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Decanter centrifuge manufacturer in india

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KOSUN is a Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer in China,and our Decanter Centrifuge can be exported to India.

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Decanter centrifuge manufacturer in india

  1. 1. Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer in India KOSUN is a Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer in China,and our Decanter Centrifuge can be exported to India. Founded in 1992, Xi’an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. (KOSUN) is a state-level high-tech enterprise integrating environmental products R&D, production and sales, general project contracting and environmental management services. KOSUN is committed to the quality policy of “Good Faith, Quality Goods and Transcendence” and is based on the Chinese market to provide worldwide users with all kinds of professional solid-liquid separation products and comprehensive treatment services.
  2. 2. KOSUN Decanter Centrifuge Features and Benefits: 1. Innovative design includes longer bowl, allowing drilling fluids to thread through more slowly, thus resulting in drier solids and finer separation point; 2. Big bowl offers big volume. It also generates high-G force; 3. Stainless steel bowl, scroll, compartment are available and covered with corrosion-proof coating so as to have longer lifespan; 4. Tungsten carbide scroll points with wide spacing flights at tapered end create a finer layer of conveyed solids for consistent, uniform separation and maximum solids control efficiency. 5. German FAG or Swedish SKF brand bearings are available; 6. Electrical Components complies with SIEMENS/Schneider ATEX or IEC Ex. 7. Screw pump and submersible slurry pump are provided to meet liquid feeding requirements of centrifuge of various customers. Application Description of Decanter Centrifuge: KOSUN decanter centrifuges of common models (as listed in the table of technical parameters) are applied to oil drilling solids control system and drilling waste management. In addition, KOSUN centrifuges of other models (including those in the following table) can also be widely used in the following industries: Environmental Protection Industry
  3. 3. 1. Thickening and dewatering of various sludge in municipal sewage treatment plants 2. City tap water sludge dewatering and city domestic sludge dewatering 3. Printing and dyeing wastewater separation 4. Paper-making wastewater separation 5.Desulfurization waste water in power plants 6. Ceramics wastewater separation 7. Tannery sludge dewatering 8. Mine stone wastewater 9. Coal-washing wastewater 10. Oil drilling mud separation 11. Textile wastewater 12. Electroplating wastewater 13. Integrated wastewater in pharmaceutical factories Chemical Industry 1. PVC resin dewatering 2. ABS resin dewatering 3. Classified dewatering of non-metallic mine clay granularity 4. Fuel dewatering 5. Chemical fiber 6. Tar Food Industry 1. Soy protein separation 2. Starch dewatering 3. Vegetable oil separation 4. Deslagging of fruit juice beverages 5. Peanut protein separation
  4. 4. 6. Dewatering of distillers’ grains 7. Cane sugar deslagging 8. Breeding industry 9. Butchery 10. Industrial wastewater in breweries Pharmaceutical Industry 1. Separation of dregs extracted from traditional Chinese medicines 2. Saccharomycetes’ corpse treatment Other Industries 1. Recycling of paint powder 2. Separation of calcium sulfate in concrete admixtures 3. Recycling of plastics’ crushed aggregates 4. Kaolin classification 5. Treatment of livestock’ faeces Need more information about Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer in India,please contact us. (Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)