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Lever's Customer Love Day 2017

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We turned Valentine's Day into Customer Love Day, and dressed up as many of our wonderful customers. Take a look at the goofy, hysterical costumes our Leveroos came up with.

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Lever's Customer Love Day 2017

  1. 1. We appreciate you! Customer Love Day 2017
  2. 2. This past Valentine’s Day, we showcased our appreciation to one audience we universally love here at Lever.
  3. 3. We called it Customer Love Day, and we dressed up in costumes to represent many of the teams we cherish working with (as you can see, costumes are kind of our thing).
  4. 4. Enclosed, you’ll see some goofy interpretations. We hope you laugh and smile, but most of all - we hope you see how grateful we are for the teams that put their trust in us.
  5. 5. Thank you to our customers! This one goes out to you.
  6. 6. Ciara transforms into a bouquet from BloomThat, a team that provides on-demand flower deliveries BloomThat
  7. 7. Leela pays tribute to Medallia, a company empowering its customers to improve their own customer experiences
  8. 8. Jodi showcases her love for Button, a team making it easier for consumers to discover and purchase goods Button
  9. 9. Chelsea embodies the “Stranger Things”show on Netflix, a company that enables consumers to stream movie and TV content
  10. 10. Josh captures the essence of Light, a cutting- edge camera technology company Light
  11. 11. Amanda, Michael and Brynna dress up in honor of our New Zealand customers, including: KPMG, a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory Services 90 Seconds, an entrepreneurial, cloud-based video creation company Datacom, a team that designs, builds and runs IT systems for other businesses
  12. 12. Kiran pays homage to Doughbies, a company that delivers freshly baked goods and gifts Doughbies
  13. 13. Kari and Jodi represent Coffee Meets Bagel, a private and free online dating app for singles looking for relationships
  14. 14. A few of our ladies “Lean In”, giving props to a non-profit organization that aims to offer women inspiration and support to help them achieve their goals Lean In
  15. 15. Garrett dons his gear from Doppler Labs, a wearable technology company creating products to enhance the way you see your world
  16. 16. Kelsey gives a hat tip to the Boston Red Sox, one of the most storied professional baseball teams in the world Boston Red Sox
  17. 17. Nate poses with his self-created lattice to honor Lattice, a performance management platform empowering customers to develop and retain their employees. Lattice
  18. 18. Representatives from our People and Finance teams give a shout-out to Duolingo, a free language education platform that gamifies every lesson
  19. 19. Leela, Dan, and Sarah deliver an inside joke to GT Nexus, a cloud supply chain platform providing logistics solutions, data services, and web services
  20. 20. Elaine raises her paws to praise DataFox, a deal intelligence platform that makes “big data” available to any individual or corporate analyst in real-time
  21. 21. Jared channels his inner Medium, a social publishing platform that allows anyone to share perspectives and ideas
  22. 22. Ramin, Amelia and Casey show their acting chops for, a global platform for social change
  23. 23. Ramin gets goofy for Lyft, a ride-sharing app reconnecting people and communities through better transformation
  24. 24. Jack harnesses her inner trucker for KeepTruckin Inc, an electronic logs and fleet management software company
  25. 25. Randal broadcasts his love for Yelp , an online platform that connects people with local businesses.
  26. 26. Julia displays her inner yogi for Sprig, an online app that delivers healthy organic meals in no time at all
  27. 27. Mike gets his game face on to salute Foursquare, a technology company using location intelligence to build meaningful consumer experiences and inform business decisions
  28. 28. Maya is all smiles for Blue Owl Software, a team offering software consulting and development services for designing and delivering iPhone/iPod applications
  29. 29. Phil prepares to create a masterpiece for Etsy, an e-commerce site and smartphone app that allow users to buy and sell handmade or vintage items
  30. 30. Todd and Charmaine wave hello to Thread, a company where stylists help you find clothes online, for free Thread
  31. 31. We’d love to dress up as your team next Valentine’s Day! Request a demo here