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Video production basic principles

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by Joern Loviscach

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Video production basic principles

  1. 1. Video production: basic principles Jörn Loviscach
  2. 2. Creativity matters! • Authenticity and timeliness • Not just lectures and Khan-style videos: demonstrations, experiments, hands-on guides, field trips, interviews, … • Props, location • Inspiration: comics and sketchnotes
  3. 3. Principles for lean video production • Prepare and test • Produce, don’t post-produce • Record with editing in mind • Be intelligible and comprehensible Plus: some disputed advice.
  4. 4. Prepare and test • Notes, script, or storyboard? • Preproduce recurring elements, templates • Test & establish a production workflow: – File names, numbers (versions!), folders – Positions, settings for microphone, camera – Templates for video & audio processing
  5. 5. Produce, don’t post-produce • Put everything on the screen, record from there • Keep window frames and menus out of recording • Test recording setup • Avoid “um” and lip smacking
  6. 6. Record with editing in mind • “Clapper” to sync screen recording and camera; never stop recording • Pauses to read & think; can be edited out • For each new take: bell or click that can be spotted in the audio waveform • Redo from the last breath
  7. 7. Be intelligible and comprehensible • Legible handwriting • Graphics design: – typography – consistent choice of shapes and color – orderly layout • Simple and clear language
  8. 8. And some disputed advice • Lecturer as video editor: you know what you’re talking about • Record with an audience (N ≥ 1): – stage presence (loud, lively, intelligible), less picky – quick feedback (style, mistakes, learning: quizzes) – also works for Khan style
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