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What are Push Notifications?

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Localytics Webinar 07/26/17

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What are Push Notifications?

  1. 1. Webinar What Are Push Notifications? 07/26/17
  2. 2. Meet Your Host Aaron Sawitsky Localytics Head of Product Marketing
  3. 3. Agenda The Basics How Does Push Work? Advanced Features Examples Push vs. Other Channels Demo Q&A
  4. 4. The Basics
  5. 5. What Are Push Notifications? • A push notification is a message that appears on a smartphone • Similar to a text message • Are sent from an app • Can only be received by people who have the app installed on their phone • Users must have push enabled in order to receive notifications
  6. 6. What do Push Notifications Look Like? • The appearance of push notifications can change slightly depending on the following: • Whether they are being shown on an Apple or Android device • The operating system version • Where the notification is being shown • Additional message content like images and action buttons (more on this in a bit) Notification on iOS Notification on Android
  7. 7. Where do Push Notifications Appear? • Push notifications are shown several places on a phone: • The lock screen • The notification center • At the top of the screen (when a push is received while using the device) • The menu bar (Android only)
  8. 8. Why Use Push Notifications? • Push notifications allow you to engage users outside your app • If used correctly, push notifications can create a far more loyal and active customer base • The key is to not over-message and only deliver relevant content
  9. 9. Push vs. Other Channels
  10. 10. Push vs. In-App Messages vs. Email Push In-App Email Can be viewed at any time? Yes No, your app must be open No, email app must be open Customized look & feel? Limited Yes Yes Requires opt-in? Yes No Sort of (unsubscribe)
  11. 11. Which Channel Should You Use? • It depends on the goal of your message • Push notifications & email great for getting users to open your app • In-app messages getting users to perform specific actions inside your app
  12. 12. How Does Push Work?
  13. 13. How It Works • Apple and Google provide their own push notification services • When you want to send a push notification, you tell the notification service the message you want to send and who should receive it • Each device has a unique identifier called a token. This lets the notification service target individual devices • The notification service delivers the message to the right devices Push Notification Service Device
  14. 14. Advanced Features
  15. 15. Rich Push • A rich push is a push notification that includes “rich content” (a picture, GIF, video, or audio file) • With rich pushes, you can bring content outside your app, removing a barrier to consumption • Adding rich content improves message performance: Increase in Open Rate 30% Source: Localytics, 2017
  16. 16. Personalization • Personalization is the process of customizing a message for each recipient • Good personalization combines strong audience targeting with dynamic content • Common dynamic elements: name, favorite category, last purchase, etc. • Personalization can dramatically increase open rates: Source: Localytics, 2017 Average Open Rate 4.1% Open Rate w/ Personalization 6.6%
  17. 17. Location-Based Messaging • Push notifications are sent when a user enters/exits a specific location • Generally uses geofences or beacons • Provides some of the most timely messages possible
  18. 18. Categories/Actions • iOS Categories and Android Actions allow you to include buttons in your push notifications • Great way to make messages more interactive • Buttons must be configured inside the app’s code ahead of time
  19. 19. Transactional Push • Transactional push notifications are a form of automated notification • Allows any software to send a push notification • Great for order updates, friend updates, breaking news, etc.
  20. 20. Demo
  21. 21. Questions