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Chef Anthony Bourdain dies at 61, and more news

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Anthony Bourdain
Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has been found dead Friday in Strasbourg, France, at the age of 61. Bourdain was most known for his TV series "Parts Unknown," on CNN.
Starbucks is increasing the price of certain beverages by 10 to 20 cents in most U.S. stores. The chain’s smallest size, “tall,” will jump to $2.15 on account of higher operating and sales expenses.
Leaders from the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Britain will gather today for the annual G7 summit in Canada. President Trump is facing anger from his G7 counterparts over his metal tariffs.
"There may be disagreements. I regard this as much like a family quarrel." U.S. Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow, on the G7 summit.
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