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  1. Research Luke Ross
  2. Audience Horror/ Thriller/ Slasher Psychographic The general psychographic of horror/ thrillers/ slashers is mainstreamers. This genre sees blockbuster films released every year. The psychographic for Slasher is popularly explorers, because of the lost popularity of Slasher films from the 80s, this is because they are oversaturated fro that time, now we can see from Halloween (2018) which at the box office made 257 million USD and has a 80% on rotten tomatoes this demonstrates how it was well received by critics. After Slasher films lost appeal this film brought it back. Age The age focus of the Horror/ Thriller genre is ranged from 12 to 18 by the BBFC, an example of each of these can be seen from The Women in Black (2012) which is a BBFC 12, The Conjuring (2013) which is a BBFC 15 and IT (2017) which is BBFC 18. all of these films have suspense, thrill and horror but they go about conveying differently which is why they appeal to different ages, the difference between them is how much language and gore that they use. Slasher films for the most part are a BBFC 18, this can be seen from the Halloween film series, the Nightmare on elm street film series and Friday the 13th films. Gender The Horror genre is known for appealing to both male and female, this is because the aspects of horror mainly don’t have a focus to specific genre instead is focuses more on peoples personality for relatable characters. Thriller Films on there own are shown to be more appealing to females than men by statistics, it is also why a lot of thriller films include romance. Slasher films appeal to both a male and female audience but it does push towards a male audience generically, this is why the 80s Slasher films mainly stars an attractive female lead. Ethnicity In the Horror/ Thriller/ Slasher Genres they change aim of ethnicity based on point of origin, classic Japanese Horrors like Ringu or the Grudge casts Japanese people as the main leads. In America Horror/ Thrillers movies they have the main lead of white ethnicity the majority of the time, this can be seen from the conjuring, insidious and the women in black as examples. Slasher films are prominent in America and this is the area of origin for Slasher popularity, the result of this is that the majority of Slasher ethnicity is white. According to 2016 statistics 70% of horror film movie goers are of white ethnicity. Social grading The social Grading for the horror/ Thriller/ Slasher is a c1 to d this is because these are the social grades that can afford to buy the film or see it at the cinema. It s also likely that people of a higher social status would be interested in seeing a horror film however research shows that its from c1 to d. Why people watch this Genre It is shown by research that people enjoy watching Horrors /Thrillers, because they want their fears and emotions to be tested, the audience like the rush of adrenaline and are entertained by their reactions. Desensitization Theory This is a theory based around over exposure in the film industry, in horror films for example a lot of aspects and concepts are oversaturated in the genre and the desensitization theory is that this over exposure weakens the affect over time, Slasher films had this but now they are not as prominent they wont have this affect on the younger audience members
  3. Existing Products 1 2AM : The Smiling Man (Short Film) Story The story of this short film is taken from a true story on reddit. There have been different interpretations made of this story from short films to animations. The story of this short film follows the story of the protagonist walking home at 2am, on the road he sees a man stood looking up with a smile, at first he passes it off a drunk and walks away but the smiling man starts to follow him. Genre The genre of this film his Horror/Thriller, The Horror aspects of the film is the night setting and the Soundtrack using a mix of ambient sound and slow piano at parts to create a creepy and suspense filled atmosphere. The Thriller comes from how the film is shot, the camera follows the protagonist and his perspective, this creates thrills and jump scares. Psychographic The general psychographic of this Horror short film is explorer, this Short film is popular on YouTube but is not for a mainstreamer as its hard to find and mainstreamers aren't drawn to short films for they are not as popular as big films although. This is why explorer is the psychographic, its for people going out of there own way to find the fear and thrill that a horror provides. How shots are used At the beginning of the short film, the camera is still when on the protagonist but as the camera moves to the smiling man (antagonist) the camera is shakey, the connotations of this is how unpredictable the smiling man is to the protagonist. Later in the short film when the character becomes more and more afraid of this strange man the camera around him goes from still shot to a shaky cam. The connotations of this is showing us how uncomfortable the main character feels in the situation. When the camera is on the protagonist it uses close ups and close shots and when the camera is on the antagonist it uses long shots and medium shots. The denotations of this is showing us how far away the smiling man is to the protagonist. The connotations of this is to show how much closer we are to protagonist in a relatable way of feelings and shock. Denotations and Connotations the denotations of this short film is that someone is getting stalked by a creepy man in the street. The connotations of this short film is how the mind can play tricks, although its not specified in the short film that this is in his head, its how I view it. I see this short film as the physical embodiment of paranoia, the character is walking home on a night, most likely after a night out which means he’s under the influence of alcohol, this would explain why he sees what he sees its just a few steps further. Mise en scene The scene set up is a street at night, the reason that the time of choice to film was late is because it’s the best setting for a horror film as it creates a creepy and mysterious atmosphere. This short film doesn't’t use props, instead it is filmed in a street, the way this is filmed is simplistic but it still tells the story of the smiling man. The set of this short film is a dark street that is dim lit, this is a generic setting for a horror short film but even though overused it still as affect. The reason that a street was chosen is because its relatable to the audience, the street is an ordinary looking street with strange things happening, this plays on the audiences fear and paranoia. Structure This short film follows a linear structure, it plays through as if it where happening in front of the audience, this is an affective way of presenting a horror short film in this style, the shots are easy to follow and this presents and easy narrative.
  4. Summary Existing product one Was It useful I found this existing product to be useful, the short film is under five minutes long and my presentation has to be five minutes long. This sets a good example of telling a story in a short amount of time, the difference is that I want my short film to be better shot, using more of a variety of shots, angles and zooms for example dolly zoom, Dutch angle and cowboy shot, in this existing product it used a low variety of shots and when it could have used a wider variety of shots to help convey the imagery better. Overall I found this existing product to be useful, it has set a bar to beat with my project and made it clear that I need to plan a lot around my shots so that I know exactly what shot should convey. I liked how the short film used camera shots to show connotations of feelings and this is something that I will be using in m short film. Reason for choice The reason that I chose this short film as a similar existing product is because when watching it, the short film was chilling with dark tone which is the style that I want my short film to be. On top of that the short film is under 5 minutes which is a time related to how long my project presentation has to be, because of this I can now see what type of content you can realistically include in 5 minutes and I can begin to plan around this.
  5. Existing Products 2 Horror short film : “The Smiling man” k-eY5S1Nck Story The story of this short film although named the same is not the same as the first existing products. The short film follows the a little girl watching cartoons until she hears a noise, as she goes out the room to check she finds a red balloon (this scene is inspired by Stephen Kings ‘It’) as she follows the balloon we are met with creepy and hair raising scenes until she makes her way to the kitchen where she find the smiling man, he starts to toy with her until she realizes that behind him are her dead family that he has killed and the short film ends. Genre This short film is a horror/ thriller, it is filled with suspense and horror, this short film has all the features of a horror film, from dark toned ambient sounds and music to the way the camera slowly follows the main character creating suspense for what around every turn. Psychographic Like the first exiting product the psychographic of this short film would be explorer, it’s a short film on YouTube and is out of the way of mainstreamers so the audience would have to be going out of their own way to find this short film hence explorer. Techniques This film opens up with he protagonist watching a black and white animation on the TV and is entertained by it, this links to the end of the film where she sees the smiling man who is also black and white, at first she is entertained by the smiling man just like the cartoon at the begging of the short film. the use of colour on the smiling man presents him to the girl like something off TV, like the he isn't real, as he hands the girl a red ball she starts to see it in colour, viewing reality and as he applies blood to his face he adds more and more colour to himself which to the girl is connotations of the situation becoming more and more real until finally she realizes the body in the room and reality hits. Characters This short film has two characters, the smiling man (antagonist) and a little girl (protagonist). The smiling man is created to be creepy, he is coloured white and black this a connotation of a twisting view, the film is in colour but the main character is black and white like the cartoon she was watching at the beginning. The smiling man is maniacal and crazy his design figure and movement shows this, the girl is innocent and how she stands, stares and moves shows this. Colour The house that this was filmed in is blandly coloured and this is to bring affect into the colours of red around the house, as the girl moves closer to the smiling man she finds red balloons, red is means danger, these balloons can be interpreted as warnings to the girl showing that danger is ahead. The smiling man is black and white, this is juxtaposition for white symbolizes goodness and purity but black symbolizes fear and mystery these contradicting meanings cancel each other out leaving the smiling man a mystery. The girl wears pink which symbolizes sweetness and innocence. Mise en scene This short film is shot in a black and white themed house. The props that are used in this short film: • Red Ball • TV • Red Balloons • Clear Body Bad • Fake Blood These props are used affectively, the character design for the smiling man is dark and decrepit so when he is on screen it looks scary. This short film uses close ups and tracking shots to follow the story from the girls perspective.
  6. Summary Existing product two Was It useful I found this short film to be useful as it showed me how to create a sinister atmosphere just by how the character looks, this film uses limited props and a simple to create costume design, I found it useful to see the design of the smiling man, his decrepit figure illustrates how to create fear in the look of s character and this is definitely something that I can use in the design of my own characters. I intend to have more than one killer featured in my short film, the idea is that they look creepy is important to me as a creator. I found the length of this short film to be useful, the film like similar existing product one was around 5 minutes long. I find this useful because it shows me what I can include in the time frame that I have. Some of the scenes in the build up to the final scene could have been removed to shorten time as they wasn’t necessary, this is what I will watch out for in my short film. Reason for choice The reason that I chose this short film is because it was a popular horror short film on the website, I saw the time frame being close five minutes like my presentation maximum I thought it may be a good choice, the image advertising this short film had the smiling man on the front which is another reason for my choice, I was fascinated to see how the short film would play out just from the character design, this is something I will have focus on in my short film, making sure my characters are designed in a horror appealing way.
  7. Existing Products 3 Watchmen credit intro (2009) 24D87SqaLQ Explanation of choice The reason that I chose this intro is because of how its shot, the style of footage is what I want to create for my short film. shot in live action in a way that re creates photographic stills. My short film will take inspiration from how this is shot while being about a horror/ thriller/ Slasher rather than a superhero film. Story The story behind this intro is the history of watchmen from past to present. The intro opens with the first watchmen fighting crime in classic comic fashion, It starts off happy with cheerful imagery in shots but then it takes a dark turn as it moves towards the watchmen of present. Within images it tells an in-depth story filled with Easter eggs for comic and history fans in the time frame of 5 minutes. Psychographic The psychographic of the target audience for this film was originally explorer, the film is a twist on superheroes and at the time of release wasn’t popular and not known where as now the film would be mainstream as and the film has picked up a lot of traction over the years. Genre Watchmen is predominantly an Action film/ Thriller/ science Fiction/ Crime fiction/ Drama . It has different characters with story's that move between different genres. Dr Manhattan can control matter his scenes have a high focus on science fiction. Night owl and Lady Jupiter have a focus on superhero. Ozymandias which is a focus on drama. The final is Rorschach a detective with a focus on crime fiction. All of these different takes contrast with each other on screen. Connotation In the scenes of this intro there is a man for the newspaper taking a picture, each of these scenes open with darkness until the camera flash lights up the screen only for it to fade back into darkness. The pictures open with images of the original watchmen happy and being heroes, in the movie when it looks back to these scenes it shows that there was a darker story behind the picture. The use of this in the intro gives the connotation that not everything on an image is as cheerful as it seems and we don’t really know what's happening behind a picture. Colour scheme The colour scheme at the start of the intro is bright and colourful showing how the first watchmen were but then it turns dark and gritty which is a connotation of the new watchmen. The film demonstrates this affectively. Soundtrack The soundtrack that is used in this intro is perfectly fitting, the song is about times changing this is reflective upon the story of the intro as the live action photographic stills are shot it presents the story of how times are changing over the years. Mise en scene Each scene in this intro has props that present the story and setting. In the opening scene for example there is Batman posters around the alley and the gunman is dressed in a comical criminal outfit and a gun, this immediately shows us that the film is about superheroes from the first scene. The lighting in the scenes of the intro always brings focus onto the main feature of the screen. Shots and angles This intro is shot as live action still photo, it uses medium and tracking shots and keeps the angle at a natural view, just like a still photograph. An exception to this is the JFK Assassination shot which is angled at a high view while using a tracking shot. This set up is what I shall take inspiration from in my short film.
  8. Summary Existing product three Was it useful Yes I found this existing product be very useful, as I intend to use the style of this intro I feel that researching the shots and angles used scene by scene have been very useful and will help me develop a plan for when I create my storyboards for my project. I found the soundtrack useful, the soundtrack uses the lyrics the link to the scenes on the screen and the overall meaning of the song is the same meaning as the intro to watchmen, this is important for my project as my work needs to link together. I also found it useful to look at the props used in this introduction, the props are used to tell a visual story like a jigsaw that the viewer has to put together, this is the idea that I have for my short film and looking at the way that watchmen has used the props will help in my planning for how I will use my props. I found it useful to look at the how the intro used denotations and connotations to represent different parts of the visuals relevant to the story, this style is something that I intend to include in my short film. Reason for choice The reason that I chose this existing project is because of the style that is used in shots and angles used to convey the story, the hidden meanings and connotations presented by flash photography. The soundtrack use in this intro and how it fits in to the overall story is another reason that I chose this as an existing product, the fact that the entire intro looks astonishing and rewatchable is the basis of what I aim my project to be.
  9. Existing Products 4 Scream (1996) - Sidney's Chase Scene a3yZlkkI Explanation The reason that I have chosen this scene Is because of how its shot and the content. This is shot from perspective of the protagonist who is being chased by the classic slasher villain ghost face. The way that the camera follows the chase scene through is classic and this is a style that I would take for my short film. Story The story behind this scene is that the protagonist has been targeted throughout the movie by a serial killer known ghost face and in this scene it brings the film to its climatic conclusion. The scene is all about the main character trying to escape the blade of the killer. Psychographic The main phychographic for this was originally mainstream, in 1996 this film hit cinemas for the first time and it changed the way that slasher films where made, the film makes a serial murder mystery fun where the audience likes the antagonist and the protagonist. This at 1996 and onwards into the early two thousands was very popular however in the years that followed the scream franchise became oversaturated and now the original 1996 scream for this generation would be explorer as although it’s a classic it’s a film people have to go out of there way to watch. Genre The Genre of scream as a whole is a mix of horror and mystery, in this scene in particular it shows the horror side of the film. This scene also shows mystery, towards the end of this scene the audience is led to believe that the protagonists boyfriend was Ghostface but this scene opens with his death and so the mystery at this point is even more suspenseful than before. Connotation in scream the film makes us believe that various different people that are apart of the group but as the film goes on and more and more people get killed until no one but Sidney left, this leaves the audience shocked until it turns out it was her boyfriend and his best friend who faked their death in front of her. The connotations behind this is that not everything is as it seems even when where sometimes sure. Colour Scheme The colour scheme used in scream is a mix of bright colours around all of the characters this is to create mystery around them, matching them all in safety covers up who the killer could be. Ghost face he's the colour scheme of black and white this creates a contrast between safety and darkness. Soundtrack The soundtrack to scream is a creepy and suspenseful violin, the use of the violin in this film is great because of how it creates the suspense, in this scene in particular it uses loud thuds and fast tunes to create suspense while they are being chased. Mise en scene The props used in this scene are: • Fake Blood • Prop Knife • Door • Stairs • Bed These props create the scene of the house and are used in this chase scene as usable objects to intensify the scene. The costume for ghost face is a black poncho and jeans and elongated ghosts face. The costume is styled to be silly as it ads a light tone to a slasher horror and a memorable vibe. This scene uses shaky tracking shots with extreme close ups to create an intense scene that has a claustrophobic feel for the audience.
  10. Summary Existing product four Was it useful I found researching this existing products to be useful as my opening for my short film before my existing product three style would start I intended to have a classic scream style chase opening, this would be shot in the same style as this chase scene in scream creating tension through the use of shots, to make it visually stunning to the eye, in this way I found this similar existing product to be useful what this product could have improved on the connotations and clever hidden meanings, in scream its rare to find any because the film was created to be a fun slasher without thought beyond that. Reason for choice The reason that I chose this scene inperticular over other slasher chase scenes is because of how its filmed and what it brings, the films villain is styled like a cheap Halloween costume but what his threat is very real, another part of this scene is how its shot, I intend to have a chase scene in my short film at the opening and I intend to replicate this style of chase as it would link in with the meaning of my project.
  11. Production Research
  12. Costume/Props List List of Props and Costumes to use in my Short film: • Fog Machine • Fake Blood x3 • Prop Knife • Scream Costume • Bag with Holes for eyes and mouth • Clown Mask • Sand Bag • Eggs pack of 6 • Prop Shovel • Michael Myers Costume from Halloween • Freddy Krueger Costume from Nightmare on elm street • Jason Costume from Friday the 13th • Chucky Doll • Bugs Bunny Costume • Prop Axe • Prop Sword • Santa outfit • Sledgehammer
  13. Costume/Props with-s/adult-screamer-halloween-costume?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqtvSmK- i4AIVy7ftCh3-lAXMEAQYASABEgIAc_D_BwE bottle?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=20640716 037&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr5boxa- i4AIVq7_tCh2w0AazEAQYASABEgK6GvD_BwE 58142109/?tag=googshopuk- 21&creative=22146&creativeASIN=B07B4D6VL9&linkCode=df0&hvad id=310775528043&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=406145479381078 6614&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&h vlocphy=9046293&hvtargid=pla-565066041028
  14. Costume/Props knife?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrbOA97Ci4AIV6LDtCh3bnQFAEAQYAiABEgJDZ_D_B wE with-red-hair- 26385.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIutPin7Gi4AIV7rvtCh2WMg_qEAQYAiABEgJohv D_BwE approx/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkryf9rGi4AIVmoXVCh03lwgPEAQ YASABEgIk-vD_BwE
  15. Costume/Props myers- 15339.aspx?ChosenSize=FANC15340&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuIeA1LSi4AIVJT bTCh041gPMEAQYByABEgKZbPD_BwE costume- kit?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvNPpiLWi4AIVFIXVCh3dsgNLEAQYASAB EgJr7_D_BwE costume?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1I33rbWi4AIVmPdRCh1xWgGAEAQYAyABEgI DPvD_BwE
  16. Costume/Props - £16.99 costume~11596/?ref=base&utm_source=GoogleBase&utm_medium=cpc&gcli d=EAIaIQobChMI8eCxjrai4AIVRzbTCh1IrwAKEAQYASABEgJtOPD_BwE 59cm- pid64667.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIntSXwrai4AIVBvhRCh1Q9gZcEA QYASABEgLdkvD_BwE Dress/ProductDetail.aspx?StockCode=WEAP095&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp_ G7_bai4AIVSlXTCh0zbQAkEAQYAiABEgLEmPD_BwE
  17. Costume/Props Dress/ProductDetail.aspx?StockCode=WEAP095&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp_G7 _bai4AIVSlXTCh0zbQAkEAQYAiABEgLEmPD_BwE accessories/sledge-hammer- 3993.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8cnP27ei4AIVB0TTCh0UoADbEAQ YASABEgJyOvD_BwE
  18. Costs for Costume/ Props List of Props and Costumes to use in my Short film: • Fog Machine - £24.99 • Fake Blood x3 - £38.97 • Prop Knife - £2.99 • Scream Costume - £12.99 • Bag with Holes for eyes and mouth – 10p • Clown Mask - £7.99 • Sand Bag – 49p • Eggs pack of 6 - £3.00 • Prop Shovel - £32.99 • Michael Myers Costume from Halloween - £42.99 • Freddy Krueger Costume from Nightmare on elm street - £34.99 • Jason Costume from Friday the 13th - £29.99 • Chucky Doll - £16.99 • Bugs Bunny Costume - £39.96 • Prop Axe - £2.94 • Prop Sword - £3.99 • Santa outfit - £5.99 • Sledgehammer - £4.99 Total : £307.34
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  21. Locations for Filming These are the filming locations that I am wither planning to use or could possibly use if I need to as well as backup locations. The locations I plan to use: • 78 Princess Drive, York (My House) – opening scene to be shot here. • MickleGate, York – Alley scene in the short film. • Princess Drive, York (My Street) – Chase scene. • Hope street, York – Police capture scene by the house. • York Centre, York – Open Area, for large amount of people scene.
  22. Equipment Camera equipment that I will be using when filming is: • 700D Camera (Canon) • 700D Battery and Spare • 600D Camera (Canon) • 600D Battery and Spare • Tripod • RODE Shotgun Microphone • Hand Held Audio Recorder • Boom Microphone and Hand Held • SD Card (Video) • 50 MM Lens
  23. Audience Research : Survey
  24. Survey Question 1 Observation: In this question I asked the gender of my audience and out of the forty three people that responded to the question it is shown that sixty seven percent of them are male and thirty two percent of them are female, this shows me that the majority of people who will watch this short film will be male but there is still a large percentage that is female, it would be logical to make my project so that appeals to both male and female to widen my audience range. How will your product appeal to this audience: my product will appeal to both male and female genres this is because it will be based off story and characters that appeal to both male and female.
  25. Survey Question 2 Observation: It is clear looking at the age responses that the majority of people that will be viewing my short film are aged from 18 to 24 there is a small percent of people that are under 18 and then there is a small percent of people that are 25 to 34 there is no audience for the 35+ in the survey. How will your product appeal to this audience: my product will appeal to this audience because my short film will contain violence such as blood and gore which is generally aimed at an audience of over 18 and since this is the majority of my audience I find this useful.
  26. Survey Question 3 Observation: From this I can see that out of the two options that I had given for genre which where horror and thriller, the horror option appealed to more people that the thriller option although it was close. How will your product appeal to this audience: my product will appeal to both of these audiences as it is a horror/ thriller but it will have more horror aspects than thriller which appeals to the majority of the audience that took this survey found horror more appealing that thriller.
  27. Survey Question 4 Observation: This question was important, as I wanted to know what people would expect the age rating to be for a horror short film, this is because I wanted to know what age I should be aiming my short film at based on expectation and it is clear that the majority of people would expect it to be a fifteen classification on film. How will your product appeal to this audience: my product will appeal to this audience as it will be a 15 rated short film or under this is because although it will contain violence and gore but it wont contain bad language which means by the classification it wouldn’t fall under 18.
  28. Survey Question 5 Observation: I asked this question because I intend to have blood and gore in my short film because of this I wanted to see how many people would expect to see that going in to my short film. From the responses it is clear that the majority of people which is 67% would expect to see blood and gore in a short film which is good because by including it I will be appealing to the majority of the audience. How will your product appeal to this audience: My product will appeal to this audience as it will have blood and gore which is what the audience would expect to see.
  29. Survey Question 6 Observation: I asked this question as my horror film wont be built around suspense like traditional horror films my product will instead be horror themed but focused on story aspects, this shows me that the majority of my audience expect suspense but there is a large amount of people that wouldn’t expect to see it. How will your product appeal to this audience: my product will appeal to the lesser side of the audience as it wont feature suspense as an important feature of the short film, this is because it wouldn’t fit in the visual style of story telling that I have planned for my short film.
  30. Survey Question 7 Observation: I asked how long people would expect the survey to be because I wanted to know how long my audience would be expecting to sit down and watch for, this is important because I can now structure my short film around the expected time in order to appeal to this audience. The time I would be aiming for from the results is 5 to 10 minutes, this is what the majority of the audience would expect as 75% of them feel this way. How will your product appeal to this audience: My product will appeal to this audience because I'm going to fit it the time of this short film into the expected time frame to maximise my appeal.
  31. Survey Summary Strengths – The strengths of the survey was that I was able to ask a large range of people important questions I needed to know in order to benefit my short film in the long run. It was a strength that I had 44 responses in total to the survey, the more people that respond the better audience profile I can build on the different questions I asked. An advantage of doing a survey is that they're practical, I can choose the questions that I want to ask and I can decide whether I want a single or multiple choice answer and whether I want a simple tick in a box or a more explained answer to a question. Another advantage of doing a survey is it gives me chance to gather vast amounts of data. Another strength of this survey is that its quantitative and allows good analysis of results. A strength of these surveys are that I am now able to create strategies around the responses I received so that I can get a better picture of what the audience want and aim my project to cover these needs. Weaknesses – A weakness of the survey is waiting for a good amount of responses, the more responses I get the better picture I can build of what the audience want and it takes time to wait for a good collection of responses. This time I could have spent pushing forward my planning for my short film, however I feel that its important I get a wide range of responses to help form my product. Another weakness is that people have the ability to skip questions, although I only had one skip that skip could have been extra information that could of helped. Another weakness is that I only gave the audience taking the survey the ability to give a simplistic answer this is because I couldn’t trust people enough to give serious responses since its an informal approach to getting answers. Overall – I would say that overall I found the surveys to be a major strength and this is due to the large amount of responses I received. Another key part of the survey been a strength is that I was able to get answers to questions that I needed answering in order to build a picture of my audience.
  32. Audience Research : Interviews
  33. Interview 1 Me: “what sub genres would you expect to see in a horror genre and why?” Interviewee: “I would expect to see aspects of thrillers in it, this is because I am used to seeing thriller in horrors” Me: “What do you think of the idea of an artistic opening to a horror film?” Interviewee: “I think that it would be interesting to see.” Me: “What colour schemes would you expect to see in a slasher/ horror genre?” Interviewee: “I would expect to see a black and grey colour scheme.”
  34. Interview 2 Me: “what sub genres would you expect to see in a horror genre and why?” Interviewee: “thriller suspense” Me: “What do you think of the idea of an artistic opening to a horror film?” Interviewee: “it would depend on what is meant by artistic opening, if its an opening like insidious then I'm interested but if its an opening like x men then I don’t really like the idea” Me: “What colour schemes would you expect to see in a slasher/ horror genre?” Interviewee: “I would expect to see a red and black colour scheme in this genre”
  35. Interview 3 Me: “what sub genres would you expect to see in a horror genre and why?” Interviewee: “thriller is what I think goes with horror best.” Me: “What do you think of the idea of an artistic opening to a horror film?” Interviewee: “I like it” Me: “What colour schemes would you expect to see in a slasher/ horror genre?” Interviewee: “a red, grey and black colour scheme”

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