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Enhancing school climate

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Enhancing School Climate

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Enhancing school climate

  1. 1. Enhancing School Climate through Well-ness
  2. 2. Today?  Consider some (4 main) ideas around your role in enhancing school climate and in school improvement.  Evaluate the merit of a whole school approach to wellness and practical proposals around it.
  3. 3. My Leadership Role
  4. 4. My Leadership Role My school’s Ecosystem P / DP as filter / custodian
  5. 5. ….. is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential National Wellness Institute Wisconsin Education
  6. 6. Starting Point Is a whole–school approach to wellness worthwhile?
  7. 7. Why wellness?  Fundamental to teaching and learning  Quality of relationships  Healthy school – effective school
  8. 8. Starting Point What are we already doing in our school? An audit.....
  9. 9. Your School Reflect on your own school What is already in place that develops and sustains wellness in your school community?
  10. 10. Towards a whole school approach  Induction – Student, PME, Staff  Teacher Support, CPD, Team building  Relationships, Communication  Visibility of message throughout the school  Teaching and Learning
  11. 11. Towards a whole school approach - continued  Initiatives – focus weeks, competitions  Student voice, student leaders  Outside agencies, Speakers  Parents  Pastoral policy
  12. 12. Prism Microclimate Starting Point Language