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Professionalization of Teaching

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Decree Professionalizing teaching

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Professionalization of Teaching

  1. 1. The Professionalization of Teaching
  2. 2. Basic Laws on the Professionalization of Teaching
  3. 3. Presidential Decree 1006 Republic Act 7836 Republic Act 9293
  4. 4. Presidential Decree 1006  Providing for the Professionalization of Teachers, regulating their practice in the Philippines and for other purposes.
  5. 5. PD 1006 was premised on the ff: 1. “Teachers whose direct and continuing interaction with the young people and the children make them potent forces for the development of proper attitudes among the citizenry; 2. The tremendous growth of the teaching population 3. To insure that in the immediacy and urgency of the teacher recruitments are not overlooked,
  6. 6. 4. Teachers requires a number of years of collegiate study, 5. In recognition of the vital role of the teachers in nation – building and as an incentive to raise the morale of teachers, it is imperative that they be considered as professionals and teaching be recognized as a profession” (PD 1006)
  7. 7. PD 1006  Declared a policy that teacher education be of the highest quality and strongly oriented to Philippine conditions and to the needs and aspirations of the Filipino people.  The Civil Service Commission and the Department of Education and Culture jointly gave examination for teachers.  Passers who were qualified were given Professional Teacher Certificate.
  8. 8. PD 1006  It made teacher’s license a requirement for teaching.  “Three years after the effectivity of this Decree, no person shall engage in teaching and/or act as a teacher as Defined in this Decree, whether in public or private elementary or secondary school, unless he is holder of Professional Teacher Certificate or considered as Professional Teacher under this Decree”
  9. 9. PD 1006  1991 Congressional Commission affirmed the continuously deteriorating quality of education in our country.  The Congressional Commission to Review and Assess Philippine Education (EDCOM) came out with the finding that the “quality of Philippine Education is declining” and the teachers are “at the heart of the problem”
  10. 10. The EDCOM found: Teachers are poorly trained; There is low quality of students enrolled in teacher training; and Teaching is perceived as a poorly esteemed profession.
  11. 11.  Section 1. Title – This Decree shall be known as the Decree Professionalizing Teaching.  Section 2. Declaration of Policy.  Section 3. Definition of Terms. ○ Teaching ○ Teacher ○ Board  Section 4. Creation of the National Board for Teachers
  12. 12.  Section 5. Powers and Duties  Section 6. Qualification requirements for examination applicants.  Section 7. Appointment of Examiner  Section 8. Scope of Examination  Section 9. Ratings in the Examination
  13. 13.  Section 10. Report of the results of examination  Section 11. Issuance of Certificates  Section 12. Registration  Section 13. Reissuance of revoked certificates and replacement of lost certificates  Section 14. Registration by reciprocity
  14. 14.  Section 15. Prohibition  Section 16. Penal Provision  Section 17. Repealing Clause  Section 18. Separability Clause.  Section 19. Effectivity
  15. 15. Republic Act No. 7836  1994 another law on teacher’s professionalization namely RA No. 7836  Known as the “Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994” was enacted.  The Act created by the Board for Professional Teachers.  Professional Regulation Commission gives Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)
  16. 16. Q U A L I T Y “to get the BEST and the BRIGHTEST”
  17. 17. Republic Act No. 9293  It is in support move to hire the most competent teachers in the classroom.
  18. 18. Republic Act No. 7836  Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994
  19. 19. Republic Act No. 9293  An Act Amending Certain Sections of Republic Act No. 7836 otherwise known as the “Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994”