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Kirsty Colburn-Hayes - Setting up iTunesU Course Manager

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This presentation was delivered as part of TeachMeet Leicester: Digital Literacy #TMDL14, held at Crown Hills Community College on 18th March 2014.

For our round of the event, see:

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Kirsty Colburn-Hayes - Setting up iTunesU Course Manager

  1. 1. Setting up iTunes U Course Manager Kirsty Colburn-Hayes Humphrey Perkins School @kirstyjo
  2. 2. Setting up iTunes U Course Manager
  3. 3. Create yourself an apple ID in iTunesU course manager ***When it asks for a photograph, you must upload one that is 600x600 pixels – google images should help***
  4. 4. Click on Create New Course Complete course information and a brief description of what the course involves
  5. 5. Your course is now set up – now you need to add resources…
  6. 6. Make your outline first
  7. 7. Click On posts Add Posts to include learning objectives, resources and worksheets
  8. 8. Include an overview of the Lesson Learning Objectives, starter, main, plenary Add your materials – Worksheets, weblinks, YouTube clips