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March 2023 Report for Dominican Starfish Foundation

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  2. LOTS MORE FOOD PACKS IN MARCH Volunteers from Hope Humanitarian donated food packs to every family in the disadvantaged community of La Chocolatera. They also gave toys to many happy children.
  3. Thanks to Kathy Jones from Las Vegas and the Just Serve and Primary groups for collecting food, hygiene and school supplies for the Youth Upliftment School. Kathy drove the bins to Utah to be delivered to the Dominican in June by the Ayuda group of dentists and doctors who will be doing service in the Dominican Republic.
  4. Thanks to Jackie Pulsipher from Utah for collecting peanut butter for the Youth Upliftment School lunch program. Thanks to Lynn Giles for delivering it to the school!!
  5. Dominican Starfish Foundation is in the people business. Our motto is to make a difference to “that one”, one person, one family, one school class, one marginalized group at a time. We continue to support university students, high school students and a sponsorship program in the Youth Upliftment School.
  6. We celebrated International School Meals Day by hosting a fundraiser to help with the school lunch program at the Youth Upliftment School. We were able to double the monthly amount we have coming in for that program.
  7. We held a fundraiser for Shoe the World Day on March 15 and continue to raise funds for this project! Our object was to raise money to purchase school shoes!!
  8. The idea for the shoe fundraiser was the result of a kind donation from Matt and Jessica Tatlow from Raymond, Alberta. They donated more than 70 pairs of beautiful dress shoes. We chose to sell them instead of transporting them to the Dominican. With the proceeds we are purchasing school shoes for children. Thanks also to Sarah and Nathan Cutler for putting them in the Streetside Market in Stirling for 2 weeks!! With this and the fundraising sites we have raised over $1000 to help with school shoes in the coming school year.
  9. One of our objectives is to help people to help themselves. During Covid, donated funds paid for women in the impoverished communities of Baraguana and La Ceiba to take courses on Manicures, Pedicures and Hair Dressing. The nail course has been up and running in the new center in La Ceiba. Now we have received donations for supplies to have the hair salon functioning as well!
  10. One of our mandates is to help with health and wellness, particularly medical emergencies. We have been trying to help Little Jose for over 5 years. His deformity on his mouth is challenging. It’s not a simple removal. We raised funds for another surgery which is designed to cut off the blood flow to the “tumor”. The hope is that it will cause it to shrink. Our prayer is that it will.
  11. The home for Alberto and Zuleika and family is finished. It is beautiful. Thanks to our donors and our crew!! This is the rental home they were living in.
  12. Our competent work crew started Jackson and Dinora’s home February 6th . They have made excellent progress!! It is nearing completion!! This is the family who “adopted” 3 orphan children. We raised the money for this project for Giving Tuesday in November. March 31 the floor was poured. Now they have to install electricity and plumbing, doors and windows and paint!!
  13. The funds for Sylvia’s home were raised by Hope Humanitarian. A group of volunteers from their foundation came March 12 and helped for a week with the first part of the construction. WE THANK THEM SO MUCH!!!
  14. Sylvia’s Home March 31
  15. In October, Kim Hamilton and her daughter Kamryn started a fundraiser to build a new home for Warly and Wandy. They made and sold hundreds of deluxe, gourmet caramel apples. By the end of December, they had raised the whole amount for Warly and Wandy and their 3 children to have a home. They came to the Dominican and met their special family in February. Construction on the new home began on March 20th.
  16. Nairelyn is 18 years old, and she and her husband have 3 beautiful children. She tragically lost her hand and her home three months ago. Dominican Starfish Foundation with the dedicated help of Kim Leininger Hamilton from Utah has been working hard and have completed the fundraising March 31. The home will be started in April. 1. FUNDS ARE RAISED!!!!
  17. We continue a fundraiser to help Wasner and Annie and family. They are in desperate need. We have more than ½ of the funds raised. We are looking for more help. Their home will be built on top of her grandmother’s home. Canadian donors: USA donors:
  18. After many years of looking, we have found sponsors to help with Tata’s home. Thank you so much to the Barno, Garlock and Mortenson families who will be fundraising to make this blessing possible!! Please help them and us to help Tata!! USA donors: Canadian donors:
  19. “This family needs our help! THEY ARE HOMELESS! They lost everything when their daughter Crismaily 16, needed open heart surgery. Their two youngest children have special needs as well. They got behind on their rent and were put out of the street. They are going from place to place looking for somewhere to stay each night--in abandoned shacks, in partly finished construction sites, and more. Right now, as a temporary measure, we are looking for someone to sponsor them for $125 USD per month to rent a place. Eventually and as soon as we can find a sponsor, we would like to build them a home. Cristian 47 years, Maritza 38, Jorgelis 18, Crismaily 16, Kedwin 12” We are pleased that we’ve had people step up to help them pay rent. We put a call out on Facebook to help this family.
  20. WE ARE CELEBRATING OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY!! 10 years ago, on April 1st, 2013, our crew started digging the very first foundation to build a home in the Dominican Republic. The home was for Mela in the community of Maggiolo. She was thrilled, we were thrilled and set a big goal to build one home a year!! That didn’t work out as planned. Now 10 years later for our 10th anniversary we will be raising funds for HOUSE #210!!! DO YOU HAVE A SOFT SPOT IN YOUR HEART FOR THE SENIORS? In the Dominican Republic many of this marginalized part of the population have severe challenges. We usually try to build homes for families with children but when a neighbor of Pedro sent this photo and asked for help, we couldn’t help looking into this need further. We thought it would be a perfect anniversary project!! 2013 we helped Mela, a senior lady with her home! 2023 we will help Pedro, a senior man with his. Pedro has no family to care for him. His only daughter lives far away. A neighbor asked us if we could help. Every time it rains the whole house becomes flooded. The holes in the walls let in the rats, cockroaches and tarantulas.
  21. Dominican Starfish Foundation is ready to spring into a new month!! Thanks to everyone who continues to generously support us!!