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The Best Ads of the Super Bowl (And Why Kim Kardashian Won, Again)

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Chief Strategy Officer at Salesforce and LinkedIn Influencer, Michael Lazerow weighs in on the Super Bowl ads.

"The big game is over. The ads have run. And every American is now a critic for a day.

The winners are typically the most memorable or funny ads. That hasn’t changed since the dawn of Super Bowl marketing. While customers have evolved to social, mobile and digital beings, some of the Super Bowl advertisers have not.

Nowhere was the fundamental and structural disconnect between TV advertising and marketing in our digital and mobile world more evident than last night’s Super Bowl.

To make the most of their investments, marketers must do more than brand themselves by trying to capture Super Bowl viewers’ attention.

Yes, marketers must create a moment that resonates in order to capture immediate interest. That’s a given. But they also must convert that interest into a next step, a journey. Sometimes this is a sale. But more often it is permission to engage and continue a relationship with someone."

Always | #LikeAGirl

Weight Watchers | All You Can Eat

Squarespace | The Cliff -

TurboTax 2015 | Boston Tea Party

T-Mobile | #KimsDataStash

Microsoft | Braylon O'Neill

Carnival Corporation | Come Back to the Sea

Budweiser |Lost Dog #BestBuds

Avocados From Mexico | #FirstDraftEver

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