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Events An Affair 2 Remember

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Events by Lisa - Watts Smith

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Events An Affair 2 Remember

  1. 1.
  2. 2. “Everyone said that thiswas one of the bestevents that they haveattended in a long time. Ihave to say, this is agroup that isn’t theeasiest to please soknow this is a realcompliment.- Molly Eason, HRExecutive Off-sites & Sales Meetings
  3. 3. “It is absolutely my pleasure towork with you! Yourorganization and attention tothe details has been fantastic.You have been unbelievablyvaluable to me concerning thismeeting. With out you andyour help on this, I would beabsolutely catatonic.”- JackStewart, Marketing, ArthroCare
  4. 4. Team Building“Everyone said that thiswas one of the best eventsthat they have attended ina long time.- Susan Swooboda, HR
  5. 5. Entertainment &Themed Events“The party was great andyou ALWAYS make uslook so good!”- Jill Williams, EventManager
  6. 6. “We were just mentioning atTim’s staff meeting how greatthe party was yesterday!Thanks so much for all yourhelp. The only problem is younow have a tough act to follownext year!!- Elisha Finney, CFO, Varian
  7. 7. SummerCelebrations
  8. 8. Private Events
  9. 9. Landmark Celebrations
  10. 10. Hand Selected Caterers & Vendors