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10 Lean Startups with Surprising MVPs

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The list of brands included here will come as a surprise for some people. It is hard to believe how an airline can be a lean startup. Discover the details of lean startups and their winning strategies.

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10 Lean Startups with Surprising MVPs

  1. 1. 5. Angellist connecting entreprenuers to investors via email intros 6. Zynga basic game release 4. FourSquare app allows people to check- in to a location 1. VirginAir one route from Gatwick to Newark P O W E R E D b y S E R V I C E ™ 2. Zappos Online retail kicked off by delivering shoes 3. Yipit collection of online deals sent manually to subscribers 7. Airbnb owners rented out their own apartment 8. Buffer One landing page for a scheduler that explains it all 9. Spotify music streaming for all 10. CarsDirect the team would purchase a car from dealers after the order was placed online. /logodesignguru +logodesigngurucorp @logodesignguru /company/logodesignguru