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Unit 207-Digital Project

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Unit 207 Digital Project

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Unit 207-Digital Project

  1. 1. UNIT 207- DIGITAL PROJECT Lindsey Howick
  3. 3. WHAT IS THE PRIVATE SECTOR? The Private Sector refers to all for-profit companies that are not under the control of the government. In free enterprise economies such as the UK and USA the private sector is generally quite large as there are not many restrictions imposed on businesses by the Government.
  4. 4. EXAMPLES OF PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANIES Apple: Apple is a private sector technology company.Apple makes some of the most popular computer technology in todays world.Their products include;Apple Mac, IPhone, IPod as well as software and apps such as ITunes.Apple works in a highly competitive market however it’s innovative and well branded products make it a staple in the technology world. Dentsu Aegis Network: Dentsu Aegis is a private sector creative media company. It has several sister companies including Carat.These companies work with big clients to help them advertise their products and services. Dentsu Aegis generates it's revenue by pitching for contracts with clients and typically works to a cost-plus pricing strategy. Costa Coffee: Costa Coffee is a well known private sector coffee franchise. Founded in London in 1971 it quickly became the popular chain that we know today. It specialises in coffee products but also sells cold drinks, food and some branded coffee merchandise. It operates in a flooded market but succeeds by creating good quality products for a reasonable price.
  6. 6. WHAT IS THE PUBLIC SECTOR? Public sector companies refer to companies that are owned and run by the government.Whilst these companies appear in countries across the globe they are especially prominent in places like China, which does not have a free enterprise economy.
  7. 7. EXAMPLES OF PUBLIC SECTOR COMPANIES Schools: Whilst some schools now operate within the private sector, for example academies, there are still thousands of public sector, government run schools throughout England and the world.These schools are once again paid for through tax payers money and offer standardised, free education to all children within the UK. In some countries people must pay to attend school. The NHS: The NHS is a public sector company owned and run by the UK government. It provides accessible healthcare to all UK citizens and has resulted in a vast improvement in nation wide health.The NHS is funded through tax payers money and national insurance contributions which are deducted from all UK workers earning over a certain amount. Police Services: Police services operate within the public sector as they are owned and run by the government.The government manages the police force and it is funded through tax payers money and sometimes through outside beneficiaries who may offer donations.They help to keep people safe and to enforce the laws set by the governments to help maintain order within society.
  9. 9. WHAT IS THE VOLUNTARY SECTOR? The voluntary sector is made up of organisations who generally aim to better or improve society as a whole.They do not work for a profit and generally have very little government backing or intervention.These companies are often referred to as ‘charities’ and operate all over the world. However, they also include religious groups and encompass places of worship.
  10. 10. EXAMPLES OF VOLUNTARY SECTOR COMPANIES The RSPCA: The RSPCA is a non-profit charity that works to protect animals. From the donations that they receive they are able to help abandoned animals, open shelters and also help with some conservation efforts.Additionally, with support from the UK police force the RSPCA are able to press charges against animal abusers and neglecters. Cancer Research: Cancer Research is a non- profit voluntary organisation. It works to carry out research in order to find cures for all types of cancer.As it is non- profit any money that the company generates is invested back in.This funds the companies research, pays for their staff and goes towards their advertisement costs.The company survives based upon donations by the public and other benefactors. Great Ormond Street: Great Ormond Street is a charity that helps sick and terminally ill children. It receives its funding from charitable donations either from individuals or from large organisations. It is one of the biggest charities to help sick children in England and they pioneer both treatment and comfort for the children and their parents.