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Spanish American War.ppt

  1. 2 Background: Who? Where?
  2. 3 The Philippines Cuba USA
  3. 4 Why? Help give freedom to Spain’s colonies!
  4. 5 Spain’s Reconcentration Policy Spain was fighting a guerilla war for Cuban independence and needed to separate “good” from “bad guys What? Why? General Weyler forced the rural population of central and western Cuba into barbed wire concentration camps. Thousands died of starvation and disease. Made Spain look bad in American eyes How did it lead to war?
  5. 6 American Economic Interests Protecting their economic interests What? Why? Many of Cuba’s sugar plantations were owned by Americans. The US had offered to buy Cuba from Spain, but the offer was rejected. Made Americans more likely to help out Cuba How did it lead to war?
  6. 7 “Yellow Journalists” What? Why? How did it lead to war?
  7. 8 “Yellow Journalism” Frederic Remington’s Disrobing Propaganda
  8. 9 Slide Analysis: Judge Cartoon
  9. 11 Sinking of the Maine in Havana Harbor What? USS Maine explodes in Havana, Cuba Harbor War declared on August 20, 1898 How did it lead to war? Most Americans believe it was Spain’s fault
  10. 12 Slide Analysis: Headline of the Maine Explosion Maine Explosion Caused by Bomb or Torpedo? 2/17/1898 New York World
  11. 13 Manila Bay: First attack of the Spanish- American War What Happened at Manila Bay? •A Surprise naval attack, led by Commodore George Dewey sunk the crumbling Spanish Navy. •This allowed American troops to land in the Phillippines. •Spain surrendered in August.
  12. 15 Rough Riders: Volunteer Infantry Who were the Rough Riders? Who was their leader? •Teddy Roosevelt resigns as Asst Secy of the Navy to lead a “Cowboy Calvary” •Brought his own photographer •Roosevelt’s popularity from this leads to his becoming V.P. and President
  13. 16 Rough Riders What famous Battle did they participate in? •San Juan Hill •African Americans also helped but get no credit
  14. 17 Teddy Roosevelt
  15. 18 Results US defeats Spain & becomes a world power US gained the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam Teller Amendment the U.S. could not annex Cuba but only leave "control of the island to its people." In short, the U.S. would help Cuba gain independence and then withdraw all its troops from the country. •Platt Amendment - allowed the United States to intervene unilaterally in Cuban affairs, and a pledge to lease land to the United States for naval bases on the island.