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The Future of Air Travel, One Airline Seat at a Time

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Designers envision innovative seat configurations for better flights

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The Future of Air Travel, One Airline Seat at a Time

  1. The future of air travel, One seat at a timeDesigners envision innovative seat configurations for better flights
  2. on average, there are 690,000 passengers travelling in the air at any given moment International Air Transport Association (2012)
  3. THE 2015 AIRCRAFT INTERIORS EXPO is bringing innovation to the way we WILL travel IN THE FUTURE
  4. Airbus' 11-across layout for its A380 superjumbo jets AS AIRBUS SHOWS IN ITS MOCKS (Photo: Airbus)
  5. Airbus' 11-across layout AS SHOWN BY TRAVEL JOURNALISTS
  6. Thompson Aero Cozy Suite out of northern ireland can fit more passengers into economy class due to its staggered design Photo via:
  7. Some more airplane interior concepts
  8. JAZZ Economy Class Seat. Panasonic, B/E Aerospace, Formation Design Group, TEAGUE via JAZZ ECONOMY CLASS Boasts quality In-Flight Entertainment experience and gives smart spots to store and power your gadgets
  9. ROHI While mostly conventional, uses different patterns and fabrics to create some more visual interest in a normally uniform and stark environment Rohi NextGen Seat Fabrics/Rohi, Germany via
  10. BOEING Sometimes the entraNce to the aircraft is the nicest part of the flight Boeing 777 Premium Entry Arch/TEAGUE Design via
  11. The Elisava bracket trolley from the Barcelona school of design This new trolley has rotational drawers and injury-preventing rounded edges. Pretty and practical! also NO MORE waiting for the trolley to go past in order to get to the lavatory. Elisava Trolley/Barcelona School of Design and Engineering via
  12. What does the future of AIRLINE TRAVEL LOOK LIKE to you?