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HomeFinder Channel 100 Pay At Close

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Real Estate Television Advertising Sales Pitch

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HomeFinder Channel 100 Pay At Close

  1. 1. Believe….
  2. 2. It’s A Marketing Revolution Television is Now Affordable! Online Marketing is Now Easy Web Video Hosting is FREE!
  3. 3. Purpose  HomeFinder Channel 100 Exists To:  Help Realtors and Allied Trades Increase Sales
  4. 4. Purpose  This Is Done By Helping Realtors:  Increase Market Visibility  Increase Top Of Mind Recall w/ Prospects  Generate More Leads and Referrals  Win Competitive Listing Presentations
  5. 5. What It Is:  Five Great Services In One •24-Hour Real Estate Channel Homes For Sale NW Ohio and SE Michigan, Organized By Neighborhood •Video On Demand Service Watch Any Show, Any time. •Real Estate Web Search w/ Listing Video •Curb Search Mobile Web •Web Video Hosting & Syndication
  6. 6. The Myth We Destroy:  “ADVERTISING Does Not Sell Houses”  It’s True That Only 2% of Houses Are SOLD by a Real Estate Ad.
  7. 7. The Myth We Destroy:  “But Advertising Does…”  Make The Phone Ring  Get More Showings  Help You Stand Out From The Competition  Help You Satisfy Sellers Desires  Help You Meet Buyers
  8. 8. Another Myth Debunked  I Can’t Afford To Advertise!  Or Only Big Companies Can Afford To Advertise
  9. 9. Advertising Works  Consider Who Advertises:  Large Companies  Successful Companies  Companies That Want To Grow
  10. 10.  Consider Economic Reality:  Large Companies Don’t Have Money To Waste  Large Companies Have Cash To Invest In Growth Perspective:
  11. 11. Advertising Works  Do You Want To Grow? Does That Sound Good?
  12. 12. The Biggest Myth Of All  You Have To Spend “$” To Make “$”  If you are SPENDING Money… it’s a COMPLETE LOSS
  13. 13.  If You Are Investing “$” To Make “$” You Put A Little In And GET A LOT OUT Investing is NOT Spending
  14. 14.  If You Get $10,000 in sales for every $1000 you invest… It Actually Pays To Advertise It’s like having a Money Machine
  15. 15. The Biggest TRUTH Of All  You Can’t Afford …. NOT to Advertise
  16. 16. Invest Wisely Be Sure To Consider Options  Choose Cost Effective Media  Choose Cost Effective Production  Choose Cost Effective Delivery  Choose Media That Impresses Buyers
  17. 17. SURVEY TIME:  Have We Made A Case?  Are You Convinced?  What’s Stopping You?
  18. 18. Advertising Round Table  LET’S TALK …WHAT IF WE COULD MAKE IT ALL EASY AND FREE ?
  19. 19. Advertising Round Table  Let’s Pretend For a Minute: What If….  Your Ads Were Only Paid When A House Sells?  Advertising Was Free if the House Didn’t Sell?
  20. 20. But First…. The Tease Is Over : )  Details To Come In A Few Minutes:  But First: Let Me Share About The Service:
  21. 21. Something Old, Something New  What’s Old  24-Hour Digital Cable Real Estate Channel  Reaches Up to 70,000 Homes
  22. 22. Something Old, Something New  What’s Old  Companion Web Site Most Advertised In Town  Basic Web Ads Free At  Web Site Features ALL Listings By ALL Participating Agents At All Participating Brokers  Optional Upgrade to SPONSORED LISTING,  Adds Agent Photo, Phone to Basic Web Ad, And TV Ad, VOD, Web Video too
  23. 23. Something Old, Something New  What’s New?  WT05 HomeFinder Showcase  Best Of HomeFinder Channel 100
  24. 24. WT05 HomeFinder Showcase The Best Of HomeFinder Channel 100 Sunday Mornings, 8 AM to 9 AM ~ Cable Channel 5 •Available to ALL CableSystem Subscribers •Does NOT require digital service •Does NOT require a cable box of any kind •Reaches 1520,000 Homes (2x HomeFinder Channel 100)
  25. 25. What’s New ?  Web Site Updates  Easier To Use  More Online Video  Success Stories ~ Buyer / Seller Tips
  26. 26.  Three Screen Multimedia “SYNDICATION” 1. TV Syndication ~ Two Channels, Ch 100 + WT05 Ch 5 2. Easy Web Video, with For Your Tour, Facebook, Blog, Web Site 3. Smart Phone Mobile Web Syndication: “CURB SEARCH” What’s New ?
  27. 27. But First…  WHAT’S NEW?  Demo New Site
  28. 28. But First…  WHAT’S NEW?  Demo New Site
  29. 29. CURB SEARCH w/ Mobile Web Video
  30. 30. CURB SEARCH w/ Mobile Web Video
  31. 31. CURB SEARCH w/ Mobile Web Video
  32. 32. CURB SEARCH w/ Mobile Web Video
  33. 33. CURB SEARCH w/ Mobile Web Video
  34. 34. Syndication For Easy Web Video Embed To Facebook Blogs Web Sites
  35. 35. If You Haven’t Heard TV Rates from $50 / month, 2 mo minimum, cancel w 30 days notice Life of Listing $249 You and a Friend get a Free TV Ad if you refer a Danbery Agent to join the free part of our program Volume Discounts ~ Save 10% when sponsoring 4-6 listings or save 20% when sponsoring 7-9 ads Market Star Program ~ Half Price ~ commit all your listings (ask for details)
  36. 36. Now For The Main Event…
  37. 37. Advertising Round Table  What If:  Advertising Were Easier?  Advertising Could Be Paid When House Sells?  Advertising Was Free if the House Didn’t Sell?
  38. 38. Traditional Marketing  Buy Now ~ Pay Now  A mistake in the ad? Too Bad. Pay Up!  We don’t care if it ever sells  It’s better for us if it doesn’t – you have to run more ads that way! Hmmmm….  Times Are Tough? Raise Prices!
  39. 39. The Channel 100 Difference  We WANT You To Succeed  We WANT The House To Sell  Think About It…  The Faster The House Sells, The Better It Is For Both of Us!
  40. 40. Doing Business YOUR Way  New “PAY AT CLOSE” Program  DOES BUSINESS “YOUR WAY”
  41. 41. Doing Business YOUR Way  NEW PAY AT CLOSE PROGRAM  DOES BUSINESS “YOUR WAY”  You don’t get paid until the house sells  You never get paid if the house doesn’t sell  You do the work first and get paid later
  42. 42. PAY AT CLOSING (PAC)  Agent and Broker Sign PAC Program Agreement  Invoice Copy To Broker For Permanent File Until Close  After Closing, Broker Pays Us (From Agent Split)
  43. 43. PAY AT CLOSING (PAC)  Pricing: Upcharge Normal Rates By 50%  Because We Wait 6 -18 Months To Get Paid  And We CANCEL CHARGES for Homes That Don’t Sell.
  44. 44. PAY AT CLOSING (PAC)  Now Advertising Is A No Risk Investment... If You Don’t Pay For the Ads on Houses That Don’t Sell YOU CAN’T LOSE!
  45. 45. PAY AT CLOSING (PAC)  TELEVISION IS POWERFUL!  While the Doubters Doubt ~ You Stand Out
  46. 46. Believe…. A Better Way To Sell A House! Value Added Services Help You Win More Listings, Higher Commissions Satisfied Sellers Don’t Expire More Visible Homes Get More Showings More Visible Agents Sell More Homes Agents On TV Get More Referrals
  47. 47. PAY AT CLOSING (PAC) To Get Started: Just Call Our Help Desk: 419-724-7246 We Make Television Affordable, And Online Marketing Easy!
  49. 49. Believe….