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Harvey Weinstein fired, US economist wins Nobel, and more news.

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Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been forced out of his own firm, the Weinstein Company. A recent New York Times report revealed sexual harassment allegations and settlements spanning decades.
Nobel Prize
Richard Thaler has won the Nobel Prize in Economics. The University of Chicago economist (and co-author of bestseller Nudge) has helped shape the field of behavioral economics, which studies how human psychology affects economic decision-making.
Alphabet won FCC approval to provide emergency internet connectivity to Hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, using balloons as floating cell towers. Thousands of towers were damaged by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, leaving roughly 80% of the island without connectivity as recently as last week.
“Hollywood has a lot of work to do.”
Kirsten Schaffer, Executive Director, Women In Film

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Animation: Lucy Clinch 
Script: Katie Carroll, Lorraine K. Lee 
Art: Jacqueline Zaccor 
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