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Portfolio 3

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Portfolio 3

  1. 1. Linette BrownIndustrial Designer
  2. 2. Linette Brown Sci-fi Lovertel: 1-613-299-7587email: post: 1542 Bourcier Dr. Ottawa, Ontario K1E 3J2 Hi there! Since I havent had the pleasure of meeting you yet, I thought Id let you get to know me a little. I got into the Industrial Design program at Carleton straight out of high school. As soon as I discovered that this was an actual job, I knew that industrial design was what I wanted Adventurer to do with my life. Its not work if you love it right? At the moment I am currently exploring the possibilities in exhibition design by way of an internship at the Canadian Museum of Nature located in Ottawa. This was driven by my interest in user interaction and I am loving it. Trying to understand how someone uses an object, and what they are drawn to is pretty fascinating. I love learning new things, so the variety of exhibits provides me with so much exciting information. I am an aspiring traveller, having been on exchange to Australia and visited several other places, but there are still so many places I want to go. I like to stay active when my busy schedule allows; until a recent injury, this usually meant a good game of soccer. Im a little bit of a geek and a lover of sci-fi. Vid games and baking are pretty awesome, and eo I like music of the indie-alt variety though Ill listen to just about anything. I also take my Halloween costumes pretty seriously. Im a down to earth girl with practical sensibilities. I try to avoid conflicts whenever possible and I do pretty well with a group of willing teammates. I would classify myself Industrial Designer as a reality based optimist and Id love for a chance to show you what I can do.
  3. 3. Renovation of Clarendon Lane May-August 2011 Ottawa Urban Design Awards Contest Entry In collaboration with 2 coworkers Side table A renovation of a pedestrian street located in downtown Ottawa. Updated public seating and lighting are used to transform the space and invite Seat more use and traffic during both daylight an evening hours. Childs seat/ Filled with passing traffic during the day, baggage space bench space went unused. The new design assigns each person a personal circle so that others may use the remaining seats without encroaching on another persons space. Relatively abandoned at night, the ped estrian street was outfitted with a greater number of lights to increase safety and visibility.Inviting for all, day or night
  4. 4. Traffic Flow Spaces in bench clusters allow for free flow of traffic Safe EnvironmentDivide and illuminate
  5. 5. Musical Blocks September-December 2011 Inclusive toy design project The goal of this project was to design a toy with the focus on inclusivity of children with mental and physical challenges. Interviews and visits with childrens care facilities aided in the focus of this project. The key objective within the project: Design a toy that INCLUDES the child in normal play, not a toy that is geared specifically towards challenged play.Play LED light colour inside translucent block indicates note Change C D E F G A B C note/colour Battery access
  6. 6. Research and Guidelines Inclusive Design: Maximizing the usability for ALL users Appeal to multiple ages Facilitate individual and cooperative play Have graduated stages of play/difficulty Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Auditory and visual feedback Personas Keegan Emily Taylor The Burkes
  7. 7. FabricationWays to Play Single stimulation of light and sound Advanced Building song and blocks pattern buildingMultiple levels of play
  8. 8. Stud Finder February-June 2012 Theoretical student project based on user testing A theoretical multi-material sensing stud finder for personal use. The project was dictated by a set technical package. The arrangement of electronics and use of sensors were directed through several user trials using foam models and simple electronic mock ups. Designed for the first time user, this stud finder clearly separates each step as a simple function so that the procedure can be easily followed by an inexperienced user.What’s really behind my walls? Water Metal Metal wall pipes wires studs Wood wall studs
  9. 9. Guided use Models Colour coded steps guide user WATER METAL WOOD READY Subtle arrows to direct user Left to right, top CALIBRATEto bottom natural sequencingStoryboard CALIBRATE. MARK EDGE. REPEAT. WATER WATER WATER METAL WOOD METAL METAL WOOD WOOD READY READY READY CALIBRATE CALIBRATE CALIBRATE
  10. 10. Exhibition Stand March 2011 A one-time use, single student display Requirements: - maximum 4x4 footprint - use Octanorm technology Constructed based on the Octanorm system, this exhibit design boasts bright colours and unique shapes to grab the attention of passers-by. A built in lighting system ensures clear views of the students projects, and the header means that exhibitioners can always find their way back to the booth. This design is fun, unique and the perfect way to draw a crowd.Stand out in a crowd
  11. 11. Nerus Stool May-June 2011 Student furniture prototype project Fitting the requirements of a 50x50 cm footprint, this stool prototype is made of plywood and MDF that has been veneered. A self imposed flatpack restriction was used to keep potential shipping and storage costs to a minimum. The final product consists of 3 pieces and 10 screws, and is easily assembled by customers at home using only a screwdriver. This low stool functions as a seat for one adult, or 2 children, and can also be used as a ottoman.Flatpack Furniture
  12. 12. Flatpack CNC Fabrication Kerfing Technology Ideation
  13. 13. OC Transpo Redesign September-December 2011 In collaboration with 4 partnersNavigation Lines The exploration of a user centered redesign of the public bus transportation system in Ottawa, Canada. Research and observation of the station were the main focus. Analysis of the information, combined with brainstorming, and focus groups led to a series of concepts that addressed several aspects of users needs. Interviews and user testing were cond ucted to validate and refine concepts.Proposed solutions Bus arrival countdown Visual bus tracker Public Game Live Entertainment Route Tracking
  14. 14. nogra phicEthstudy Concep t Genera ti on Process of events Analys Va l i d a t is & ion Insight