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Housing Newsletter October

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Housing Newsletter October

  1. 1. October 2015 Issue In This Issue:  What’s new page 1  Rez Fest page 2  Check out the model room page 3  Upcoming events page 4  Announcements page 5 Interested in being a RA? Well, be the change in 2016 and join the RA team at an upcoming information ses- sion. We will be hosting information sessions in the Laker Hall MPR as follows:  November 16 @6pm  November 17 @6pm  November 18 @6pm  November 20 @12pm Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to join an amazing team and make an im- pact. Dining services will be closed November 24 after 2pm until November 29 for dinner at 5pm in Sandellas. 5 Mistakes College Job Seekers Make Students are not applying for enough jobs. 44% of students only apply to between one and five jobs at a time. Failing to do enough of their own networking. While 57% of students say they wish their schools offered more networking opportunities, students aren’t taking it upon themselves to ask their career offices for help. Spending time on Facebook and YouTube when they should be using LinkedIn. 90% of students use Facebook and 78% are regularly on YouTube, nearly half—46%—say they never use LinkedIn. Believing that applying through an employer’s website is all they need to do. 70% of students turn first to an employer’s website while 65% talk to someone who works at the company where they want to work. Taking no for an answer when you get no response from an employer. Nearly half, 49%, of students say that companies never get back to them after they send in their résumé.
  2. 2. Special thank you to everyone who supported the Laker Hall Council bake sale during Pink and Purple week. Laker Hall Council members were able to raise $74.80 to donate to a local breast cancer organiza- tion, in conjunction with Always Keep Thinking and SAAB. Great job Mr. Laker Hall on your first program, Man Up, having over 40 resident attend and learn about what it means to respect a lady and being a man in this generation. The annual Tasteful Evening: Thanksgiving Program is approaching. Looking out for more details com- ing soon and Housing and Residence Life shows how thankful we are for having you live with us. RA’s will prepare a free homemade delicious and festive meal for the residents in Laker Hall and Clayton Sta- tion, hosted in the MPR. Have you been attending RA programs? Be sure to get your passport stamped, the big prize event will be on December 4th in the Laker Hall MPR. Don’t miss out on gift cards to the Loch shop, Apple ear buds, Beats by Dre, tvs, and much more. We appreciate everyone who has been supporting the RAs and growing with us. Closing meetings will begin before Thanksgiving break. All Laker Hall residents will be required to leave the building for the winter break. Please plan accordingly, the RAs will having meetings in the next few weeks. October 2015 Graduation is approaching seniors: Ticket to Success You took the time to study; You’re a graduate; that’s great! The work you did was worth it; It’s time to celebrate! Your degree is just the ticket For a future of success. We’re glad for you, and wish you Every happiness. By Joanna Fuchs