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DX Manufacturers & Design Forum

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2 case studies – Beyond Beautiful what can design do for Business – presentation to Canadian Manufacturers at the Design Exchnage / DX Business Forum witf RGD Ontario.

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DX Manufacturers & Design Forum

  1. 1. CLIENT M-real; A European manufacturer of white paper for commercial printing. OBJECTIVE Launch an altogether new corporate brand and paper lines into a heavily commoditized, North American biased, merchant-laden (and shrinking) market. RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  2. 2. M-real Driving sales by high-level brand recognition RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  3. 3. M-real Brand persona – European iconography RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  4. 4. M-real Brand building by association – capture attention + desire RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  5. 5. M-real Credibility by example – ‘the choice of champions’ RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  6. 6. M-real Proof by printed samples – order on-line RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  7. 7. M-real Paper Specifier kit – innovative format, ideal for cross selling RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  8. 8. M-real Swatch books – useful, usable and desirable RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  9. 9. M-real Print advertising – seen in all the right places RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  10. 10. M-real Vehicle graphics – big-time exposure without the cost RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  11. 11. M-real Trade shows and events RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  12. 12. M-real We “Make it Real” – M-real beats commoditization – achieves leading brand status in print, online and at events RISE ABOVE COMMODITIZATION
  13. 13. Big Ideas Work “We’ve achieved #1 brand status in less than 18 months – much bigger competitors are astounded” Jeff Tapping President, M-Real Canada
  14. 14. Big Ideas Work “Our sales are up by 10% in a market that’s down by 7% – our trading-up approach sets us apart and protects our margins. Jeff Tapping President, M-Real Canada
  15. 15. Big ideas at work CLIENT Direct Line; A distributor of high-density filing equipment serving hundreds of independent dealers across the U.S. OBJECTIVE Grow sales and reward dealer loyalty with a bold new Preferred Partner Program integrating print, Web and email.
  16. 16. Direct Line In 2005 this 216-page book shook up the industry CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIP MODELS
  17. 17. Direct Line Created for end-customers – customized for every dealer CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIP MODELS
  18. 18. Direct Line “When we started handing out the Buyer’s Guide, we saw significant increases in order sizes and more frequent orders. Sales are up 43% over the same time last year.” David Stoutamire Colonel USA Fr Ret. – Vice President, Advanced Filing Systems Florida CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIP MODELS
  19. 19. Direct Line And then we added the Web CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIP MODELS
  20. 20. Direct Line Market-leading turn-key packages – fast and affordable CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIP MODELS
  21. 21. Direct Line Completely interactive and customized for every dealer CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIP MODELS
  22. 22. Direct Line Search Engine Optimized for Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIP MODELS
  23. 23. Direct Line Portal sites to drive even more leads to local dealers (100 dealers X 250 pages each = 250,000 optimized pages!) CREATE NEW RELATIONSHIP MODELS
  24. 24. Big Ideas Work “We’ve transformed our role to become a distribution and marketing partner – driving leads to dealers in ways that no other manufacturer or distributor has.” David Downs President, Direct Line Corporation
  25. 25. Big Ideas Work “There were skeptics, but not anymore. We’ve seen sales growth of 30% in 2006 alone. Context has delivered in building the Team for Team Direct Line” David Downs President, Direct Line Corporation