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  1. 1. ESCOLA SECUNDÁRIA DE BENAVENTE 2011/2012 COMENIUS PROJECT PORTUGALMy mother and I “Three days diet” By: Alexandra Venda Group 5
  3. 3. BREAKFASTA toast and a yogurt for me and a toast with milk for my mom.
  4. 4. MORNING SNACK An apple, a pear and water for me. And for my mom an orange and some water too.
  5. 5. LUNCH At lunch we eat chicken with rice and chips; some bread and orange juice
  6. 6. EVENING SNACK Scrambled eggs with sausage and chips.
  7. 7. My mother drink prince tea with some butter cockies.
  9. 9. BREAKFASTThe breakfast in second day was the same forboth:A sandwich and milk with coffe.
  10. 10. LUNCHOur lunch: Squid with potatoes and orange juice.
  11. 11. EVENING SNACKA pack of Belgas wafers and an yogurt for me; my mother only drink prince tea.
  12. 12. DINNERThe dinner is de same too:Meat with rice, peas, potatoes and limon.Apricot juice.
  14. 14. BREAKFASTI had to eat in a café: A sandwich and milk with coffee.
  15. 15. MORNING SNACK A pear for my mom; I don´t eat anything.
  16. 16. LUNCHI used to eat an soap in school at lunch butthis Monday I eat an hamburguer with chipsand peach juice.
  17. 17. DINNERChicken with rice, peas and potatoes, the some for both.