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LinkedIn for Refugees - Mobile App


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LinkedIn for Refugees - Mobile App

  1. 1. The Essential Guide to LinkedIn
  2. 2. What we will cover in this session 1. What is LinkedIn? 2. Build your “Professional Brand” 3. Explore Job Paths 4. Tips for Getting Hired 5. Extra Credit: Maximizing LinkedIn
  3. 3. Before we tell you what LinkedIn does, this is who we are LinkedIn’s vision: To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something A chance for employment or promotion op·por·tu·ni·ty noun
  4. 4. Why can LinkedIn jumpstart your career? 6M+ Jobs & internshipsEmployers 10M+ Students 28M+ Professionals & alumni 460M+
  5. 5. LinkedIn: a social media platform for your professional self People showcase who they are professionally by adding to their profiles: • Work history • Education and qualifications • Clubs, groups, or relevant activities • Skills Organizations (companies, nonprofits, etc.) use LinkedIn to: • Hire people to work for them • Market and define their business and services Members connect to stay in touch & find opportunities, including: • Jobs • New business / Sales • Volunteer positions….and more!
  6. 6. The LinkedIn difference: a professional mindset Other social networks are for your personal life LinkedIn is for your professional life
  7. 7. Meet Marwan
  8. 8. Meet Marwan • 26 year old from Syria • Script writer at Sweden’s national theater, Dramaten • English translator • Worked at a bakery in Turkey • Student at Tishreen University Now Before
  9. 9. Meet Marwan How did LinkedIn help Marwan find new opportunities? He created a digital professional identity through LinkedIn, with customized support from Welcome Talent Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 He connected to professionals who helped him navigate the job market in Sweden He researched other people’s career paths to get ideas for his own
  10. 10. The Result? Marwan got an internship! ➔This internship led him to an opportunity to explore his passion for scriptwriting at Sweden’s most prestigious theater Editor at Newsner, Sweden’s largest new media site ➔Marwan now has connections that will help him throughout the rest of his professional life
  11. 11. You can do it all on LinkedIn Explore jobsBuild your brand Get hired
  12. 12. You already have the ingredients for success LinkedIn can help you to develop and showcase your skills, which can lead to future internship & job opportunities! Career Education WorkGoals Interests Values Skills
  13. 13. Build your professional brand Get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters
  14. 14. Company recruiters use LinkedIn Source: Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 2015 9 10out of So should you
  15. 15. Learn to rock your profile! of hiring managers look at profiles to learn about candidates 75% Source: LinkedIn Job Search Guide, 2016 of employers say that a positive online reputation influences their hiring decisions 85%
  16. 16. Source: LinkedIn Job Search Guide, 2016 Get the LinkedIn App Registering on LinkedIn
  17. 17. 1 2Start with your name and email Add your job title (current or past) and your company Or if you’re a student, click here
  18. 18. Add your country and zip code3
  19. 19. Now for the most important part: Add a profile photo So close! Confirm your email 4 5
  20. 20. Prioritize your interests 6
  21. 21. 6 Key Profile Sections Photo Education and Training Experience Volunteer experience Skills Summary 1 2 3 4 5 6
  22. 22. 1 Photo: where you make your first impression 21X Profiles with photos get 21X more views on average The shot should be: ✓ You alone ✓ From shoulders up, smiling ✓ With a neutral background No fancy photographer needed
  23. 23. 2 Education and Training: the foundation of your career 10X Members who list a school or training program get 10X more views on average ✓ Add your school or training program ✓ Add your field of study, major and/or degree ✓ Include groups you’ve lead and honors you’ve earned
  24. 24. 3 Experience: show what you’ve achieved 36X Profiles with two or more positions are up to 36X more likely to be found by recruiters List internships, summer jobs, and part-time jobs Bonus: describe what you accomplished
  25. 25. 41% 4 Volunteer Experience: it counts, so include it of hiring managers consider volunteer experience equally as valuable as paid work experience
  26. 26. 5 Skills and recommendations: raise your ranking in recruiter searches 5+ If you list 5 or more skills, you’ll get up to 17X more profile views ✓ Great at customer service? ✓ Know JAVA programming? ✓ Have foreign language skills? ✓ Skilled at accounting?
  27. 27. Recommendations: Add credibility and flavor to your profile Tips for getting strong recommendations: Ask former professors, colleagues, clients Remind them of your past projects and accomplishments Recommendations should showcase a diverse set of skills & strengths
  28. 28. 6 Summary: your unique story in your own voice Be sure to highlight: ✓ What you’re interested in ✓ What you’re good at ✓ Your career goal(s) & future aspirations Keep it short - No more than two paragraphs!
  29. 29. Let’s give it a try ❑ Set up a profile from the beginning ❑ Upload a photo ❑ Add your education or training program ❑ Add your relevant work experience ❑ Add volunteer experience ❑ Add at least 5-10 skills ❑ Add your summary
  30. 30. Explore careers Discover jobs and companies that fit you best
  31. 31. Your to-do list is overwhelming ✓ Support your family ✓ Search for jobs ✓ Learn a new language ✓ Sleep ✓ Choose a career ✓ Research companies ✓ Contact people who can help Knowing where to start is half the battle
  32. 32. You can do it all on LinkedIn Find fellow alumni Connect with people you know Use messaging to reach out
  33. 33. Connect with people you know Tip: Import your email contacts to find more people to connect with 1
  34. 34. Search for additional people you know Start with friends, family, classmates, mentors, teachers, and of course, anybody you’ve ever worked with! Click on the “My Network” tab to start exploring. Don’t forget to personalize connection invitations so people remember who you are
  35. 35. Send personalized connection invitations Always personalize your invitation when connecting with another LinkedIn member. This makes it clear to the other person why you are reaching out – and they are more likely to accept your invitation. If you met them before, remind them when and where!
  36. 36. Discover people on LinkedIn Rather than searching for someone specific, you can also find people by location, company, industry and more! To navigate there: ➢ Hit the search icon in the search bar ➢ Type in a keyword (company, industry, location, etc.) ➢ For example: You could search “Nurse Chicago Bilingual”
  37. 37. Find fellow alumni To navigate there: • Find school in the search bar • Click “See alumni” • You’ll see a breakdown of where alumni are from and where they work Training programs can use this tool as well! *Make sure to include a personal note with your connection request 2
  38. 38. Use messaging to reach out to your network Chat-style interface for quick conversations Tip: Research what your connections have been up to (where they work, what they’ve been posting, if their company has job openings) – and use messages to connect 3
  39. 39. Why? ✓ They work in the jobs or companies that interest you most ✓ They can connect you with someone else who does What to say? ✓ Who you are ✓ How you came across their profile ✓ How they can help you Tap your connections and alumni for help
  40. 40. Let’s give it a try ❑ Import your email contacts and send personalized invitations ❑ Search and discover people on LinkedIn ❑ Find and add fellow alumni ❑ Search for other people you might know ❑ Send a practice message to a connection
  41. 41. Get hired Grow your network and research jobs and companies
  42. 42. You can do it all on LinkedIn Career Exploration Job Search AppJob Search Recommendations & Alerts
  43. 43. Search thousands of local job postings (6M+ total) Hint: if your profile is complete, you’ll get more relevant job listings To navigate there: • Click the “Jobs” tab in the top navigation bar • Search for and filter jobs by keyword, title, company, postal code, function, industry, years of experience, and/or date posted Save a search result to get email alerts for new job postings 1
  44. 44. Learn what’s out there by browsing job descriptions The work you’ll be doing Company culture & what it’s like to work there 2
  45. 45. 4 Initial search for “English Second Language Teacher” Choose the appropriate level of experience for you Use filters to target specific locations, roles, companies, etc. Target your search3
  46. 46. Search for jobs at specific companies you are interested in… And set up job alerts to stay ‘in the know’
  47. 47. Apply for jobs easily online4
  48. 48. Get job recommendations, tailored for you ● Click the “Jobs” tab in the bottom navigation bar ● Scroll down to “Jobs you may be interested in” ● Click “Update career interests” ● Select industries, company size preference, and more!
  49. 49. 85% Leverage your connections for referrals of jobs get filled through networking
  50. 50. Let recruiters know you’re looking! Here’s a glimpse into how recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates by experiences, skills, schools, training programs, and more 5
  51. 51. Remember: the more complete your profile, the more you’ll come up in recruiters’ searches!
  52. 52. Get the LinkedIn mobile apps You are 10% more likely to get the job if you apply the first day it's posted Get notified in the Job Search app when your application has been viewed, when a saved job is about to expire, or when there are new jobs that meet your search criteria 6
  53. 53. Let’s give it a try ❑ Research companies you’re interested in ❑ Search and apply for jobs ❑ Set up job alerts ❑ Download the LinkedIn Job Search App
  54. 54. Show your work on your profile ✓ Freelance projects ✓ Writing samples (on LinkedIn or elsewhere) ✓ Your design portfolio ✓ Things you’ve built Help employers see the quality of your work Extra Credit
  55. 55. Follow Companies Stay up to date on employers you want to work for Follow Influencers Learn from leaders you admire in your preferred industries LinkedIn home feed
  56. 56. See what your connections are doing, reading and publishing in your feed
  57. 57. You can also search for articles on any topic you like!
  58. 58. Manage your public profile Update your privacy settings Create your profile in another language Try a Job Seeker Premium subscription Help Center Questions? Check out LinkedIn’s Help Center
  59. 59. Your dream job is closer than you think ©2016 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.