannah: With thanks to David Skok of Matrix Partners
  33. 33. Seed diversity & inclusion early. Never let up. HACK #12: @leelasrin @lever
  34. 34. D&I is really hard. But it’s even harder if you ignore it until you’re a big company. The “guys” jar The “no resume” campaign The diversity dashboard @leelasrin @lever
  35. 35. Invest in the tools to do it right. HACK #13: @leelasrin @lever
  36. 36. Spreadsheets can only get you so far @leelasrin @lever
  37. 37. Get your whole team hiring “With Lever in the hands of all Mattermark employees, we've cut our time to hire for open roles in half. Everyone from our team is sourcing candidates, referring friends, and contributing to hiring discussions. Hiring is now a team effort; I can train new employees about how to use Lever in two minutes. It's incredibly intuitive. - Talent lead, Mattermark @leelasrin @lever “There is no way we would have been able to scale hiring to the machine it’s become without using Lever.” - Head of Mobile, Lyft “Lever has made it possible for us to manage hundreds of active and passive candidates while building that hiring culture. We're now able to get to 'yes' quicker than ever before for the most strategic hires.” - Co-founder, Kinnek
  38. 38. @leelasrin @lever Or as one London customer puts it: - Talent Manager, Lost My Name “Some recruiters are born with Lever, some achieve Lever, and some have Lever thrust upon them.”
  39. 39. For many more hacks, see our resource library Recorded webinars including: ● Hiring for stealth through series C with Meteor ● Hiring for hypergrowth: lessons from Lyft ● How to build a recruiting machine with David Skok @leelasrin @lever
  40. 40. Want more recruiting tips? Join us tomorrow night @leelasrin @lever “Clever Hacks: Hiring Tips and Tricks” WeWork Aldgate Tower, 6:30-8:00pm, Thurs 16th Jun
  41. 41. Join over 1,000 customers on Lever! Stop by our booth or sign up for a demo at: @leelasrin @lever
  42. 42. #1 Blow up your job descriptions. #2 Interview like you mean it. #3 Get your candidates comfortable. #4 Source beyond the obvious places. #5 Don’t give up on top prospects so easily. #6 Make LinkedIn your employer brand machine. #7 Turn your newest hires into evangelists. #8 “Call and coffee” your referrals. #9 Internally, talk about hiring. All. The. Time. #10 Get feedback from people who didn’t make it. #11 Reference-check your heart out. #12 Seed diversity & inclusion early. Never let up. #13 Invest in the tools to do it right. Questions? @leelasrin @lever