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  1. 1. Necrology by Standish Lawder
  2. 2. Synopsis In the film many people can be seen as the camera films them being ascended into heaven one by one in Grand Central Station in New York
  3. 3. Representations People: Many of the people in the piece are staring straight forward at the camera while others are engaging in conversations, laughing, yawning or messing with their hair, this makes the representations seem fairly straightforward but in the closing credits the people are given explanations to their narratives and personal histories which are hidden from the film so this represents the audience rather than the actors in the piece as it’s saying we can’t judge people by their face in one shot and can’t possibly know about them, what makes the film seem so simple is then transformed into something grand and a interesting character study of both the characters on screen and the audience themselves.
  4. 4. Location The location is Grand Central Station in New York on a seemingly never ending escalator. The effect of the escalator was used by having a mirror mounted, with the black and white grain quality of the film is makes the characters appear that they are being ‘swallowed’ by the blackness and carried off somewhere else entirely. This creates the sense of mystery as the audience watch the parade of people carried off into darkness and makes the audience feel there is a higher presence at work and this escalator is a doorway perhaps to heaven or hell.
  5. 5. Sound The only sound used in the piece is the mundane sound of the classical music which locks the characters into one identity. The title: The definition of the title ‘Necrology’ means an obituary notice literally a list of the dead.