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10 Kickass Real Estate Promotion Ideas for Brand Harmony

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The real secret to creating strong real estate brand harmony is a combination of creative elements and on-point messaging to achieve a coherent identity. Have you created that identity? Check out more about brand harmony here:

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10 Kickass Real Estate Promotion Ideas for Brand Harmony

  1. Real Estate Kickass10 Promotion ideas for Brand Harmony What realtors should add to their marketing strategies?
  2. Real Estate 1 BRANDING is all about memorable impression
  3. An 1 Impression that counts memorable impression
  4. An 1 Impression that is easy to recall memorable impression
  5. An 1 Impression directed to relevant audience memorable impression
  6. Now you can’t achieve all that just by putting your headshot on your… website audience
  7. You need More referrals
  8. You need More referrals More listings
  9. You need More referrals More listings More appointments
  10. You need More referrals More listings More appointments More sales
  11. In short, you need promotion ideas that are Consistentthroughout the brand
  12. Hence the term Brand Harmony “How customers create brand impressions, not how marketers try to force brand impressions.”
  13. So So what’s unique about your brand? What is that the customers consistently compliment? And what are the advantage tools?
  14. Let’s start with the tools logo Stationery websites Business Card Video Brochure
  15. Are you doing all that? But WAIT There is more coming your way!
  16. Are your Real Estate promotion ideas running dry? Time to add some spice
  17. 10 ways to promote Real Estate brand
  18. Ask for Referrals Realtors are good at hunting for referrals but ask for them usually in an ineffective way. 1
  19. Ask for Referrals You have to ask for a referral 7 times before they take you seriously. 1
  20. Target new markets Real Estate business runs the risk of getting saturated 2
  21. Target new markets Observe the people in a new location for an hour and interact. 2 Note down 20 ways you can market them.
  22. Adopt vehicle branding Creative vehicle branding plays a crucial role for realtors 3
  23. Adopt vehicle branding It’s an offline promotion tactic, 3 where you can promote the business by getting behind the wheel.
  24. Focus on brand story Get rid of that old school “about us” page. 4 Be creative to present your brand story.
  25. Focus on brand story Some use an infographic, others prefer videos to present their story. 4
  26. Be a thought leader Some marketing strategies focus on getting in front of consumers. 5
  27. Be a thought leader5 A thought leader strategy is directed at your peers to position you as a thought leader in real estate community.
  28. Establish networks Up next are networking skills It maximizes your potential reach 6
  29. Establish networks6 Connecting with relevant industry leaders is a deal breaker.
  30. Create co-marketing Target local businesses like restaurants, hardware stores and other service providers. 7
  31. Create co-marketing7 Reach out to them and present co-marketing opportunities.
  32. Optimize content Optimize content and convert visitors into leads 8 Leverage Facebook ads for realtors
  33. Optimize content8 Present video tours of local neighborhood and update it on the website or blog.
  34. Leverage SMM Capitalize the hot channels for social media and start off by creating awareness. 9
  35. Leverage SMM Use videos and image-based campaigns to create viral marketing. 9 Upload podcasts and webinars
  36. Say thanks with gifts A thank you is more meaningful if presented well. 10
  37. Say thanks with gifts It’s not just a courtesy but an opportunity to engage with customers. 10 Thank referrals by offering them discount coupons.
  38. Whew! That was quite a list! Will you use these promotion ideas for your real estate brand? For further clarity Get a consultant
  39. Visit the blog post for further details Get a consultant