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Silicon Valley Database Meets SSDs Meetup Introduction

Introduction Slides to Speakers at 6/20 Meetup: Database Meets Solid State, a Silicon Valley based community group, provides a meeting point for people interested in the intersection of flash memory and database acceleration. Use cases include: Cloud computing, Big Data, Virtualization, and Analytics. Our mission: Bring together people interested in learning, presenting, and networking with others about improving their database performance and how solid state storage makes that happen. Hosts for our first two meetings: Skyera and Fusion-io. We plan to have ongoing regularly scheduled events and tech talks.

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Silicon Valley Database Meets SSDs Meetup Introduction

  1. 1. Welcome to the
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  3. 3. Agenda•  Brian  Bulkowski  –  CTO  of  Aerospike  •  George  Crump  –  Founder  and  Chief  Analyst