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L'Oreal Digital Education Overview

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The Loft Group has identified the need for a software platform upon which an individual can engage with content through self-organised educational models, benefit from proven social collaboration and be encouraged through the sharing of their efforts with industry professional mentors and peer groups. The purpose of this tool is to assemble the large concepts of education and make them more accessible and consumable by the individual.

The Loft vision for the ideal digital classroom is emerging. It meets the needs of the students and the community that surrounds them. It assists in the creation of innovative content design and supports delivery and assessment. It provides opportunity for active learning and collaboration amongst peers and mentors by putting control into the hands of the individual. In short, it’s not a room at all.

Organisations worldwide are experiencing the numerous benefits associated with deploying Digital Education Platforms. Regardless of organisation size or industry sector, Digital Education is contributing to the growth and success of many businesses by providing an efficient, cost-effective and hassle free educational experience.

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L'Oreal Digital Education Overview

  1. 1. L’Oréal Professionnel Digital Education Platform Overview
  2. 2. The Digital Education Experience reflects values being indulgence, exclusivity, impeccable service, elegance and innovation. Contents Loft Group - Creative Digital Agency 1 Strategic Statement 1 Project Management 2 Process Management 3 Consultancy, Training and Problem Solving 3 Digital Education 2014 Global Deployment 4 Loft Group Digital Education 10 The Future Is Digital (ROI) 10 Educator Experience 11 Digital Education Modules 12 Education Features 13 Inspiration Session 14 Multiple Devices, Full Access 15 BYOD - Bring Your Own Device 16 Easy Access to Data 17 Support 18 Training 19 Secure Web Hosting 19 Turnkey 20 Get in touch 21
  3. 3. Creative Digital Agency Loft has extensive graphic design, website, application and software development knowledge, and combined with our project management experience we ensure all services are communicating effectively. We blend strategy, technology, experience and great design to turn ideas into reality. Engage your brand, therefore enhancing the education experience, reflecting increased product knowledge and technical expertise. Great design, advanced technology, effective communication, improved education experience plus meticulous attention to detail. It’s what we do! Strategic Statement The Loft Group’s core strengths are integral to its ability to work within a cohesive business model that combines a vast expertise in visual communication along with superior technical knowledge and directly relevant experience. This business structure encompasses our ability to manage the visual integrity of an organisation’s brand through clear communication and brand personality and is supported by a proven ability to create sophisticated and functional applications and web based solutions. Loft facilitates the synergy between specified technical elements and the aesthetics that generate great functionality and commercial appeal. This is a powerful combination supported through effective project and process management, honest analysis, vast knowledge databases and technical aptitude. The experienced personnel at Loft value long term relationships and make the effort to understand our clientele’s brand value, market position, business assets and strategic direction. The unique personality of a company brand will be translated across multiple digital mediums based on sound graphic design usability principles and accessibility standards. The desired outcome is to foster strong relationships within the organisation and each of its business divisions. This relationship is supported through open communication, creative design and intelligent technology solutions that reinforce our commitment to meeting client business objectives and strategies. 1
  4. 4. Combining effective project management and creative brand elements, delivering technical experience and knowledge. Our Vision: • Creative design that delivers a positive interaction and builds brand loyalty • Align business objectives and strategies with new technologies • Collaborating and developing across a broad range of platforms and disciplines • Giving thought to our contribution to industry, society and the environment • Fostering natural curiosity that will lead to powerful insights • Challenging convention combined with a vast knowledge database • Integration of business strategies to achieve maximum results Our Commitment: • Dedicated Australian based Senior Account Executives, Project Managers, Creative and Development teams • Development of national and international opportunities • Sound project and process management principles • Maintaining the highest standards for professional excellence • Security and protection of our clients’ intellectual property and data • Adhering to proven development disciplines and a strict quality assurance model • Fostering long term relationships based on open communication and honesty • Incorporate integration methods based on individual strengths • Nurture and grow mutually beneficial relationships 2 Project Management Loft takes pride in our project management principles providing dedicated senior team members as points of contact for both the management of your projects and overall digital strategy. Our Project Manager will get to know your business inside-out and will work with personnel within the organisation to foster long term relationships ensuring clarity throughout each of the project phases with a commitment to achieving the business objectives and strategies. Many people are pleasantly surprised by our open and honest approach, and we’re proud to say many of our clients throughout the years have become friends. Project Management guidelines adopted during project phases: • Business Objectives and Strategies • Scope Definition • Project Planning • Stakeholder Consultation • Progress / Status Meetings • Scope Reports / Status Reports • Gantt Charts and Project Documentation
  5. 5. Consultancy, Training and Problem Solving Loft combine our industry knowledge, practical tools, powerful research capabilities and innovative thinking to deliver: • Helping clients design and assess their business processes, procedures and requirements • Helping clients design and manage change effectively • Helping clients align their business strategies with available information technology, including strategic development, planning and execution • Assisting clients to execute specific projects or where fresh perspectives or specific expertise is required • Training programs to ensure that our client’s staff are well-trained and are aware of the latest strategies and systems. We also train the trainers - each of whom play a key role Process Management Business processes are the central nervous system of any organisation with continuous process improvement and resource optimisation being a critical factor in the overall business success. Business Process Management is a key component to any project information architecture support through the software development life-cycle design, integration, automation, monitoring, analysis and improvement at all levels of the organisation. Effective management provides the following benefits: • Deliver governance and corporate compliance requirements • Reduce inaccuracies and restraints through streamlined business processes • Optimise the ease of finding and accessing information • Collaborate more efficiently with customers, staff, partners and suppliers • Improve workflow and personnel effectiveness • Enhance mobile efficiency through improved access to business content • Risk Management • Project Monitoring and Tracking • Quality Assurance • Build Lasting Relationships • Brand Advocacy and Representation 3
  6. 6. Not Just An App... It’s a Complete Solution! The Digital Education Platform is a complex yet elegant solution. It is actually a highly advanced piece of software that communicates through web and app developed solutions.
  7. 7. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) BYOD is making significant inroads in the business world, allowing students to use the Digital Education Platform on their own devices reduces initial costs significantly.
  8. 8. Support Loft Group provides a tailored support solution that is comprehensive, ensuring the system is fully understood by all users. We offer email support, personal telephone support, on-site support and a 24*7 support portal for all our customers; with service level agreements put in place to ensure a timely and efficient response. Training We offer a range of training programmes to suit all levels of user experience. Our tailored training programmes can be conducted to meet an individual’s needs, covering a range of options such as workstation ‘one on one’, on-site workshops or on a ‘train the trainer’ basis therefore allowing a group of key associates to become experts.
  9. 9. Increased Access to Powerful Information Through the Global Dashboard, you have the benefit of instant access to the logon and review data that measures the effectiveness of both Educators and their Students. Unlimited Potential in Market Intelligence No matter how the business model evolves and what it requires, the powerful data generated through the Digital Education Platform provides unlimited potential in terms of future product development, marketing to Consumers and strategy specific messaging at all levels (i.e.) Global, Zone, Country, Educator, Salon and right down to the individual Student.
  10. 10. Digital Education Platform Turnkey Solution To ensure that the implementation of our system is as simple as possible we have produced a turnkey solution to remove or assist with potential hurdles to getting DEP into your business as quickly and effortlessly as possible..
  11. 11. Choose a Device, Tablets & Smartphones Whether you are on a smartphone or a tablet, whether your operating system is iOS, Android or Windows, you can access the Digital Education Platform.
  12. 12. Loft Group Digital Education More than an application... a complete solution. Organisations worldwide are experiencing the numerous benefits associated with deploying Digital Education Platforms. Regardless of organisation size or industry sector, Digital Education is contributing to the growth and success of many businesses by providing an efficient, cost-effective and hassle free educational tool. However Loft Group Digital Education is much more than an education platform; it is a powerful software tool that will revolutionise the way your organisation educates. Creating a Digital Education Platform that meets all of your precise business needs and requirements, as well as fulfilling future goals and objectives can be a difficult process. The focus for Digital Education has been to ensure the education journey continues to evolve and remain relevant to the ever changing business needs of your salon partners. The ability to measure and review performance against the highest industry standards ensures your education will continue to provide an educational experience based on participation feedback, data collection and results based on statistical reporting methods developed across the Digital Education App. 11 $$$ The Future Is Digital Return On Investment (ROI) As with any capital expenditure in business today, ultimately return on investment is one of the key considerations. In looking specifically at the tangible gains and the immediate benefits accrued from the Digital Education Platform, there are a number of reasons why the ROI proposition is so exciting. Improved cost savings and exponential gains in operational efficiency are obviously some of the key features that result from its implementation. What is equally if not more important are the profitability gains that are harder to quantify, for example the resulting strategic advantage in the marketplace that arises from the increased individual value. In turn through the education experience, the individual becomes a highly valued member of the retail sales process. • High ease and efficiency levels in the collection of stats and data • Country activation lead times reduced compared to traditional methods • No more overlap and waste due to standardisation of delivery • Increased efficiency and communication with Educator, Salon and Student • Significantly reduced training costs for both the Educator and Student • Time and cost reduction across administration services • Elimination of recurring production costs associated with printed material • Reduced cost for deployment of brand collateral, courses and releases • More affordable and direct channel marketing and advertising • Dramatically improved Human Resource allocation • Standardation of education formats combined with efficient delivery each year • Reduced country costs via a shared global resource and services agreement
  13. 13. Educator Experience The time and money cost in educating the Educator is expensive. There are a number of time and money saving benefits which significantly improve the Educator experience overall. Benefits to the Educator: • Agreed compliance and standards, delivered and communicated consistently on a global platform • The educator is no longer focused on creating custom and localised content via powerpoint • Drastically reduced administration costs in compiling reports, results and feedback • Increase in Educator confidence through specialised training (on products etc.) before launch • No more dilution of brand or product messaging resulting from the breakdown of communication • AppleTV enables Educators using an iPad to connect via wireless to projectors resulting in freedom to move around the room while presenting to a class 12 Student Experience. Unlike traditional printed workbooks, students notes are never lost due to the magic of the cloud. It becomes the ultimate salon reference tool for students. Benefits to the Student: • Engagement through interaction • Accommodates all learning styles • Dramatically increases content retention • Technology medium suits the demographic • Able to view notes on the go Salon Experience. Now the education experience can be shared within the salon environment. Students are now part of education journey, assisting others and building the salon brand. Benefits to the Salon: • Drives sales through students superior product knowledge • Salons can follow student performance via the data • Puts salons on the leading edge of the industry • Increasing loyalty from in salon staff by supporting professional development
  14. 14. Digital Education Modules Digital Books & Courses. Using the best, most intuitive features of the iPad we have created the ultimate user experience. The Digital Education Platform puts the focus on the user experience which guarantees engagement and as a result content retention. Educators who now present from the iPad using the Digital Book Application are more confident because their presentation is consistent with the agreed global standard. Notifications. Notifications alert users to important information such as new products, events, course updates, time table changes and more. They can be tailored to target certain user groups such as salon owners or students who have just finished a particular course. Resources. Access education material in your salon, home or anywhere. Resources enables a group of users to have access to their Digital Education media which includes individual collection PDF’s, Hairdressers Against Aids information and product videos. These are all stored on the cloud which means easy access for both educator and student. eLearning. Allows all users to access basic courses which feature numerous types of media that deliver text, images and streaming video. This encourages users to sign up and become part of the Digital Education experience. news:// News. Keep users up to date with current international and localised news through the dedicated news section. Have the latest press releases, launches of new products etc. seen and understood. Products. All product information including the technology within each product, step by step ‘how to’ instructions and the correct pronunciation is available to the user at their fingertips. Profile. Through their own personalised unique profile, users can access their photo album, the results they have achieved in each course and class notes they have generated throughout their education journey. They have the ability to access their profile any time anywhere. Calendar. The Calendar displays all of the course descriptions and when they are available throughout the year. Users have quick and easy access to the localised course delivery dates which enables them to plan their education journey. Specialised Salon courses are only displayed to users who have registered with that Salon. Booking Form. Booking form that is sent to the bookings manager. This enables users to book a course online while previewing all the course options within the Digital Education Platform. 13
  15. 15. Education Features Scribble Pad. The digital Scribble Pad enables users to handwrite notes and add comments to photos or illustrations by using the touch functionality or with a stylist. This allows for freedom to create illustrations, mark headsheets, circle or highlight answers with in the workbook. Also many users may find it quicker and easier handwriting their own notes over the more conventional ‘keypad’ approach. Note Pad. The Note Pad within the Digital Education Platform is a simple text-only editor that allows users to use the device keypad. All the user notes are stored within the course on the page that they placed the notes on. These notes can be accessed and reviewed throughout the course. Users have the ability to add additional notes or remove notes at any stage during or after the course. Drag & Drop. This feature within the Digital Education Platform enables users to drag photos, notes, answers or supplied images on to their workbook. This is accomplished by the user selecting the virtual object by ‘grabbing’ it and dragging it out of the container to a different location within the workbook. The benefits to the Drag & Drop feature within the workbook allows for user interaction through an easy and quick solution in dragging content or answers to the appropriate section, reducing the amount of keypad typing required. Camera. The Camera feature takes advantage of the device in-built camera. Users are able to take photos at any stage during the course and insert them into their workbook. This enables the ability to capture and document class or group activities. Camera Roll. The Camera Roll stores all the users photos in one convenient location for easy access. The user has the ability to enter the Camera Roll and select or delete any photos with in there. Once a photo has been selected the user has the ability to Drag & Drop the photo onto their workbook. This feature along with the Scribble Pad could ultimately enable users to create their own moodboards or pages within the workbook. 14
  16. 16. Multiple Devices, Full Access Come one, come all! In an age where everyone has a smartphone, there remains multiple competing market leaders in the original equipment manufacture of phones and tablets. Loft recognises the need to reach everyone so we have created the platform which utilises iOS, Android and Windows so no one is left behind. Whether you are on a smartphone or a tablet, whether your operating system is iOS, Android or Windows, you can access the Digital Education Platform. iOS. Part of the powerful Apple tribe? We’ve got you covered. You can access the Digital Education Platform on the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Android. Prefer to play on your Samsung, Sony, HTC, or Google device? Experience everything the Digital Education Platform has to offer on your native platform. Windows. Still loyal to your Nokia, Acer, Asus, Microsoft devices? The Digital Education Platform is loyal to you too, with unfettered access to everything you need. 15
  17. 17. BYOD - Bring Your Own Device Bring your own device (BYOD) empowers students to bring personally owned mobile devices (tablets, and smart phones) to the classroom or salon and use those devices to access the Digital Education Platform. There is no question that as an evolving education methodology, BYOD is profoundly shaping educational content delivery, which in time will assist and fundamentally change the nature of teaching, learning, resourcing and the interactive bond between the students and salon. In the Classroom. The best thing about a student being able to use their own device in the classroom environment is it eliminates the issues and frustrations that come from trying to learn how to use a new device. This allows for learning time and cancels out any additional training required. In the Salon. With the bring your own device concept, education is now no longer limited to the classroom. Educators now have the freedom to conduct courses within a salon environment. This is especially attractive to salon owners as it can potentially eliminate the time that students are out of the salon. Reducing the Cost. Enabling the Digital Education Platform to be accessed on students’ own smartphones and tablets reduces the initial set-up cost of the Digital Education Platform as the need to purchase tablets for each student to use is no longer a requirement. 16
  18. 18. Easy Access to Data Modern and powerful Digital Education statistics. This application ensures that Digital Education user trends and statistics are readily available, easy to understand and can be effectively interpreted. Data is represented in graphical, statistical and numerical format, and can be compared to previous time periods to monitor application traffic and user behaviour. This will ultimately aid educators in fulfilling their objective of providing an online workspace that will enable them to do their job more efficiently. Understand. If educators or salons cannot find or access information specifically relevant to them, they are unlikely to view their statistics as a valuable resource. This will inevitably result in a reduction in the number of people using it. To prevent this from happening, Loft Group has developed a feature which measures data associated with Digital Education functionality. Visualise. The intuitive design and clear layout enables users to access a range of data associated with different areas of the platform in a rapid manner. If further analysis is required, the graphs can be downloaded either as a JPEG, PNG, PDF or a SVG file and printed. This eliminates the need for lengthy reports, which in turn reduces the amount of time and resources spent on collecting and analysing non-statistical data. Interpret. The presentation of data in graph form allows for immediate comparisons to be made, it also provides new insights into the capabilities of your Digital Education Platform resulting in successful forecasting for the future. Areas of education which are outdated or inadequate can be easily identified through the low percentage of users reading published pages, news reviews and documents. 17
  19. 19. Support Loft Group interacts with Community Life. We listen carefully to understand your business requirements and the needs of your people, helping translate this combination into a successful and productive environment that really makes a difference to the culture of your company. Loft Group provides website maintenance and support to ensure the Digital Education Platform performs to the highest standards and delivers to your expectations. This is a common practice for technology based organisations and an essential component of the product life cycle. The Loft Group’s point of difference revolves around being a people focused organisation that believes there is more to community life than simply providing the tools that educates people. Loft Group effectively facilitates the interaction between people and technology, challenging traditional behaviors and simplifying technology in order to engage and motivate people. The experience will improve overall confidence and interaction within the community. Loft Group can extend our support across many facets of the community not normally associated with new technologies or technical software applications. This ranges from campaign development necessary to engage the interest of people through positive interaction and promotional activities prior to release, creating an event for the Digital Education launch through to ongoing PR, advertising and marketing opportunities. The community within your company is a vital resource that will share their experience with others, remain loyal while feeling that their contribution is appreciated in everyday life. 18
  20. 20. Training We offer a range of training programmes to suit all levels of user experience. Our tailored training programmes can be conducted to meet an individual’s needs, covering a range of options such as workstation ‘one on one’, on-site workshops or on a ‘train the trainer’ basis therefore allowing a group of key associates to become experts. Although training programmes can be customised an example of a standard intranet training programme is as follows: • Academy experience - working with digital education within a class environment • New Technology • Change Management • Troubleshooting tips and tricks • Hardware advantages and usability WWW Secure Web Hosting Loft Group provides first-class managed hosting services, enterprise-grade application environments, dedicated linux, windows and clustered servers - hosted Tier-1 datacentre facilities, within best-of-breed networking, redundancy and security frameworks. A full set of infrastructure and dedicated server management services are available, making sure that all the complexities behind the service delivery are handled by our team so that you only need to focus on the management of your business-specific content. These start with the basic minimum, which includes: • 24x7 Server Monitoring • 24x7 Service Monitoring • 24x7 On-call engineer available in case of incidents • Daily operating system & software patching/updating • Regular inspection & server health-checks • Hot-spare servers available for instant replacement • Real-time bandwidth monitoring & statistics • Benefits of dedicated servers 19
  21. 21. Turnkey The DEP application is a mobile application that uses connections to web technology for most of its activity. To ensure that the implementation of our system is as simple as possible we have produced a turnkey solution to remove or assist with potential hurdles to getting DEP into your business as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Software. DEP is hosted upon IBM SoftLayer infrastructure with guaranteed international service, security and performance. With an almost unlimited scalability of performance and size, DEP can be expanded to match any deployment. Loft Group uses data storage and privacy best practise to ensure that any data collected by DEP is kept segregated and secure. Connection. To use DEP effectively in a training environment, internet connectivity is required. The amount of traffic that is needed and the speed of the connection is dependent on the number of devices being used concurrently. Loft Group can be engaged at any point in the arrangement of this connection for the site. Loft Group can arrange and manage connection via a local Internet Service Provider, providing proactive support and reporting. Or provide hardware acquisition, configuration and delivery for wireless networking and infrastructure. Loft Group is committed to supporting your IT Department in any aspect of maintenance or support for our product. Hardware. Working with DEP relies upon access to mobile devices within your training facility. Loft Group will manage and deliver any required Apple Tablet device for your company. Loft Group can provide high end hardware management processes, including acquisition, maintenance and retirement. All Apple Tablet devices are proactively monitored and supported and are delivered to your site with all required software and configuration done. 20
  22. 22. LET’S HAVE A CONVERSATION #loveloft LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+ YouTube Pinterest Loft Group Australia 1300 789 795 Gavin Russell Founder & CEO (Global) +61 (0)417 755 181 Garry Russell CEO (APAC) +61 (0)423 774 609 Stewart Harries Head of Sales +61 (0)488 113 688