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Content is Currency - FinanceConnect 2015

Content Marketing for Financial Companies

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Content is Currency - FinanceConnect 2015

  1. 1. BlackRock Journey • Raise brand awareness in a crowded marketplace, focusing on investors and financial advisors. Differentiate through branded content. Challenge Strategy • Content: Use retirement as a unifying pillar • Distribution: Build syndication channels via relationships and support with technology • Audience: Tailor audience to content, and tailor content to audience 10 Solution • Enhance blog to include more retirement content, more form factors, ease of sharing (esp via RSS). • Distribute blog and other content via social channels • Increase use of LinkedIn paid promotion because of deep client data based on job titles and seniority, as well as affinity follows • Leverage Larry Fink as Influencer
  3. 3. Determining ROI, Step 1 • Created a “simple” spreadsheet to show the value of Owned, Earned and Paid across the traditional categories of Awareness, Consideration and Engagement • Noted spend for social (“paid”) • Compared with spend for digital efforts • Was able to show that social achieved 6x more ACE than traditional digital, and we knew more about the consumers to inform additional content LinkedIn Owned Earned Paid Awareness Consideration Engagement
  4. 4. • The magic is in earned. How is this calculated? • A LinkedIn example from 2014 shows the value by ACE • 129% of the campaign total Viral Clicks Social Actions Impressions Follows Total Campaign Spend: $xx,xxx • Paid Clicks: xxxx Viral Clicks: xxx xxx Social Actions (includes Likes/Comments/ Shares from Paid and Viral) xxx,xxx Impressions (from Paid and Viral) xxx New Followers (includes Paid and Viral, based on a $18/CPF) Total average Campaign CPC: $x.xx Total eCPC: $x.xx Determining ROI, Step 2
  5. 5. Why LinkedIn For BlackRock • The clients and prospects are there • We can tailor our spend • It’s super mobile friendly • It works  250K+ FAs on LinkedIn in the US  FAs are 151% more likely to engage with content on LinkedIn than average 90% of FAs who use social media for business turn to LinkedIn, 3 out of 5 had success in gaining new clients with 1/3 generating over a $1MM in new AUM Of 40% of HNWI who frequent LI on a weekly basis, 26% indicated that they use it for a financial purpose with 28% taking some kind of action after reading financial content That engagement is being driven by greater trust in the platform; 51% of HNW investors trust content shared by brands on LinkedIn HNW Investors’ needs change at different life stages. LinkedIn has: US Profile Changers: 5.1 Million US Retirement: 12.5 Million US Geo-Changers: 1 Million Financial AdvisorsHigh Net Worth
  6. 6. Tailored Messages To Target Audiences OVERARCHING MESSAGE Retirement - Larry Fink TAILORED MESSAGE Financial Advisors TAILORED MESSAGE HNWIs
  7. 7. April 2013: Started Sponsored Updates OwnedPaid Earned Followers accelerated organically to over 100k 4x greater engagement than Finance average CTRs, Avg. Engagement > 1.4% 1.25x in added value earned inventory 12 Month Summary