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Knowledge Hub: Social intranet | Liz Copeland

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Presentation about Knowledge Hub on what it is, the benefits and who's using it. Presented by Liz Copeland at Really Useful Day: Social media for councils in London on 6 February 2015.

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Knowledge Hub: Social intranet | Liz Copeland

  1. 1. Knowledge Hub Liz Copeland 6 February 2015 Collaboration, networks and the social hub
  2. 2. © 2014 CapacityGrid Knowledge Hub Limited 2 million knowledge exchanges at your fingertips16 Knowledge Hub is a free to join cross-sector online collaboration platform where its members connect, discuss, exchange knowledge and develop initiatives to improve public services & create social value. Discover knowledge to help you do your job Save time and money Connect with other people like you Generate ideas Raise your profile
  3. 3. © 2014 CapacityGrid Knowledge Hub Limited 3 100,000 members and growing every day. 1,500 groups working to improve: Democratic participation Public health Environmental protection Flood risk management Consumer protection Transport Emergency services Education Housing & planning Social care Foster care Community services Technology Digital service delivery Open policy making Economic growth Who is using Knowledge Hub? Practitioners, elected members, teachers, civil servants, researchers, policy makers, suppliers, volunteers… and many more.
  4. 4. © 2014 CapacityGrid Knowledge Hub Limited4 Governance • Originally developed by the Local Government Association, now part of CapacityGrid • Expanded to wider public sector, UK and global • Recommended by & on G-Cloud • Strategic direction determined by our members: o KHub Advisory Board – key stakeholders from networks and sectors o User groups for co-production with members e.g. Enterprise social networks social intranet + social extranet + productivity tools = the Social Hub
  5. 5. © 2014 CapacityGrid Knowledge Hub Limited5 Why go social? • It’s the people, not the technology • Knowledge Hub members demonstrate the benefits of collaboration every day • We want to see more people realising those benefits through Knowledge Hub • If it can work for individuals across organisations and sectors – why not within organisations too? • Innovation as a key driver for change – new ways of working “Knowledge Hub helped me to write a strong business case for my council to use social media. Not only could I provide good case study examples of how other councils use social media and which platforms, I could also refer the senior management team to individuals who could answer their questions about risks and time commitments. Progress to deliver the social media strategy across the council would have been much slower without my membership of Knowledge Hub.” Stacy Cosham, Broadland Council “Without access to the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) group I would have to build my own database of contacts, but the day job doesn’t allow me time to do this. Posting a question or request for guidance in the forum will always get at least one reply very quickly, one or two replies on the same day, and many more within a working week.” Rebecca Staddon, Taunton Deane Council
  6. 6. © 2014 CapacityGrid Knowledge Hub Limited6 What’s the evidence for going social? • Better communication and employee engagement = better productivity (Engage for Success Nailing the Evidence report • Evidence suggests that social intranets are more successful than traditional static intranets – SouthEastern case study: o Initial 3 month pilot static vs. social – 550 views vs. 52,000 views! o In the first year – 80% employees registered, 2200 visiting every day, 500 actively posting, 60 business questions asked every week, 160 active groups o More info: voice-social-media-southeastern Could we co-create something like this with councils and the Knowledge Hub community?
  7. 7. © 2014 CapacityGrid Knowledge Hub Limited7 So, what is the Social Hub? Key features • A one-stop-shop, secure social intranet and extranet. • Collaboration and productivity tools to engage employees and work smarter. • Extranet feature for virtual working with partners. • Self-branded, content manageable intranet and extranet landing pages. • User-friendly web address for extranet landing page. • Ability to message all Social Hub members. • Access to the rest of Knowledge Hub to benefit from knowledge within the wider community. Key benefits • Reduces cost of hosting own intranet and extranet • Opportunities for culture change –‘social’ aspects improve employee engagement, productivity and collaborative working • Ability to open sections to external partners as needed • Secure hosting & upgrade path
  8. 8. © 2014 CapacityGrid Knowledge Hub Limited8 What’s free, what’s paid for? Free Paid for Individual membership Public sector owned private groups – £800 pa Public sector owned open groups Private sector ownership/sponsorship of groups – from £3,000 pa Public sector owned restricted groups Network (branded collections of groups) – from £12,000 pa Social Hub (intranet/extranet) – free for councils if they sign up by 31 March 2015 Social Hub (intranet/extranet) – from £9,000pa for public sector Premium services such as project management & web conferencing (dependent on service)
  9. 9. Where you go to work together © Copyright 2014 Capacitygrid Knowledge Hub Limited. All rights reserved. @KnowledgeHub Contact @LizCop Liz Copeland