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Google Beats Expectations and United Gives Away a Million Frequent Flyer Miles. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines

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Google beat expectations for the first time in 6 quarters. The stock was up 11%, or $65, overnight. What’s got investors so excited? Cost discipline.

Arctic: Five nations agreed to temporarily ban commercial fishing in international waters in the Arctic. Ocean temperatures are higher than ever and pushing fish further north.

Economy: The US is releasing consumer prices and housing starts. Those figures will tell whether bad retail sales earlier this week were a fluke or something to worry about.

United: Two hackers who found security flaws in United Airlines’ computer system were rewarded with a million frequent flyer miles.

Quote of the Day: “We have to challenge the assumptions, regulations and laws that protect most of Washington from true digital disruption.” - Jeb Bush, 2016 presidential candidate, on LinkedIn.

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