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Y7 h22 homework store

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Y7 h22 homework store

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. • The Pueblos Indians were cliff dwellers and lived in the southwest of America.• These homes are very simple homes sculptured in the sides of cliffs and mountains of adobe brick.• They were very clever with stacking houses on top of each other. This meant that they could then fit many people into the small area available.• The Indians would get to their homes by ladders if they were in the higher house. 2
  3. 3. • These homes were very simple but ingenious for their surroundings and climate. These were built by the Seminole Indians down in Florida. This area was mainly swamps and water based.• The chickee homes made living there easier in this damp climate. For example they were built on stilts about 3 feet off the ground to keep them out of the water and from animals.• The roof was slanted to keep the rainwater sliding off and not pooling.• Inside the chickees they put up rafters so that things like utensils and blankets could be hung from them to keep them dry and safe.• At night they could sleep without worrying about animals getting to them on the ground like alligators and snakes. 3
  4. 4. HoganThis type of house is calledhogan its made of wood, andcompacted mud and soil. Theywere usually round and thedoor always faced east towelcome the sun / sunrise.These houses were insulatedand would keep you verywarm during the night.Hogans were mostly used bythe Navajo tribe. By Aidan
  5. 5. TeepeesThis type of native home iscalled a teepee, tepee, tipithese are the differentspelling. It kept you verywarm during winter and dryduring heavy rains.Teepees were easy to set upand take down you could do itin 30 minutes. that’s why theywere usually used byenomadic tribes They weremade of animal skins and andwooden poles. By Aidan
  6. 6. By Jamie* WITCHITAGRASS HUT inSW USA (Texasarea) - Lindy Most housing like this there where 7+ familys in there The houses were sometimes 5 - 10 metres across. It was built this exact shape for heat space and so they can have a fire in them 6
  7. 7. Native American HousingTipiThere We A lot Of Different Houses For The Native Americans. The main and most common one is the tipi. The Tipi Is Traditionally Made up of animal skin hunted by the owner ofthe tipi to keep it sheltered and warm, and long wooden poles to holethe tipi up right. Tipi’s Would Keep You warm At night cool in summerhot in the winter and dry and safe when it rains. Tipi’s were also verygood at folding away and setting back up when the tribe had to move to another spot.By Lowan 7
  8. 8. WigwamsWigwam’s Are A Type Of house from the nativeAmerican time. They are small domed dry housesThat Protect you at night from the rain. Thewigwam or as some people call it the wickiup, is asmall but spacious little house constructed of hay,straw, mud and leafs. They keep You dry at nightwarm in winter, cool in spring, cool in summerand warm in autumn. By Lowan 8
  9. 9. Wattle And Daub Houses By LucasAlso known as asi, the cherokee word for them. These were Native American houses used by Southeastern tribes.  Made by weaving rivercane, wood and vines onto a frame then coating with plaster.  The roof was either thatched with grass or shingled with bark.  They were permanent structures. They required a warm climate to be built, to dry the plaster.
  10. 10. Chickees!Chickees are houses that are sometimes built in swamps and arebuilt for people who live in a hot climate. They are used by tribeslike the Seminole Indians in Florida. The long posts hold theChickees up when they are built in swamps. By Marissa 10
  11. 11. Earth Lodges!Earth lodges are for people who want to stay there for a long time.They form a basement type of house which is covered over the topwith dirt weeds and other things like that. They are for peoplewho live in very hot weather because they don’t have anywindows or anything by having no windows that traps the warmair out of the lodge and the cold air into the lodge there forkeeping it cooler in the lodge. By Marissa 11
  12. 12. Native Americans-grass houses by Sîoned• Grass houses were used by the Wichita tribe who were the original people of southeren Oklahoma and Texas. 12
  13. 13. By SîonedThey were also used by other tribes such as theCaddos who lived on the Southeren plains.The grass houses looked like large wigwam but aremade with a wooden frame bent into a beehive shapeand thatched with the long praire grass. They could beas high as 40 feet and more.They made god and comfortable homes for people ina warm climate like the Southeren plains. The modernday Wichita still live mostly in Oklahoma. 13
  14. 14. LonghouseLonghouses were built bythe Eastern nativeamaricans. Many familieslived together in onelonghouse. Each weregiven their own section.Long houses weremeasured by campfires.Longhouses were about 10to 12 campfires long. Longhouses could be 200 feetlong, 25 feet wide, and 25feet high. By Sufyan 14
  15. 15. WigwamsNot all native Americansbuilt longhouses. Somebuilt wigwams. Awigwam was a roundbuilding with a round topcovered with mat orhide. Some were quitelarge, about 6 feet long. By Sufyan 15
  16. 16. A Chickee and a palmetto tree by William • In the centre of the village was a great house made up of four bark covered houses and this was used for meetings. One large house in the village was used as a cook house. • The Seminole Indians were farming people and also made flat dugout canoes from hollowed out cypress logs to fish. The warriors used bows• The Seminole Indians lived in and arrows and also tomahawks. houses called chickees. • The word Seminole comes from the• Everything was made by hand. The Spanish word meaning wild, they chickees were platform houses spoke two different languages called made of logs from the palmetto Miccosukee and Creek although tree and canvas curtains were used today they mainly speak English. to keep them warm and dry. 16